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Wig argument

31 Oct 2016 18:50

Hi guys,  hope you are all doing OK. Just a quick question,  went and got wig today,  even tho I really don't want one but thought it was the right thing to do.  When I got to the shop,  I realised I shouldn't be there,  but went along with it.  I think it's hideous and smells like doll hair.  I can't do anything with it and it looks like a bowl cut.  The whole situation has really upset me and I'm wondering can you return them.  The thing doesn't really fit my head.  I have a really small head and one size fits all adult hats don't fit,  I have to get kids hats mostly. I know I shouldn't have left the shop with it and went with my gut feeling of leaving without one.  I know once the grand scheme of things this is a small problem but it'd got me in pieces.  Has anyone else done this type of thing and anyway to make it better because I feel like I've wasted NHS money 

Wig argument

31 Oct 2016 20:43 in response to gillnal72

Omg I feel for you and yet cannot understand what you are going through. Just go with what feels best for you. Sending lots of love xxx

Wig argument

1 Nov 2016 08:19 in response to gillnal72

You should be able to return it.  Do you have the shop's number? Sometimes they can refuse due to hygiene reasons and also the fact that you had it fitted on the premises, but it would be bad if they did. However, I've know it happen a lot.  It sounds like you could have bought a wefted wig, these do not have a *mono* top or lace front and they can look "wiggy*.  It will be synthetic although it shouldn't smell like doll hair.  Katie's wig has a mono top and lace front and you can see it looks extremely realistic!  You should try a wig on and feel like *you* and it should give you  back confidence. If it doesn't then it really isn't right for you.  Some people don't want to wear wigs at all.  They find they itch (they do!) and move around and just generally feel uncomfortable. There are scarves, turbans and even turbans with a fringe so that it looks realistic. If you have never worn a wig, a shop is the best place to go because you can generally try several on and make choces from that but it sounds like you were not given that option. Wigs DO come in petite sizes.  The Average wig fits about 90% of people but there are petite ones for those with a smaller head. Measure your head around where your hairline is. Take it from the hairline on the forehead , over the ears and round at the nape following the hairline all the way. 22.5 inches is average so anything half an inch either way still be average.  21/21.5 inches would be petite. It's worth measuring because if you are a petite fitting you can go back to the shop and say they sold you the wrong size.  Don't feel bad if you decide you don't want to wear a wig, you really don't have to and they are not right for everyone. I have worked with wigs for years so if you have any worries, please ask.  I'm not looking to sell ANYONE a wig! I will never do that but I'm happy to advise and I might be able to send you in the right direction. 

Wig argument

1 Nov 2016 08:57 in response to KatieZ

Wow Katie,  yours looks amazing!  The one I got had no parting in it and is just a mess.  I said I wanted a short straight bob but they said they all had to have height to them,  but I think this is what makes it look a wig 

Wig argument

7 Nov 2016 10:49 in response to gillnal72
Hello there. Really identify with your consternation. I got a wig in anticipation of losing my hair and it was one of only two times in the whole cancer process that I shed a tear, it was so traumatic (the other time was seeing the chemotherapy ward for the first time). The wig was tight but adjustable, and an appointment for an adjustment and cut was included in the price so you might want to check with the shop that sold you yours. Just a thought but has anyone mentioned the 'cold cap' to you? I used it. It wasn't pleasant sitting for hours with a frozen head, but in the end I didn't need that wig as I kept all my hair. It doesn't work for everyone, and you may have already started your chemotherapy, but you may want to ask your oncologist or chemotherapy staff about it.

Wig argument

9 Nov 2016 12:56 in response to vainbear

I have already lost all my hair, and only went for the wig because I thought it was the thing you had to do. I've now realised that the best thing to do is to do what feels right for yourself. Luckily its winter and a hat doesn't look so weird, but when I go out to eat with the family, I take the hat off. I don't care what people think, and the only problem I've had is a child followed me in a shop and was staring as I tried on hats, my problem wasn't with the child but the fact the parent watched as he done it! Thank you for all your helpful replies x

Wig argument

22 Feb 2021 20:58 in response to lynne888

Hello. I start Chemo this week and will lose my hair. What do I need to look for online. You've mentioned mono and I've read about hand tied. Please can you tell me which types are comfortable for bald chemo scalp? Thank you


Wig argument

22 Feb 2021 22:14 in response to Benedict57

It's difficult to buy online if you have never worn a wig before (and difficult to buy in a shop right now too as they are probably closed).  They come in different sizes and cap constructions so trying a few on is important.  Hand tied are the best type of is the wefted wigs than tend to itch more. Itching is the one thing wig wearers complain about. Wearing a wig cap underneath can help to stop the itching, but also, after a few washes, they do tend to lose the itchyness.  Get a few turbans and scarves too.  You might prefer then around the house.  Good luck. 

Wig argument

23 Feb 2021 00:44 in response to Benedict57

Hello Ruby,

just to say I always find Trendco a good wig supplier. They have many different wigs from real hair to synthetic. Many styles to choose from too and their ordering service works well. 

Just think it's worth looking at their website. Shops are in London and Brighton. 

Good luck!


Wig argument

23 Feb 2021 10:48 in response to gillnal72

My hair was falling out from day 10. I shaved it off using my horse clippers. Every time I went for an appointment thay kept on at me about a wig. I decided against it and wear a lot of chemo hats in funky fabrics I buy off Etsy. It would have been a waste buying a wig anyway as I have really bad rash from ear to ear round the back of my head. You have to do what's right for you and I know it's upsetting losing all your hair, but for me covering up with a wig didn't really appeal.