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wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

28 Sep 2015 12:03

I came here looking for information on RF/RFR (radio frequency RADIATION) information as a cause of cancer, yet I it is not listed? Do you have ANY? literature available? in light if this :

International Appeal to UN & WHO to set exposure limits by over 200 scientists in 39 countries based on over 2000 peer reviewed papers.

Frankly I am baffled that there is no mention of causal electromagnetic cell/dna damage, ie. 'cancer' on this site? when we all now know that mobile phones ARE giving people brain tumors.

Following increasingly bad unexplained nausia, headaches, insomnia and muscle pains since the start of term, I have just discovered that my daughters school has installed wifi in dorm bedrooms, so the children are now exposed to wifi radiation 24hrs a day which is completely unacceptable ( I immediately disconnected and removed the 'office grade' wireless router from the ceiling of her bedroom! (School are now in discussion)

Info here :

Can someone please point me in the right direction if I have missed it? Thankyou : )

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

28 Sep 2015 12:59 in response to Wifiinschools

Link to World Health Orgaisation. "The IARC carcinogenic classification does not seem to have had any significant impact on governments' perceptions of their responsibilities to protect public health from this widespread source of radiation." :

And http://ICNIRP


wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

28 Sep 2015 14:09 in response to Wifiinschools


Most of us are on here for practical support in dealing with the personal impact of cancer, rather than to debate the possible causes of cancer. I've just noticed that CRUK do have an article on the subject at

Thanks for the link Happy

Best wishes

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

28 Sep 2015 14:15 in response to Wifiinschools

Hello Wifiinschools,

Thanks for your interesting contribution. We have some information on mobile phones, Wifi and power lines here.  We also wrote about mobile phones and cancer in our Science Bog here.

Funny Davek, seems like we posted the same link at the same time!!

We hope this helps!

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

28 Sep 2015 18:57 in response to Moderator Lucie

I stay away from wifi tech, everything I use is wired. I try not to carry a phone, or put it in airplane mode when on the move for long periods.

I think myself that wifi is another Asbestos scandle in the works.

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

28 Sep 2015 20:09 in response to Wifiinschools

There have been some very large studies done on this, they either show no link to cancers or slight correlation. So your assumption "that we all know that mobile phones ARE giving people brain tumours"  is simply unsubstantiated. You have obviously done your homework, so have your opinion. The problem is that now Wifi devices are everywhere, people will be reluctant to turn back the clock. They may even arrive at the decision that the benefits from wifi outweigh any small increase in the risk of cancer. The same decision you may make when taking a 6 hour flight, or having a CT scan. The good news is that the strength of this radiation decreases logarithmically with distance from the source. You could like space1999 hardwire everything, get rid of your mobile phone, fluorescent light tubes etc. only to be hit by a neutrino from outer space which damages one cell and gives you a cancer. Life is too short to worry so get on and enjoy it. "Life'll kill you" - Warren Zevon.

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

29 Sep 2015 19:46 in response to kimchoson

"Life will kill you" but so will cancer but a lot quicker. People will turn back the clock when they start dying of cancer. There is overwhelming evidence now, over 10,000 scientific papers showing adverse biological effects at exposure levels way way below accepted guidelines. The science is so strong and the consequences so grave, it's not just cancer, it's the shutting down of people all together. Wifi and all this stuff switches us to zombies, we're just coping, people are waking up tired and wrestling to get through the day. It's absolutely inhumane that we've rolled this out in all our public places, schools and hospitals when there's been a real effort for at least 15 years from the parts of the scientific community, sufferers and public health officials saying STOP... please please put in place the precautionary principal until we know for sure. Well we do know for sure... EMF is messing with us from head to toe. The fall-out from this travesty is quite unthinkable. Come on Cancer Research UK... step up now and help take this radiation out of our lives.

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

29 Sep 2015 20:17 in response to Breatheasy


There are far worse risks out there in my view,from what's really in our food to the chemicals we liberally spray around our houses.Then of course there are vehicle exhaust fumes, viruses,stress and sleep problems and the pace of life generally! Lemmings all of us! 


wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

29 Sep 2015 21:11 in response to Breatheasy


Ok how is it that even though mobile phone use has risen ten thousand fold in the last 15 years there has been no increase in the incidence of brain cancer whatsoever. Maybe there is a very small chance EMF can cause cancer. But I dont see young people giving up the mobile communication devices they have grown up with as part of their lives. There are far more dangerous things that are proven to increase the incidence of cancer, smoking tobacco, alcohol, lack of excercise, poor diet, stress and worry about the causes of cancer, exposure to radiation, including UV sunlight and long haul flights, various chemicals, the wrong parents (genetic disposition). To get away from all the wireless radiation you need to return to a simple life. to lead a simple life you need to be either very rich or very poor. Im not convinced that low level EMF is a mortal danger, even people living directly under high tension power lines (765KV) do not suffer any increase in cancer. Life will kill you and cancer is part of life, I have cancer and I am not afraid of death. Life is for living so stop worrying and get on with enjoying yours. Kind regards Kim

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

1 Oct 2015 08:27 in response to Wifiinschools

Hi wifiinschools

I forgot to add virus like HPV which is the major cause of cervical cancer. Thinking of your daughters unexplained symptoms, which have manifested themselves since start of term, they could simply be part of growing up, I recall my daughters having very similar symptoms, also have you tried talking to her if she is unhappy at boarding school, or getting bullied (this happens at all schools) her symptoms could also be those of stress. Kind regards Kim

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

1 Oct 2015 20:43 in response to kimchoson

As a young man I worked as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy, literally inches way from unshielded, high voltage, shortwave, radio transmitters whose power was rated in kilo-watts, rather than the much lower power output of mobile phones or WiFi devices (10mW is typical of a WiFi access point - which if my maths is correct is about a millionth of the output of a 10kW SW transmitter). 

At the time there was a fear that this might be causing brain tumours. I remember in the early 1980s attending a lecture (arranged by our Union) by a scientist where this was discussed and the ensuing debate became quite heated. The scientist had said that there was a very small risk that being exposed to this level of radiation could cause cancers to develop. This caused uproar that our employers were putting us in harm's way. He then put the risk into context by asking for a show of hands of the people who worked in such an environment, all hands went up, he then asked for the non-smokers to lower their hands - about 20% of us lowered our hands. He then said that roughly half those with their hands still up would die of smoking-related illnesses and that of the 100 or so people in the audience at most there was about a 200,000 to 1 chance that one of them might develop a cancer which might possibly be due to our working environment.

I'm afraid when I read statements that over 10,000 scientific papers show anything I switch into sceptical mode. I first read that statement back in 2004 when a pandemic of brain cancers was predicted due to the increasing use of mobile phones - 11 years on and where's this pandemic? 


wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

2 Oct 2015 21:13 in response to davek

Hi Dave

What an interesting personal story on this subject, I did wonder if wifiinschools and Breatheasy are in fact one and the same person. Similar writing style, use of CAPITALS, first 2000 peer reviewed papers then in desperation 10000 scientific papers. An IP check would reveal the truth. Anyway as we agree the huge increase in mobile phone use and wifi everywhere has not resulted in any increase in the incidence of brain cancers BUT I do suspect people are getting cookier. Pass the tinfoil hat please! Happy Kim

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

7 Oct 2015 00:03 in response to kimchoson

Not true. There are now many papers linking mobiles phones to brain tumors. The scientific data is being ignored.

Here is just 1 : hey, lets ignore them and just hope for the best.

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

7 Oct 2015 00:15 in response to Space_1999

I agree and I do the same now.

For most people the simple change to putting their phone into flight mode in the evening when they have finished using it for the day, and then switching back on in the morning eliminates 6-8hrs of totally unnecessary microwave radiation. Also never carrying it near your heart (& trouser pockets for men) and getting into the habit of putting it down a meter away from you always. You dont use your phone/internet while asleep yet you are constantly getting a signa. This applies to home wifi. Most people dont consider wifi is giving a burst of emf every few seconds. There has never been any testing done on 24hr exposure. Wifi is a huge untested experiment.

wifi & mobile phones NOT? on your list of causes?

7 Oct 2015 00:16 in response to kimchoson

"to lead a simple life you need to be either very rich or very poor"

Thats an interesting statement and very correct isnt it : )