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where is the general chat section?

22 Jan 2017 15:40

Hi I Joined in nov 2013 but have not been on since as I could not find a general chat section so

where do you have a general natter here ? 

Re: where is the general chat section?

22 Jan 2017 16:36 in response to Bodger

Hi Bidger,

We can have a general natter right here, right now. Glad to see you back on here as we have a lovely group of people who are very friendly. I ve been on this forum for over four years now and have made some good friends like I hope you will too.

Take care my friend, Brian.

Re: where is the general chat section?

22 Jan 2017 17:54 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian so I take it there is No general chat page Nice to meet you again 

Take care  Thanks Mal

Re: where is the general chat section?

22 Jan 2017 20:27 in response to Bodger

Hello Bodger,

As Brian said, it's great to have you back on the forum and I hope you have been well.

We have rearranged our topic areas a little bit since you last posted, but don't worry you can still have a general natter here! In fact, we have a bigger General Chat section under which you will find different types of general chat and you can choose the one you feel is more appropriate for you. For example, if you want to have a good laugh, simply head to the Laughter as the best medicine area which is a space to share jokes, funny stories and for light relief. If you have something inspirational to write about, I would suggest our Inspiration topic area. If you want to talk about anything that is on your mind and isn't cancer related, then the best place would be the off topic area.

If you just want to share your story or update us on how you've been doing, you can choose one of the other topic areas such as Introduce Yourself or Living with Cancer for example. Feel free to start a new discussion in whichever topic area you prefer. 

I hope this helps and that you enjoy using the forum again! A big welcome back.

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Re: where is the general chat section?

22 Jan 2017 21:09 in response to Moderator Lucie

Thanks lucie I'll try and get used to it The system that is 

Re: where is the general chat section?

22 Jan 2017 21:27 in response to Bodger

Anywhere you like Bodger, most of us just respond to whatever is recent or post under off topic, Living with Cancer, or Hot Cancer topics. 



Re: where is the general chat section?

11 Aug 2017 13:09 in response to davek


No one seems to have been on here since Jan this year. Is it still going or has it stopped now? The forum I mean.


Re: where is the general chat section?

13 Aug 2017 15:28 in response to Rea


I'm not sure what you mean, the forum is having dozens of posts every day, sometimes scores of them.

Just click on the Cancer Chat link and by default it should show you all posts and replies in chronological order - most recent first. On my phone it looks like this (see below).

Hope this helps