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Where do we start?

14 Jul 2021 14:39

Where do we start finding out social welfare help for my brother with multiple myeloma when he is so ill and out of it with chemo he can't wade through the information and forms. He has a family and a mortgage, is there any clear information on what he is entitled to and help with the process of applying? 

Where do we start?

16 Jul 2021 14:02 in response to Eastbourne

Hello Eastbourne

I'm sorry to hear about your brother's diagnosis. It's obviously a very difficult time for you all. 

I'd suggest getting in touch with Macmillan in the first instance. They do have some information on their website and they also have a team that you can call for advice and support.

Alternatively, Maggie's also has information on their website about money and benefits as well as having benefits advisors you can speak with. 

I hope this helps as a starting point. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator