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What to wear post surgery ?

29 Jul 2019 20:47

I know this seems like a silly question but i am mentally packing my bag for hospital and suddenly got to thinking of what nightwear to pack. I normally wear nighties but because i am having lung surgery, i don't know which would be best. I might not be able to get my arm up to get a nightie on and if i wear pyjamas there are no holes for the drains and possibly other tubes i may have. I will be in ICU for a day or 2 so would i be better with just a hopsital goonie.

Anyone had lung surgery who could advise me ?

Thanks for reading.

PJ ♥

What to wear post surgery ?

29 Jul 2019 21:33 in response to Puddle-Jumper

I've not had lung surgery but I've had an overnight stay and a couple of day procedures. 

I suggest pyjamas. The staff will be able to work round the with the drains and such.

I also suggest you put some chocolate biscuits AND Rowntrees fruit pastilles in the bag.  After surgery you may be very hungry and want something to eat.  The fruit pastilles are to get your salivary glands working again. Each time I have a general, my mouth dries up, but I discovered last time by accident that fruit pastilles worked. 

Good luck with the surgery.


What to wear post surgery ?

30 Jul 2019 08:27 in response to telemando

Thanks for your input telemando and your good luck wishes,  i bleeding hate pyjamas too but i think you are right with regards to the drains etc. The fruit pastilles are a definite yes as well as jelly babies so i will get them but i'll forfeit the biscuits, me and hungry just don't go, i'm worried about my tea or lack of it more than food and i am even considering taking a travel kettle with me, it's a private room so at least i wouldn't have a queue of people looking for a top up Silly

PJ x

What to wear post surgery ?

30 Jul 2019 08:34 in response to Puddle-Jumper

I must be getting good PJ wearing Pjs, do you like it . (^_-)

What to wear post surgery ?

30 Jul 2019 17:52 in response to Billygoat

Good one Billy Laugh

What to wear post surgery ?

1 Aug 2019 08:47 in response to Puddle-Jumper

Hi pj have you got everything sorted for when you go in try to consontrate its easy to forget something, like a small kettle,, that is one thing i have organised I've got a strong holdall with everything in ready apart from phone, so pick up and go, hope you've got things ready especially Pjs hope there posh ones, especially with private room, please reply soon worried about you I know you are a big softy really, best friend, William. 

What to wear post surgery ?

2 Aug 2019 09:49 in response to Billygoat

I'm going to do my packing today Billy, even though i still don't have a date >:)

My "bag" has turned into a suitcase, electronic devices and chargers, teabags, sweeties, tiny fruit juice concentrate thingy x 2, salt & pepper sachets, nightie (just in case i can wear it) pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers, underwear, toiletries, kettle, mug,book, spare clothes and whatever else i can fit in it. Anyone would think i was going on holiday with what i have already but i want to be prepared but i bet i still forget something, lol.

PJ ♥

What to wear post surgery ?

2 Aug 2019 10:11 in response to Puddle-Jumper

Hi pj like I said to you before my bag's been packed for nearly two years, just checking have you got USB adapter sounds like you've got everything else, have you got things to wash and brush your hair depends on how long your in, i forgot mine finished up using liquid soap, i know it doesn't matter same me being male but it still feels good when is been done,, i bought one of these like a rucksacks with plenty of pockets to keep things in place, I'm not normally so organised makes a change,, but last time I was in all I had was pajama bottoms, nothing else I didn't know much going in and out of a coma but I know it was cold in the ambulance,, very organised wishes, from Bill XXX 

What to wear post surgery ?

3 Aug 2019 21:47 in response to Puddle-Jumper

Went to pre op yesterday and they told me anything that buttons up the front an very loose  clothes an night wear xxx

What to wear post surgery ?

4 Aug 2019 10:42 in response to Billygoat

Sorted with shampoo Billy, i got a spray can of that  dry shampoo so that should suffice as i don't know if i'll be able to wash it properly. I've got long, thick hair so i have a job at the best of times in dealing with it.

Everything else seems to be pretty organised. x

What to wear post surgery ?

4 Aug 2019 10:45 in response to Samted

Thanks for that @Samted ‍  How did you get on, any more tips for me besides the clothing ?

the pj's i bought have button fronts so that should be ideal but there not exactly loose but not tight either.

How long did they say you would be in ? 

Sorry for all the questions but i'm still waiting on my appointment to even speak to someone despite being told that it would be last week.  You seem to be moving on so much quicker even though we were diagnosed on the same day.

PJ ♥

What to wear post surgery ?

4 Aug 2019 11:01 in response to Puddle-Jumper

Get Mr pj to do it for you you'll have to train him up a bit more you sometimes get helpers going round in case people need that sort of help, (worth checking out) best wishes.


What to wear post surgery ?

5 Aug 2019 12:19 in response to Puddle-Jumper

You really need to chase this up icant belive no-one has got in touch with you.  OK 12 to 48 hours in hdu   no stretching can't even lift a full kettle  you will have the physio team come around for some exercises  I can remember much eles o excep lots of pain relief 

What to wear post surgery ?

5 Aug 2019 16:06 in response to Puddle-Jumper

Hi pj just wondering if your going to wear your pink wellies with a pink nightie,,. God bless... Billy 

What to wear post surgery ?

21 Aug 2019 13:05 in response to Samted

Hi pj are you OK are you having treatment be nice to hear from you starting to get worried, love.. Billy xxx 

P.s or has your computer crashed.