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What to expect next..

21 Jun 2019 15:43

Hi everyone, just looking for some advice re what to expect. I have high CA125 and high platelets, lump above pubic bone and feel full pressure and sharp pains lower abdo, had back pain for some time 


What will happen when I attend the urgent referral to gyn and the US abdo

Will they tell me anything there? Will any of it hurt

Right now, the waiting is hard 




What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 15:22 in response to Anonymous

Hi, just bumping this up to see if anyone can help x

What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 16:06 in response to Anonymous

Hi Beatrice, 

I'm sorry no-one has come back to you on this yet but hopefully our replies will make other members aware of your post again and encourage them to reply if they've had these tests carried out. 

You're more than welcome to give our cancer nurses a quick call about this next week on 0808 800 4040 (phone lines are open between 9a.m - 5p.m) or you can try joining in on other discussons you find about this using the 'search forum' option in the blue bar above. 

In the meantime I hope this information about urgent referrals will help put your mind at ease slightly about the process.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 16:11 in response to Moderator Steph

Thanks, that was helpful, I am in Scotland so I see the 2 week rule does not apply, the GP said by the end of the last week so I'm hoping it's very soon 

What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 16:49 in response to Anonymous

Hi there - the 2 week pathway doesn't mean the worst! I've been on it (all my results clear). 9 out of 10 people according to my GP who are referred for cancer tests come back clear - good statistics I think?

I can't say whether anything will hurt - I'd guess unlikely but even if it's a bit uncomfortable it's best to get it sorted out asap so you can get on with your life. Keep as busy as you can dorng normal stuff & time will pass more quickly.

Fingers crossed all will be well for you.

What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 18:25 in response to purrfect

Ty purrfect, I am keeping as busy as I can, I would feel better if my blood tests hadn't been off or if I felt well. I just want seen and then to be told I'm OK. Fingers crossed x

What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 18:53 in response to Anonymous

Hi Beatrice, I’m in Scotland too & had similar referrals.  I personally did not find the US or internal scan painful.  The hardest part for me was having to have a full bladder for the US, but I managed it okay in the end.  I received the results of the US from my GP a couple of days later.  For the gynae appointment, I didn’t have an internal examination but the gynae referred me for a CT scan.  I found a that the scans themselves were okay... waiting for the results was the hard part.  I hope that helps put your mind at ease a bit & that everything goes well for you x

What to expect next..

23 Jun 2019 19:49 in response to saldo5

Ty so much for the information, my scan is the 1st so I should find out that week if its the same up here. I hope you got good news x