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What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 09:57

Hi all

On the back of Brians GOOD NEWS TODAY post. Have you had a good news test result? an improvement in your symptoms or side effects of treatment? or a wonderful event happening in your life, for example; a new grandchild, a wonderful holiday or maybe you felt great just for a day.

I'll kick the ball rolling with: My good news is that a recent scan showed no change in the size of a tumour over the past 6 months, I managed to take a holiday in June and one of my children has recently landed a good job.

So whats your good news? answers on a postcard please! Kim

What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 11:43 in response to kimchoson

Hi   my  good  news  is  that  after  losing  my  grandaughter  to  stillbirth  2  years  ago  on  the  12th  of  

September,  my  daughter  is  expecting  a little  boy (Cayden) and  he  will  be  born  a month  early  on  December 6th,  and  I  am  lucky  enough  to  still  be  here  to  attend  his  birth,  I  will  never  forget  our  precious  little  girl ( Quinn), I  am  expecting  his  birth  to  be  bitter sweet but  know  that  after  a  stillbirth  and  3  mmiscarriages  my  daughter  deserves  to  havd  her  happy ever  after. How  lucky  am  I  to  havd  this  memory?  

What  a  great  idea Kim.   Best  wishes  Susan  xx

What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 13:09 in response to nat2107

Hi Kim,

Couldnt find a post card so hope this will suffice ha ha. Glad to read of your good news Kim and hope it stays this way

I had a phone call at the weekend from the wife of one of our late woodclub members. She asked if I would have a look at this small wheeled trolly that she used to keep her late husbands medication on and as it had broken she asked if I would have a look to see if I could mend it for her. So I went to see her today and found it wasnt broken at all, just the glue had dried up and the joints had come apart. I told her it would only take about 5 minutes to re-glue it. She lickily had some wood glue so I was able to repair it straight away for her. It was a gift given to them when they got married over 50 years ago so it had great sentimental value for her. She wanted to pay me for repairing it but I refused as it hadnt cost me anything.

I asked how she was keeping and she said, she was finding it harder than when her husband had died so I had a long chat with her and recomended her to contact my local charity called Cancervive of which I am a committee member. We spoke for twenty minutes or so and she said she felt so much better for bieng able to talk about her feelings. She said most of her family and friends think she should be feeling better not worse and that she felt they didnt understand. So I also told her about this forum and how a lot of people feel worse after a year or so after losing a loved one.  I told her it's so understandable that as she get to birthdays, Christmas, anniversary's it does get harder but that also as time goes by, she will gradually adjust to her loss but it will take time.

The good news is after our chat, I left her in a much better state emotionally than when I arrived. She was just so pleased to have someone understand how she was felling. She gave me a pendulam clock that her husband had started to make for thier daughter. I will probably finish it off for her and give it back to her later this year as I feel she and her daughter would love to have this as a reminder of thier husband/father.

I think your idea for this thread is a great idea and hope we see lots of good news on here, Brian

What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 13:16 in response to nat2107

Susan, my daughter lost her little girl, Grace, to stillbirth last November, which devastated us all.  She is now expecting a little boy on November 10th, but although she was rushed into hospital in May and operated on for a twisted ovarian cyst and last week spent time in hospital bleeding, she is optimistic and has been told the baby has a healthy heartbeat and all is well.  We are blessed. x

What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 13:33 in response to kimchoson

Good afternoon everyone

how great to read everyone's good news Happy well my great news is yesterday was informed by my company I will be put on SSP and by the way they paid me in error last month so therefore owe 3280k hmmmm .....the good news is I have been told not to worry and can pay back when I can once I return to work hahaha OK thats not really the good news, the good news is last night I finished the first of my 14 day treatment and yay I am all in one piece! One down 7 to go and right now I am on a week break from all chemo drugs Happy

Wishing you all a good day and take care everyone

JB x


What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 14:31 in response to kimchoson

Hi Kim,

Can I just say how much I like your new thread? You do come up with some very good and uplifting thread ideas, Kim. I liked it so much that I had to move it to the Inspiration topic area. I think this is going to be an immensely popular topic and whenever we have some good news, we can all come here and share the joy with our forum friends! 

As for me, I am looking forward to the day when I can come back here and say in bold capital letters that I passed my driving test. I have been trying for a long time and it doesn't come naturally to me. I will keep trying and trying and one day I will make sure to come back on this thread and let you all know that I passed. I don't know how long it will take though ha ha! But never give up, I am stubborn Wink


What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 19:09 in response to Pauline4

Hi  Pauline  just  wanted  to  wish  you  and  your  daughter  good  luck  and  best  wishes  for  the  forthcoming   birth  of  your  precious   little  boy,  I  hope  her  next  couple  of  months  are  problem  free  and  she  can  try  to  enjoy  some  of  her  pregnancy  without  so  much  worry, My  daughter  has  been  keeping  well, no  dramas  so  that  is  good. Let  me  know  how things  go  with  Grace s  little  brother.

                              Sending  you  and  your daughter  massive  hugs.

                                                  Susan  xx

What is your good news?

2 Sep 2015 22:29 in response to nat2107

Thank you Susan, and wishing your daughter the very best, too.  Let us know when the baby is born, please. xx

What is your good news?

3 Sep 2015 00:04 in response to Moderator Lucie


Come on LUCIE - some of us havent got too long to wait !!!!  Make it your aim to get through that driving test asap so I get to hear about it !  My friend passed on her 9th attempt - how many tries have you had so far? x 

What is your good news?

3 Sep 2015 09:32 in response to max56

Thank you Max. It's lovely to know that you're rooting for me! It does motivate me even more as I am about to have a two hour driving lesson. To answer your question, I have only failed once.... in England. Had 3 majors though and pretty major ones. The inspector really wasn't impressed! I had 5 goes in France when I was 18 and failed them all Blush but that was a long long time ago so I am trying not to count those in my head!! I have had to retake the theory test as it expired after two years but that was easy for me so in total I passed three theory tests, one in France and two in the UK. I'm really good at the theory bit, always pass with hardly any errors. But the actual driving is another story. I am getting better though, my driving instructor says. I had a mock the other day and he said that if it had been in real life, I would have passed. I keep thinking though he is just being nice to boost my confidence!

I bet you passed first time Max Happy I hope I don't have nine attempts!!!

OK off I go to my lesson now Wink wish me luck! One day I will share the good news, and I will try my best to make it soon!



What is your good news?

3 Sep 2015 20:34 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi lucie .... Hope the lesson went well!  I did pass first time but to be honest it was a lot less strict 40yrs ago. Three majors - that's a bit scary haha - the poor examiner!!  Keep at it Lucie and well done for passing the theory - I'm sure I couldn't!  X

What is your good news?

3 Sep 2015 21:13 in response to max56

One of the majors was actually dangerous he said and I think the examiner feared for his life. I also got 7 minors I think. Not my proudest moment and I do get very nervous. The lesson went ok, but not brilliantly. Progress is slow but I will persevere! Well done for passing first time Max. I have had so many lessons I have lost count and feel almost embarrassed. 

Stay tuned on this wonderful thread for an update on the day I WILL pass but more importantly for the far more exciting other good news you will all be sharing here!

So who's had good news today?


What is your good news?

4 Sep 2015 07:23 in response to Moderator Lucie

Hi Lucie,

Just reading the posts you and Max have written and it reminded me of  a friend of mine when he took his test many years ago. He had  done the driving part and thought he had done quite well but when at the end the examiner said what would you do if someone stepped out in front of you while driveing he replied, "I'd wind the window down and swear at them". He mentioned nothing about appliying his brakes so its not surprising he got failed, Brian

What is your good news?

4 Sep 2015 09:14 in response to woodworm

Oh dear Brian, what a story! It made me laugh. I definitely would have got that one right.


What is your good news?

18 Sep 2015 08:50 in response to Moderator Lucie

This week was quite an emotional time for my husband, because after lots of changing our minds and delays he finally made the decision to leave work to be with me, for however long.  I have told him to call it his "nap year" lol!

I know it's kind of bittersweet because of the underlying reason and that our savings for a nice car will now be used but hey - there's more important things.

My hubby has worked away during the week for years and it is FAB that he will be here every night when I go to bed and be there every morning when I wake up.  If he is out, he will only be a few miles away!  Can't tell you how safe that makes me feel!!  I have been scared a lot lately because my illness makes me feel pretty poorly at times, specially the week after chemo  - hence my late nights on the forum lol !

Soooooooo Great News!!!!!  Hubby is at home, I am safe and we are going to enjoy good times while we can.  He has just gone for a well deserved game of golf !  Love to all xxxxxx