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What happens next?

17 Jul 2019 17:35

Im a 26 y/o female, presented with raised lymph glands on left side of my neck in Jan 2019. Was fast tracked and had various tests and was told not to worry.


i then went back to consultant as was more symptomatic and after speaking to my GP they suggested I contact the consultant. He recommended I have them removed and surgery was set for 1 month later. Then things got scary! I started presenting with random bruising and went to my GP and she noticed the nodes had changed. She said that she was concerned and would contact my consultant and send me for a chest X-ray. The chest X-ray confirmed my chest nodes were swollen and blood tests showed my CRP was high.

my consultant moved my surgery forward and on Monday I had ‘2 large clusters’ of lymph nodes removed. 

My question is, what happens now? Because I’m waiting for the biopsy, I have an urgent referral to haematology and I’m waiting on a CT scan. But I don’t really know what the process is? The GP and consultant appear to think it’s lymphoma from all my tests and the consultant said, if it is, it’s highly curable.

Ive got this horrible big swollen cut in my neck as a reminder of what’s about to come, but I don’t really know in what order this is all going to happen, only that I’ll get the biopsy results in 1/2 weeks?

could someone shed some light on how the process works? I’ve been so worried about it all, I’m not eating and I hate the waiting!

What happens next?

19 Jul 2019 14:55 in response to Erlca92

Hi Erlca92, 

How are you feeling now after your biopsy? I hope that things are a little less sore. 

This period of waiting for test results can be a really difficult time, and when you're stil waiting on different referrals as well it only adds to the confusion and worries that you already have. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for your CT and the biopsy results. Once these are back and you've seen the consultant you should have answers to lots of your questions. At the moment it sounds positive that at the moment your conultant is talking about things being curable. Try to keep remembering that. 

We do have a team of nurses here at Cancer Research UK and I wonder if you might find it helpful to chat things through with them and try to put some order into the process. You can call them on 0808 800 4040 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator

What happens next?

19 Jul 2019 15:58 in response to Moderator Jenn

The Gp has prepared me to be diagnosed with lymphoma  on Monday when I see haematology as all the tests are now showing that. 

So now I have to prepare for that on Monday.