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What can i do now? Gyno cancelled

10 Jun 2021 21:24

So i went to dr with persistant bleeding/spotting. It had been around 5 months of it, id figured it was stress to begin with but it never gave up & i bleed after sex. Dr did swabs & a cervical exam. Swabs clear but thought it might be cervical erosion but was refering me for an ultrasound & to gynocology.

By this point the dull ache id felt for a while was getting worse. Its now constant period pains. 

The scan showed multiple small ovarian cysts and enlarged ovaries (14ml)  Bloods & symptoms have ruled out pcos. I did not have an internal scan which is what i thought i was going for. 

My gyno referal was for 6 weeks time, 3 week into waiting theyve cancelled it with no explanation & no alternative. 

So what now? What more can i ask my dr to do? Im spotting or bleeding every day & in pain every day. So far ive had swabs, pelvic exam, an external scan & a blood test for pcos.  I just want help to now if theres something i can ask the dr to do?

What can i do now? Gyno cancelled

10 Jun 2021 22:44 in response to HavingKittens

Ask to speak to the secretary at your surgery she will be able to look into why it's been cancelled and let you know and also the gp. 

What can i do now? Gyno cancelled

11 Jun 2021 05:37 in response to Bellelouise

Thank you for replying. I'll be on the phone to the consultants secretary to find out why today. I just want to know if there's anymore the GP could be doing so I could ask him.

What can i do now? Gyno cancelled

11 Jun 2021 05:46 in response to HavingKittens

Contact the gp secretary who put the referral through she will beable to look into it. If there is an issue she can go back to gp 

What can i do now? Gyno cancelled

11 Jun 2021 10:53 in response to HavingKittens

Hello and thank you for your post,

I can appreciate that having your gynaecology appointment cancelled is a worry to you, especially as you were not told why this happened. I think what may have happened is that the gynaecology team have reviewed the referral sent by your GP and the results of the scan, swabs and blood tests and have made a clinical judgement that you do not need to be seen by them. In a way this might be seen as reassuring. However, as I said I can appreciate your concerns.

As Belllouise has said get in touch with your GP, I would make a GP appointment about this and ask if you do still need to be seen by a gynaecologist and if not why? Do also let your GP know about any persistent symptoms you might have. 

Hopefully there is a reasonable explanation for this.  

I hope you will be okay.

Take care,


What can i do now? Gyno cancelled

14 Jun 2021 16:15 in response to CRUK Nurse Caroline

Thank you for replying.

I got in contact with my gp who said that they havnt had contact from the hospital since they put in for the urgent referral so they had no idea what was happening. 


Rang the consultants secretary who was confused at first but it looks like they've actually rearranged the appointment for the same day but different time and different hospital. Very relived that I'm still going to be seen.