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What are the latest progress in cancer research?

3 Aug 2017 11:23

Cancer treatment & therapies are advanced with new technology. New Therapy treatments have evolved and improved for cancer patients suffering from Lung cancer, Leukemia, Breast cancer and Renal cell carcinoma.

From past few years, scientists have come up new treatments that can reactivate the immune system. These treatments include some cancer vaccines and other immune-provoking agents. 

Re: What are the latest progress in cancer research?

5 Aug 2017 13:09 in response to jenniferjudy225

Hello jenniferjudy225 and welcome to our forum!

After reading your post I thought I might send you a link to our Science blog, where you can read some of the latest news and developments when it comes to cancer research. I hope you will find it as informative as I did.

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator