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Wedding insurance with cancer

11 Oct 2022 17:37

Hi all. As the title says really, I'm looking for an insurance company that will insure my wedding (which is in Ibiza so foreign wedding insurance). I've got scans this coming Monday (17/10) so I'm technically still under what they call tests and surgeries I suppose. Could anyone provide any special companies at all? As you're aware, weddings can become pricey and we've had to cancel once already (in which the venue refused to move free of charge so I lost about 10 grand).

Any help is, as ever, greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

Wedding insurance with cancer

11 Oct 2022 18:54 in response to Matt0110

I couldn't get insurance to travel let alone for a wedding. So if you do manage to find a company that will insure you please let us know!!

Sometimes the diagnostic stage when you don't know what you are dealing with is the worst stage of all from an insurance point of view.


Wedding insurance with cancer

11 Oct 2022 19:41 in response to RoseStarBlue

Yeah, we couldn't either. I heard someone say there is one insurance company that is more likely to insure people, but the insurance costs a helluva lot more than the actual holiday.

Matt, the way insurance works, they want to make a profit. Basically, they want you to pay them in the hope they never need to ever pay out. Free money. You having cancer or suspected cancer means they could be faced with paying out 1000's should you take unwell. They want all that money and more, probably. So sometimes folk just travel without. I'm not suggesting you do this at all, but if they calculate the probability of you needing 10k worth of treatment, they will want 10k plus admin costs before giving you insurance.

Some price things so high, it's nothing more than another way of saying "no". As the person above said, the diagnostic stage just gets bundled together with those who have been diagnosed with it. Makes no difference.

A history search on here would also show you, even a cancer scare, that doesn't turn out to be cancer still increases your future premiums too.