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Walking problems

31 May 2019 03:43

I completed rafio therapy in October 18  for prostrate cancer and since then i have been suffering with walking problems which have got worse. I am 63 and PSA level now 0..01

Some times my knees give way and i fall over,  other times slip and fall over very easily.  Walking upstaies is a real problem.

My Oncolgist is saying its nothing to do with my treatment and its circulation problems. My doctor after tests says its nothing to do with circulation problems.

I seem to be going around in circles trying to find answers and wha to do.

Any guidance would be much aprreciated.

Walking problems

31 May 2019 05:41 in response to Jonty787

Hi jonty. 

I'm not medicley trained. just a thought could radiotherapy have damaged a nerve in the spine or a exploded disk, you see it on TV in vet programs animals that can hardly walk or they calapse, I'm only guessing but it does sound very similar..


Walking problems

31 May 2019 14:15 in response to Jonty787

Hello and thanks for posting,

Unfortunately, we are unable to diagnose or be very specific. But I wondered whether you had considered asking your GP to refer you for some physiotherapy advice. You might need to do some muscle strengthening exercises.  Also, has your GP checked your knees and hips? As we age, osteoarthritis can affect joints. Cartilage in the knees that is damaged can cause the knee to give way, and make stair climbing difficult. 

I hope that you are able to get more help with this soon. 

Best wishes


Walking problems

31 May 2019 22:52 in response to CRUK Nurse Vanda

Dear Vanda/Billy,


Thank you for your response. I have applied for physio but there is a 8 week wait in my areas. I have come to the conclusion that the readiotherapy damaged the nerves to the legs.


Many thanks,