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Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 00:39 in response to Twin33


Hi June,

I am glad to hear that you have a friend to take with you on Friday. It is hard not to be scared, but we are all here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 01:45 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine 

Thankyou so so much xxx i will keep u updated xxxx

Hugs xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 09:31 in response to Twin33

Hi june

Sorry i misread the message i know its scary, its the unknown that does it i think, you won't be on your own and you have us behind you, I know how i felt on monday waiting to go to the clinic for my results but got a phone call 2 hrs before I was going to say my results were fine but still an area of concern and I've to do it all again, have you had a stereotactic biopsy done? Think its all good saying the results we did were fine but we need more biopsies done, i start questioning well did they actually do the biopsies from the right area in the first place, so they must be looking at the mammograms and saying there's still something there because if there wasnt why would i now be getting this advanced machine to get other biopsies done!! I know how you feel june when they said you can bring someone with you, your thinking all sorts! Its ok for people to say you'll be fine but that's not really helping us who are going through it, but in a couple of days you'll know, the wait is dreadful but you have everyones support here and youll get through this hunni❤

Lots of love


Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 09:39 in response to Jolamine

Hi jolamine

Yeah your very calm and reassuring

Karen xx❤

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 10:43 in response to Karenk1971

Hi Karen 

Thankyou for your kind message. I don't feel alone as I know I have you and all behind me and supporting me.

Did you to to clinic? How did you feel leading up to it? It's so. Confusing saying all is fine but...Still am area of concern? What is a Steriotactic biopsy? Shame you have to go through this again, feel sorry for you xx There will always be a what if...same as my case xx

I didn't have one, I had a needle biopsy in December,  they didn't return results and my doc had a letter saying they discharged me and all was OK.

Then end August I got a call to go in and see consultant,  he was very nice, but very concerned about the nipple area ( said to me...its grown in 8 month) and ot looks very suspicious,  we need to remove it.

So...few days covid test..isolation I was in surgery having excisional biopsy ( removal of lump) and a needle biopsy on lump under arm xx

When I left hospital in 3rd September,  they told me they were holding  a meeting MDT Thursday 16th.

I received a letter to say I am in face to face with breast specialist team 9.30 Friday 17th xx

I hope all goes well for you, thinking of you and everyone here xx God bless xxx


June ❤ ❤  


Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 12:03 in response to Twin33

Hi june

Just had a phone call ive to go tomorrow for the biopsies to get done, no i didnt have to go to the clinic on monday because staff had been sent home with illness, that's why she gave me the results on the phone as i was in edinburgh but wanted the stereotactic biopsies done on monday but no staff to do it so im now going tomorrow, my boss has changed shifts with me so its fine for tomorrow. Stereotactic is done with a mammogram type machine that takes imagines electronically through xray and the biopsies are taken while on the machine, lie flat on your tumny boob in this hole and they do the work underneath the machine because they raise the bed or depending what machine you are in a sitting position but the same idea how they perform the biopsies boob in this hole omg what a thought lol

So 8 months on after everything been ok in december you got a call to see the consultant in August then that procedure done 3rd of September? If it was ok why did he get in touch 8 months later?

Karen xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 12:30 in response to Karenk1971


Hi Karen,

I have just read your reply to June and see that your biopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm glad that you're not having to wait any longer and, hope that it all goes well.

Jolamine xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 12:35 in response to Karenk1971

Hi Karen, awww hope ot all goes well for you , let them dangle haha xx thinking of you x.

The hospital called me Aug. Said they mislaid my paperwork and realised I hadn't been back to see consultant. 

I called my doc, they had nothing. No paperwork until after my apt in August. 

I had a copy of them b4 my opp.

One of which said nothing to report. All good and they would let him know the results of needle biopsy???? Nothing x xx

Not sure what's happened xxx

June ❤  

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 19:10 in response to Twin33

Hi june

Let them dangle lol  haha let's just say i aint no linda lusardi lol

A bit of a disgrace whats happened to you, you must be demented! Youll be so glad when its all over, not long to wait now xx❤

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 19:26 in response to Karenk1971

Hi Karen hahaha I just trying to not think about it , so thought I throw something in there xxxx

We all have to stay strong xxx 


Hugs x

June ❤ 

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 19:44 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine.   It’s DCIS. Not great news but could have been so much worse.  Non invasive primary cancer - at the precancerous stage so caught early .    I’ll get breast reduction surgery (horrid but  can’t complain) to try and contain / remove the cells . Thank God.   Apparently not so bad as I had feared.. I’m told that the cells are changing and  so far not cancerous but that they are the kind of cells that will change unless removed. 
It has been caught before it has gone anywhere thank God. 
I’m just so relieved. It will not be pleasant but I am grateful the prognosis seems to be  ok so long as I go ahead with this.

Next step is to check hormonal influence on this then action stations ... 

scared but relieved 


Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 20:20 in response to Freyafem

Hi Freyafem

I am glad it's manageable and your able to now be positive. They will always keep a close eye on you now xx thinking of you xx 


June x

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 22:15 in response to Twin33

Hi freyafem

Its good news for you today and as june says manageable, its caught early and wil be keeping a close eye on you, as for breast reduction i told june i was no linda lusardi so chuck them my way lol thats when i told her about this stereotactic biopsy im getting tomorrow that your boob goes in a hole, june said let them dangle oh girls you have to laugh or youd cry, you girls are all an inspiration thats all i can say, as i said its good having support from friends and family but people in this group really understand each other

Love to you all tonight, and freyafem you'll sleep better tonight its all positive for you and you will get through this❤


Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 22:41 in response to Karenk1971

Hello all, 

I have been quietly following this thread, wishing you all the very best of luck and everyone on this forum is so brave. I promised myself that I would post my journey incase it may be of help to others in the future.

I'm 36 and 4-5 weeks ago I found a hard non moveable mass on my on the upper outer side of my right breast. I went to the gp hoping it would just be dismissed, however I was referred to the breast clinic with a wait of 11 days. At the breast clinic I had my physical examination from the consultant and he said everything felt normal but then he did find the thickening on the ultrasound said it was probably benign but I had a core needle biopsy (which wasn't painful) and then waited 11 days for the results. During the 11 days alot of veins on my right breast became far more visible and I began to panic as my anxiety went through the roof ( I don't normally get anxious) however after googling every possible out come, I was feeling less positive) I received a phone call at 4.30 the day before I was due to collect my results giving me the all clear and it is a benign lump called PASH. just wanted to share my experience incase it helps anyone in the future! Love to you all xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Sep 2021 23:12 in response to Chris85

Hi Chris

This is a good , honest livable group who show alot of empathy xxx your right, we are all here to support each other...we have all had similar journeys at the beginning and hope to have best possible outcomes xx we are not alone here which is good because we all understand each other xx I am glad yours turned out to be a good ending xxx look after yourself....we are always here to chat, love ❤ from all of us on the group xx

June ❤