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Waiting on breast biopsy results

14 Oct 2020 12:29

Hi All


 I am new to this forum. I recently found a lump in my breast. When I saw my GP she said she was certain it was just a cyst but due to my age referred me to the breast clinic. 

I went for my appointment last week. After the initial examination I was told I needed an ultrasound. During the ultrasound the nurse told me she wanted to go a biopsy then after the biopsy sent me for a mammogram.  Everything happened so fast and I didn't get a chance to ask any questions. I was told the results would take 2-3 weeks. The wait is really stressing me out. I went into the appointment fairly upbeat after what my GP has said and now don't know what to think!


is it normal to have ultrasound, biopsy and mammogram all in the same session??


when she was doing the biopsy she said she was putting a clip in. Is that normal?


I feel stupid for not asking any questions at the appointment but it all happened so fast! Due to COVID is was not able to have anyone at the appointment with me.


I just keep going over the little they said to me during the appointment trying to piece together what they were saying but it's all such a blur!


hopefully the results will come through soon, the waiting is hard!



Waiting on breast biopsy results

14 Oct 2020 13:31 in response to Sandy79


The waiting definitely sucks!

All the steps you asked about are a normal part of trying to reach a diagnosis.  The clip is so that the area can be found again easily IF further treatment is needed.  

Next time you go take a notebook with you.  In the stress of it all its really easy to forget what's being said.  Gives you something to focus on to keep you "present".

Anything else I can help with please ask.


Waiting on breast biopsy results

14 Oct 2020 16:46 in response to Sandy79



Yes that is normal to have all that at 1 appoitment and i know how you feel. Last friday i had a mammogram biopsy done following a blur they found on a mammogram i had recently had. They said results could be 1-2 weeks and could be phone call or letter with an appointment.


Its the not knowing that is doing my head in. My husband came with me for the biopsy and will definitely be taking him for results.


Take care x




Waiting on breast biopsy results

14 Oct 2020 22:32 in response to Moonpuddle

Thank you. Good to know that what I went through is normal! 


Waiting on breast biopsy results

14 Oct 2020 22:36 in response to CS123

Good that you got to have your husband with you. Our hospital were really strict. Not allowed inside the hospital at all unless you provide proof of an appointment.


They told me that they would call when results were available. If it is clear I would be told over the phone, otherwise they would ask me to come in.


waiting is so hard!


I hope you get your results soon and that they are positive.



Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Oct 2020 22:00 in response to Sandy79

Hi I have no answers but find myself in a similar position!!!

I am 43 and found a lump 3 weeks ago. I waited till my period finished and when it was still there saw GP where I was referred to breast clinic 

honestlt thought I was wasting everyone's time but went along on my own and low and behold following mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy went back in to see the original doctor who just says I'm worried we will have your results back before MDT on Friday where we will discuss your case and get you back in Monday or Tuesday next week. Try to keep busy and get on with your days etc but please bring someone with you next time !!!!

now I'm convinced I've got breast cancer and that he was preparing me for bad news 

hoping I get a call tomorrow with a follow up apppintment for next week! Kicking myself I didn't ask any questions I just left totally shocked as my sister has just finished treatment and other than her no family history!!!! This surely can't be happening 

sorry for the rant but thanks for reading x

Waiting on breast biopsy results

15 Oct 2020 23:13 in response to ekb2003

I'm so sorry to hear this. The waiting is so stressful and even more so if they have said things that make you think it could be bad news. I really hope you get some positive news tomorrow. Good luck and let me know how you get on.


I called my hospital today, the waiting got too much. They said they couldn't tell me anything. Only that if they need to see me again they will contact within 2 weeks. Otherwise results will be sent in the post within 6-8 weeks. It will be 2 weeks on Tuesday.


keeping fingers crossed for you xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

16 Oct 2020 02:26 in response to Sandy79

Sandy this waiting is just torture isn't it !!!!

Praying for good news for us both x 

Waiting on breast biopsy results

16 Oct 2020 10:10 in response to Sandy79

Hi it is very worrying I had my  core needle biopsy on monday now waiting on results I'm just trying to keep busy each day it's such a shock hoping everyone's results come back very soon and its good news my lump was graded 3 out of 5 what ever that means I'm at the mind now i cant change it and will have to deal with it if there is anything sending positive vibes to all of you 

Waiting on breast biopsy results

16 Oct 2020 10:42 in response to SusanR

Keeping fingers crossed for you. 

I didn't get told anything about grade, in fact they didn't say a lot at all! 

hope you get some answers soon xx

Waiting on breast biopsy results

16 Oct 2020 15:35 in response to Sandy79

I have my core biopsy on Tuesday and like everyone else completely shocked as went to the doctors with pain in my left breast referred to breast clinic as a general referral. Checked by consultant who was up beat as no swelling, lumps dimples so said as I hadn't had a mammogram before they would send me for one but said would be just routine and called me back in as found Calcifications on my right breast where I've had no pain. I know you are told not to google but I couldn't help it and everyone whose posted said no cluster Calcifications have come back benign. I am terrified and can't sleep. My dad is already dealing with stage 4 cancer and I was with him when he was told. Trying to act normal in front of the kids but I don't know how I am going to deal with the waiting and I haven't even had the biopsy and my anxiety is through the roof!

Waiting on breast biopsy results

17 Oct 2020 10:16 in response to cal48

Sorry to hear what you are going through. I know it's hard but try not to worry. Keeping everything crossed for you for Tuesday. 


Waiting on breast biopsy results

17 Oct 2020 14:23 in response to Sandy79

I have just received an appointment to go and see the consultant and I haven't even had my biopsy yet so this has terrified me that they already know it's cancerous 

Waiting on breast biopsy results

17 Oct 2020 15:25 in response to cal48


To everyone on this thread waiting on results.  I know it's scary but I'm going to say one thing.   Even if it is cancer it is better to have found it now rather than in five years time.  There's many of us on here with breast cancer, going to work, raising children, doing everyday normal stuff.  I'm two years post diagnosis,  others are a lot lot longer.  Don't see it as life ending!


Waiting on breast biopsy results

17 Oct 2020 16:10 in response to Moonpuddle



Thanks for sharing this. I think as I am in the unknown scary stage that's all I can see and read so it's really good to hear a positive post


thanks x