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Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

10 Feb 2015 08:39

hi everyone, I noticed a lump on my right breast and went to breast clinic. I'm 33 so they did an ultrasound - they said there is a patchy lump about 3cm big and that 2 lymph nodes look swollen on the ultrasound (but not to touch).

I panicked and immediately assumed cancer and everyone else started talking like it's cancer too, saying stuff like 'we'll treat it' and that once the biopsy results come back I should be prepared that treatment will start quickly.

I'm in total panic mode, can't eat or sleep and feel sick constantly, I don't know how I'm going to get through until biopsy results.

I'd like to know, can they tell from an ultrasound whether it's cancer? I thought that's why you need a biopsy? I'm literally out of mind worrying about this Sad

Thanks for your help xx

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

11 Feb 2015 19:34 in response to Bethuk

Hi Beth, i'm feeling exactly the same as you at the moment Sad I'm 41, and i found a large lump in my right breast and had my breast clinic appointment today. I had a mammogram of both breasts, an ultrasound of both breast and right armpit. I aslo had a biopsy of the lump and node in the armpit. 

The waiting is torture isn't it??!!!!

I have an appointment to get the biopsy result on 23 Feb which is going to feel like forever. I have also been refered for an MRI scan because they said they couldn't measure the size of it.

I know people say most lumps are not cancerous, but it's difficult to not let your mind run riot. I have been going over and over what they said to me today, and analyzing every little sentence, tone of voice they used and their body language. 

The nurse doing the scan went to get the consultant, she then did the scan again, the nurse couldn't get the needle in the lump to get a sample, so the consultant had to do it. I  kept hearing them saying it was large and 'hard as rock'

The consultant leaned in close towards me and rubbed my arm while she said 'i'm affraid there's a lump', i felt like saying 'i know there is, that's why i'm here'. I don't know if it was her way of saying it's a cancerous lump, without actually saying it. Then the last nurse i saw just looked sad when she spoke to me, and when i got up to leave the room she also rubbed my arm and looked at me with a certain 'look'.

When are you getting your biopsy results?

I thought they could tell just from a mammogram and ultrasound scan as well, I got the feeling they knew, but didn't want to say until after the biopsy results. It's going to be a bloody horrid 2 weeks Sad

But you're not alone, i'm going through exactly the same, and i'm sure there are lots of others out there as well xx

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

12 Feb 2015 16:27 in response to traceyb

HI Beth i had my mammogram and ulta sound and biopsy monday  the lump in my right breast too the consultant said to me its highly likely its breast cancer. i have appt 23/ feb, so scared  my lump is huge i can see when i look in the mirror. people keep telling me your be fine but until they go through it they just dont know.x

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

12 Feb 2015 16:45 in response to shelles29

Shelles29 i can also see the lump. When i turn sideways and look in the mirror, my boob doesn't just fall like the other. There is a very visible bump. The nurse that i saw first in the clinic asked me to lie down for the examination, and she said straight away ' i can already see where it is without touching you'. They could also feel a swollen node in my armpit (which i can't feel). She drew a large mark on my breast around the lump.

During the ultrasound scan the consultant also called it 'a suspicious looking lump'

I'm terrified more about the size of it and how fast it has appeared than anything else. They go on about finding it early, and, women have mammograms that find lumps that they can't even feel. So if it is cancer, how long has it been there to get this big?! Cry

Have they said anything to you about an mri scan?

Fingers crossed we both have some fab news on the 23rd xx


Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

12 Feb 2015 19:07 in response to traceyb

yes they did they have to in case the cancer has not spread i hate going in them machine. good luck for your appt too, its nice to chat to some one that know how your feeling.xx

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

11 May 2015 21:04 in response to shelles29

I am also waiting bioposy results and am terrified. I'm 46 and went for a mammogram as part of a trial of women under 50 never expecting to get negative results. Was called for another mammogram, ultrasound and biopsies. Results Wednesday. What's really bothering me now is not only did they find a lump but also changes scattered throughout my breast




Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

26 May 2015 17:23 in response to zo1

Zo1, I really hope it was good news for you. I had a biopsy last Friday following a routine mammogram. I had no symptoms or felt any lumps so a complete shock to me. I go back this Friday to get my results. Feeling very anxious like all the ladies (and men) who have to go through this wait. My husband is finding it very difficult and feels so helpless. I have told him that all I need is his loving support and positivity. 

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

29 Jun 2015 02:11 in response to Janiie

I found a lump 2 weeks ago, got an appointment 3 days later and at the hospital a week after that.  Had examination, monogram, ultrasound & 3 biopsies, and have an appointment in 2 days for the results.  Have to admit that my initial concern isn’t for me but for everyone around me who I feel I am responsible for and don’t want to let them down ie my children (late teens/early 20s, who I have single parented and totally supported, included financially, for 15 years), plus my Mum (my Dad died last year after 19 years of disability following a stroke and numerous health issues).  I would also be seriously ****** off if I didn’t get to do the things I would like to do with my life without sufficient notice.    I did go on a once in a lifetime trip to China for my 50th birthday, but hope that won't be the last of its kind!



Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

16 Jul 2015 14:09 in response to Bethuk

Hi I'm Toni 50 just found lump, waiting for biopsy n yeah solo stressed! Really need some one to chat to coz those I've told are either awkward or avoiding me, I totally understand how hard it is for them, I don't even wanna talk about it. But my first mother in law found a lump and I was pregnant, by the time I gave birth she was riddled and it had gone to her brain, my age ! I just need to chat x

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

16 Jul 2015 18:34 in response to Whitie

Hi Toni, welcome to the site but sorry to hear that you have found a lump. I totally understand you being so stressed about it, who wouldn't be? Do you have date for the biopsy yet? Waiting for tests, and then the results is just hell and there's no easy way to get through it other than to try and distract yourself with good things, see friends, go out in the sunshine, watch movies, whatever will help you best. Having a good rant on here is good too so do come back any time. We have all been through it one way or another and understand how you're feeling. I kept everything to myself until after the diagnosis and in hindsight this was not a good idea so if you can talk to friends and family about your worries then please try. Look after yourself. Take care  Sue x


Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

30 Jul 2015 19:54 in response to Whitie

Hi Toni so sorry to hear you found a lump , and worried , I'm 43 I found a lump last January , so scary , remembering all the waiting around for results , and never forget the day they told me I had grade 3 aggressive Breast cancer , big shock , but I got through it the lumpectomy , chemo , radio , smiling and being strong all the way through , I've had the all clear had my one year on check all well , here to chat if need , take care , Ali xx

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

4 Aug 2015 12:09 in response to Poppybob

Thank you for the above comment. I am waiting for the results of my biopsy. They have told me they are fairly certain it is malignant and pretty advanced but reading your comments has given me hope that i will get through it. Fingers crossed! 


Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

4 Aug 2015 13:08 in response to flora

It's such a scary time having tests and being diagnosed, arguably the worst part.

I have just finished treatment and can look back and say while it was tough we can get through these things that are thrown at us xx

Good luck xx

Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

6 Sep 2015 08:51 in response to Poppybob

Hi , I'm 43 and am waiting results of biopsy also. Absolutely petrified . Ultrasound nurse said big black uneven shadow was 2cm but that my lymph look ok. Nurse then said my mamma showed "worrying" results then said see you in 2 weeks. I know it's going to be cancer so will face whatever comes but so worried its spread etc the waiting is just awful and I keep looking at my hubby and kids and imagining them without me,,,, stupid because this little ****** is not going to get me ......rant over phew x


Waiting for breast biopsy, out of my mind with worry

22 Oct 2015 21:07 in response to scaredymummy

Hello all, not sure if this is still active but here's hoping. I have just come from an ultrasound and mammogram during which the doctor spotted something on the screen and did a biopsy there and then. The consultant had seemed so relaxed about my mammogram and what seemed like a 'ridge' rather than a lump that it has all come as a horrible shock. I was expecting to be told the ultrasound was all clear and now face a week wait until I go to get the results next Thursday. I alter rate between feeling calm and then feeling total panic. It all seems really unbelievable. I'm 35 and have no family history - a biopsy wasn't something I ever expected to have.