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Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

21 Oct 2019 23:01

Hi everyone, this is my first time messenging on something like this and was really hoping that some lovely people could give me some advice xx

I found a breast lump at the end of Aug this year and was sent a letter for a mammogram and a ct at the hospital after my lump had been checked. Once there and after the ct scan the lady said she needed to do a biopsy on my lump and my lymph nodes, this petrified me as I wasn't expecting it. It got me thinking did she see something on the ct scan that she thought was suspicious??

After the biopsy was taken she told me it would be 2 weeks for results. 

I'm freaking out everyday as I have 3 children, I'm a single parent and I don't have any family to turn to. 

It's been 4 working days since my biopsy and I just want to know the results and all professionals are telling me they will Contact me when they have them. 

Surely if I have breast cancer they will let me know as soon as possible. I welcome any advice pls xxx

Thank u in advance for reading my scattiness x

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

21 Oct 2019 23:26 in response to Dorydaydream1981

Hi there ...

I know how scary it all is, lots of us have had to wait for those two week results .. but please don't panic ..  they do those three tests as normal .. it's usually mamorgram,  then scan, then biopsy,  then two week wait ..  

You know 8.5 out of ten lumps are benign... I've had 5 call backs from mamorgrams over the years and the first 4 were all o.k .. only the 5th one was cancer ... so the odds were the 5th one would be .. unfortunately there's no quick way round .. so keep as busy as possible... which with 3 children you must be busy anyway ...  but deep breaths now ..

Let us know how you go ..  fingers crossed for a good result ...  Chrissie x

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

21 Oct 2019 23:38 in response to Chriss

Hey lovely, 

Thank u so much for ur reply, wow bless ur heart, I really hope u r OK, I'm so sorry to hear that the 5th wasn't good x thank u for the advice, just feels such a long time to wait x

Yes I'm always crazy busy as I work full time and my children are aged 16, 10 and 2 and a half so with everything I generally don't always think about it, however there are the times when it just hits me and I'm anxious all over again x 

Do u mind me asking how long it took for them to tell u the results of ur 5th call back? 

Thank u so much for ur kind words it really means a lot xxx 

Lots of hugs to u 

Tasha xxxx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

21 Oct 2019 23:39 in response to Dorydaydream1981

Hello Dorydaydream (love that username)

sorry to read you are in a horrible waiting position! I’m no use with advice as to what you can expect but I’m currently in the same waiting game as you.  Although I’m lucky I have an appointment date but these days counting down to it are unbearable!! 

I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to join this chat to see what information you receive from people in the know. 

I found a lump over a week ago and I also have dark brown discharge coming out that left breast nipple. I got an appointment at the breast surgery clinic within a week of seeing my doctor. The consultant seemed confident that it wasn’t anything to worry about but sent me for an ultrasound to be sure. When the Sonographer did the ultrasound she said she wanted to take cells from the lump but had more concern for a mass with a solid lump in a different area not to far from the first lump. She said she didn’t like the look of it and she took a biopsy from that area there and then. She then said she might see me the following week for a mammogram once the results are back. 

I was given an appointment to return the same day the following week...that’ll be this Wednesday. 

I’m 38 which I’m guessing from your username that you are too. I’m feeling numb as I am getting married on December 14th and we have two young kids. 

I’m sure it’ll all be ok but the NOT knowing has put me in a numb state of mind. So I feel your pain and I have everything crossed for you and hope you don’t have to wait long to get answers. 

Sending positive vibes your way and I hope you have good friends around you who are supporting you. X


Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

22 Oct 2019 00:00 in response to nads38

Awwww bless ur heart, I really hope that everything is OK with u hun xx I feel that when I talk to the professionals they r all so vague which doesn't feel me with hope, they just tell me that I have to wait until someone contacts me and that at this stage they wouldn't like to make a judgement until they r sure. 

Just feel like I'm the circumstances we really need to know as soon as possible x

It seems like u r in the same boat as me right now, I would like to congratulate u on ur upcoming wedding and pray that everything works out for u xxx

It is such a numb feeling I completely get that hun x

Thank u for ur positive vibes im sending them right back to u to hun xxx 

Sometimes I feel really positive and other times I just want to curl up and be left alone x its so surreal xx

Big hugs to u babes xx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

22 Oct 2019 00:24 in response to Dorydaydream1981

thank you hun just hope I won’t need to tape the veil to my head!! (Sorry dark humour) 

Everything you have just said is exactly how I feel...up, down, positive and then in a dark hole!! I’m avoiding people because I don’t want to say anything until I know what’s what and it’s hard acting normal and thinking past the result day.

It is the most confusing state of mind I’ve even been in! Having kids makes it all the more difficult! I feel guilty that there’s a chance they’ll see mummy struggling and I don’t want to put any worries onto them. 

It must be 10x worst for you with 3 on your own but I bet that makes you one strong cookie  

i really really hope you’re ok hun and I’m so pleased you replied. I’m not on any social media as it drives me mental! So I’m very happy to have found this forum and I hope it helps you through this difficult time. 

I don’t know about you but I just want to know so I can get on with life whatever the outcome. It’s really the not knowing. 

This sucks!! X



Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

22 Oct 2019 00:28 in response to Chriss

I hope you’re ok Chrissie and it’s all a good out come for you? X

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

22 Oct 2019 00:36 in response to Dorydaydream1981

Hi ...

Yea I had to wait two weeks each time for all 5 results ... I was told they get everyone's results , then they have a meeting with all the oncology team, go through everyone's results, and discuss treatments where needed .. that's why it takes so long, as they can only all meet up once a week .. in my area , and I've heard others say the same in different areas ...

It's quite normal to feel scared, and want to cry or even scream ... and it can hit you out of the blue .. don't know anyone who wasn't... but you see I've learned over the two years three months sinse I was diagnosed,  everything is about waiting .. tests / results / operations / more results and treatment ... but we never gets easier ... 

On a positive note, I started on here like you scared silly .. and there were about 7 of us breast lasses started on here the same time as me .. and you know we've not lost one yet .. and one lass has just had a baby boy after she finished her treatment... l know we seem to hear the sad story's on t.v , but loads are living after treatments .. most of those lasses I started with have gone back to there new "normal life" post cancer ...  

Well fingers crossed for both of you .. looks like you were both born the same year as my youngest son .. so I'm sending you both a big vertual hug... keep in touch and help each other through ..

Chrissie xx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

22 Oct 2019 09:30 in response to nads38

Hey lovely,

Hope ur well this morning, completely get that.... Knowing either way means we can try and move forward at the moment it's like limbo land and just a roller coaster of emotion. I'm trying hard to stay positive as I don't want my kids to see me sad either however it's hard work so can completely get where ur at right now x

My eldest daughter is aware of the situation and she is being amazing but like u I haven't told anyone either coz I don't want to scare anyone so I'm really glad I've found this forum to, it's nice to b able to talk to others like urself who gets how I feel, helps me from feeling to alone. So th ak u so much for that. 

I'm sure everything is going to work out for u and u will look as beautiful as ever on ur wedding day hun xxx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

23 Oct 2019 10:09 in response to Dorydaydream1981

Hey x

So this morning I received a letter from the hospital asking me to go in on Friday, it doesn't say why, do u think this is to get my results?

Panic has now set in, is this normal procedure to send out a letter to go and get results. 

Kind regards x

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

24 Oct 2019 08:30 in response to Dorydaydream1981

Morning hun,

thats very routine so try not to panic...easier said I know! They told me they’d never give results by letter or over the phone no matter if it’s clear. So hang in there.

Sending hugs and praying for good results xx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

24 Oct 2019 09:07 in response to nads38

Morning lovely, 

Thank u for your reply,  to say that I am in knots is a total understatement, now the time is here to find out I just don't want to know.

Tom morning I find out either way, 

How r u feeling hun xxx how did ur appointment go wasn't it yesterday xxx

Thank u for ur positivity xxx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

24 Oct 2019 09:12 in response to nads38

Hey Chriss, 

How r u hope ur well xxxx

Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

24 Oct 2019 09:25 in response to Dorydaydream1981

Hey lovely, 

I know it’s the worst feeling ever not knowing but what ever happens know you are stronger than you probably realise!!! Us mums can fight anything!!

I was hoping to get away with not saying anything till after your appointment. Sadly it wasn’t good news for me but that isn’t to say it won’t be for keep positive!!

I unfortunately have the dreaded C word and it’s in a few places around my breast. But I’m positive they’ll get rid of it all. They are being totally amazing and are going to work the treatment around our wedding. 

They can work wonders these days, so going to keep thinking that way. 

Please stay strong and I know I’m only a few written words but I’m here for you what ever the outcome. 


Waiting biopsy results for breast cancer scare x

24 Oct 2019 09:54 in response to nads38

Oh darling I'm so so sorry to hear that x 

That's what Chriss (lovely lady on here) was telling me that there is so much that they can do now x  

Ur right it's best to stay positive as hard as it is sometimes x 

I'm always here for u if u need to chat, rant or just need someone to listen hun xxx

Keep strong my lovely xxx always here for u xxx