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Vulva Cancer

24 Mar 2017 08:29

im dealing with this or I should say we are dealing with this. I have had an operation then radiotherapy now it's the after effect of all that. Plus what goes on inside your head. 

Re: Vulva Cancer

26 Mar 2017 10:05 in response to Carolw10

Hi Carol, 

Welcome to the forum. 

How are you coping with the after effects of your treatment? Dealing with the emotional and psychological aftermath of a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be just as hard as the illness itself. 

We have another new member here at Cancer Chat @Racheal ‍  who has recently been diagnosed and I wonder if it might be helpful for you both to make contact with each other. You can find her post here

Keep in touch Carol and let us know how you are getting on. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator

Re: Vulva Cancer

1 Jan 2018 23:29 in response to Carolw10

Hi Carol, I am new to the forum and posted tonight, I havent Vulva Cancer altho know someone who has been going through this, Mine is small cell vaginal cancer, a hard journey as you well know, and being rare doesnt help with no information, leaflets, etc. I wondered how you are doing? Think it not only affects our physical health but then the mental side of it all, shock etc. and trying to move forward!!! like hitting a brick wall! hope your hospital and oncology is very good. I am at a hospital in Leeds, it's purpose built and a teaching one too,very good.If you fancy a chat, I would like this. Kind Wishes. X