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Very scared

18 Mar 2023 19:07

I had a biopsy under ultrasound last week as they found a micro calcification cluster in right breast, area size 20mm. Reported M3. I am freaking out as I have a 1 year old and 4 year old and so scared of anything happening to me. I don't get the results for another 6 days, and I have so many questions. Does know if this area is large for a cluster and if that indicates anything? I can't find anything online. Apparently it's in a milk duct, but milk ducts are not that large so now freaking out that it's spread outside of cancerous. 

Any information anyone has would be gratefully received. 

Very scared

18 Mar 2023 20:37 in response to hjpeet

Hi hjpeet, sorry to hear you're going through all this worry. Waiting for results is just awful. I had a biopsy for a cluster of micro calcifications mid-February. I was told at the time that the cells were suspicious (M4). My cluster is just over 20mm and was confirmed as cancer (invasive ductal) but the consultant considers it very treatable and curable (my biopsy was tested for other features such as oestrogen receptors). I am having a lumpectomy next week and they will remove a couple of sentinel nodes to check. Hopefully your biopsy will return nothing sinister. Best of luck with it. 

Very scared

18 Mar 2023 20:41 in response to Case4

Thank you so much, good luck with your lumpectomy and I am keeping everything crossed for you too. 

Very scared

18 Mar 2023 20:54 in response to hjpeet

Thank you! My mum had the same thing, similar size, 20-odd years ago and is now in her 80s. I'm a fair bit younger than she was at diagnosis but seeing her now fighting fit is very encouraging! 

Very scared

19 Mar 2023 17:32 in response to hjpeet

Hi hjpeet, sorry to read your post. This may be useful:

Mammogram results may be described as:

M1: normal breast tissue 

M2: benign (not cancer) 

M3: uncertain but probably benign 

M4: suspicious and possibly cancer 

M5: cancer

I was told at my BU appointment that my lump looked and felt suspicious and I had biopsies. But when I got a copy of the consultant's letter to my GP a few days later it said M5 (from mammogram) and U5 (from ultrasound), so I knew then what I could expect from the biopsy results. Yours sounds much more hopeful, and I don't think it would have spread if it is a cancer as they would probably have been able to see this from the mammogram or ultrasound. I do hope it turns out to be benign. I have had chemo, which was really not awful, and it seems to have reduced the lump to nothing, so very treatable and hopefully curable. If you feel anxious, try to keep busy/distracted, best thing would be a nice walk outdoors to boost your endorphins and help you relax and sleep better. Saying a prayer for you. Do let us know how you get on and we're all here for you anytime xx

Very scared

19 Mar 2023 20:20 in response to Amy321

Hello Amy321,

I am so so thankful for your post and so sorry to hear what happened, but amazing to hear how well your chemo has worked. Your positivity has made me feel so much better, I am wishing you all the success and will be praying for you too. i have a consultant appointment tomorrow to explain a bit more, then biopsy results on Thursday, I am hoping I might be able to get them from the GP sooner, if that's even possible. I'll keep you posted

Very scared

19 Mar 2023 20:22 in response to Case4

Wow your mum is amazing that gives me hope, thank you so much for sharing. 

Very scared

20 Mar 2023 21:45 in response to hjpeet

Hi HJ, I was wondering how your appointment with the consultant went today. I hope you are ok. Amy x

Very scared

20 Mar 2023 22:00 in response to Amy321

Hey Amy321, thank you so much for seeing how i am. I was terrified meeting the consultant this morning (he managed to get the biopsy results ahead of my nhs appt) but so lucky to be told that my cluster is benign. Apparently, it's very normal when breastfeeding, but I hadn't been told that, much to the disbelief of my consultant. This has been the biggest wake up call of my life. I wish I could describe how thankful I am for your message. I hope you are ok xxx

Very scared

20 Mar 2023 22:36 in response to hjpeet

That's brilliant news! You must be so relieved and I am very, very happy for you and for your partner and little ones. Stay vigilant for any changes, but I know it's hard if you're pre-menopausal or breastfeeding. I'm gearing up for surgery on Thursday, but I feel fine about it, totally at peace, thank God! You take good care and all the very best. Amy xx

Very scared

21 Mar 2023 14:34 in response to hjpeet

Great news! What a relief - you can go back to enjoying your children stress-free now! 

Very scared

22 Mar 2023 22:02 in response to Case4

Thank you so much and good luck with your lumpectomy, I am keeping everything crossed for you, sending you love and strength.