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Very anxious

2 Jan 2018 17:47

Hello All

I have been experiencing a sensitive/painful nipple for a week or more.  I have since had a severe itch sensation and have tried treating with diprobase

please may I add I have done very well at not itching most times... this itch has come with blisters/liquid filled small ‘bubbles’ all around the nipple to where it has come up with blood dots...?...

no idea what’s going on 

struggling to get a docs appointment let alone finding time off right now


its my right nipple and just need reassurance it is all ok


i started to get the scare that just before this happened I had a lymph node swollen in my right armpit that has now gone ... was it fighting some random infection? 


Any suggestions or or advice is much appreciated! Worried it could be pagets 


many thanks 

Re: Very anxious

3 Jan 2018 11:42 in response to Rebecca19

Hello Rebecca. I am sorry you are worrying so much.  You really do need to set your mind at rest by getting an appointment with your GP.  The thing is nobody reading your post here is a doctor and even a doctor would need to see the problem you are describing and maybe run some tests to eliminate or confirm what is happening.  I know from my own area that appointments can be hard to come by but tell the receptionist how worried you are.  In my area sometimes you have to speak on the phone with the doctor first of all and then - again in my experience - they will give you an appointment the same day if they think they need to take a look at it.  Again, this doesn't necessarily mean anything sinister - the doctor is just being thorough.  Apart from anything else the itch you describe sounds uncomfortable so don't delay.  Others more knowledgeable than myself will probably comment but I think that the general consensus will be to see your GP so I thought I would give you this response.  Best wishes.