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VATS surgery

15 Jan 2018 21:25

5 weeks ago I underwent VATS surgery to remove a small lung carcinoid. No follow up treatment is necessary (thank goodness!) I was told that I would be able to resume my 'regular  schedule' 48 hours after the surgery! Well, that hasn't happened! I work in an elementary school, as well as teach workout classes. I haven't been back to either! I still have back pain in and around the incisions, and 3 days ago developed an agonizing pain in my left pectoral muscle! For some reason, it hurts most if I lie on my right side!! Taking a deep breath is also quite painful! I understand that the surgeon had to cut thorugh muscle and nerves, as well as separate ribs, and that the healing process can take some time, but I assumed the pain would subside by now, especially since I was in great shape before the surgery. My skin and ribs are super sensitive, and even wearing an oversized t-shirt, without a bra, is very uncomfortable. 

I've read in other posts here that some of you had this surgery years ago, and are still dealing with the aftermath. Is there anyone out there who has a more positive story, or are we all doomed to face the rest of our lives in pain?!

Thank you for reading this and responding.

Re: VATS surgery

16 Jan 2018 00:00 in response to arjonj

Hi arjonj. Welcome to our forum. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having.  

It seems to me that doctors really don't have a clue about how long people take to recover from surgery, and tend to minimise the possible problems. Five weeks still seems a short time to recover from such major surgery.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to say: My father had a lung lobectomy many many many years ago, and from time to time had pain around the wound area, even though it had long healed.  He found acupuncture useful for controlling the pain. You miay find that a few treatments from a reputable acupuncturist helpful in controlling the pain.