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Vaginal cancer

15 Jun 2021 21:26

Hi all, this is my first time. I have been monitoring a lump just inside the vagina opening, I can sometimes feel it pop out and I can put it back in, wasn't painful to start with but now I can't even use water down below without nearly crying, I am struggling so much with my urethra constantly peeing even though my bladder isn't full enough, constant itch no creams are getting rid of feels like something is biting me, I can't have intercourse far to painful and I bleed afterwards not straight away though but within couple hours, I bleed in between cycles mainly just fine streaks of blood in my urine or watery discharge, it's just become so horribly inflamed but the doctors just keep putting me on antibiotics that aren't working for any of my symptoms it's been 9 months now and nothing is working. But there refusing the smear because I'm not 25 for another 2 months.

Vaginal cancer

16 Jun 2021 14:48 in response to MegLou

Hi MegLou

It sounds like you’ve been having a horrible time with some nasty symptoms. If I were you, I would go back to the doctor and ask to referred to a specialist as the antibiotics have not worked. I don’t think a smear test is the way to go-not going by the symptoms you describe, and because a smear test doesn’t diagnose, but screens for HPV and possible abnormal cervical cells. but I do think you need to get your doctor to take some further action. Vaginal cancer would be highly unlikely at your age-the risk of this cancer increases with age-but clearly there is something amiss-hopefully much less serious than any cancer diagnosis. Has your doctor examined the lump? Could it be a cyst? Please go back and ask for some further testing/examinations. xx