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Update from my official "you have cancer" meeting.

16 May 2018 15:19

My tumour is 3.5cm, stage 2, ER+, PR+, but HER- (yay).  They were mentioning lumpectomies and stuff but I know that given the size it's really going to be a mastectomy unless I strongly fight for breast conserving surgery (I won't).  Definitely surgery, definitely chemo, but still to decide what surgery and whether there will be any radiotherapy (for us that's a big deal as we have to fly over to Southampton, it's an overnight stay etc.)  It's an 'average' cancer and they can do a lot of types of chemo here in Jersey so I'm figuring my chemo will at least be here, that will make starting my new job much easier.  I have 4 scans lined up, first is tomorrow (CT with contrast for chest/abdo/pelvis).  They were annoyed that I had actually been sent this appointment before 'officially' being told I have cancer and that it has spread, basically because the appointment gives that all away!  My MDT team was meeting this morning for the first time (re. me anyway, not others obviously).

They also want to MRI my chest, and do a full-body MRI and CT scan (presumably without contrast, don't know yet).  I flagged up that I have a lesion in my pons (discovered last summer) that was assumed at the time to be related to hemiplegic migraines because cancer wasn't in the picture back then, but given that breast cancer is one that can travel to the brain they are going to have another look at that.  I don't imagine it can be biopsied given the location so presumably a more detailed scan to see if it has changed at all, if not then all should be well and it should just be a migraine thing.

They are slightly concerned about my other breast following the mammogram, but didn't biopsy it at the time, so they have mentioned probably rescanning and having another look at it then maybe a biopsy there too.

In other news, the young man (doctor) told me I have "very youthful breasts" and "not enough fat on me to even reconstruct one breast never mind two", so it was a morning of compliments 

That's all I know for the moment other than I know have an allocated nurse.  Boy was it exhausting yesterday having to tell everyone!!!!  Still in bed now but about to get up and go see the world.

Hope everyone is well today Happy


Re: Update from my official "you have cancer" meeting.

16 May 2018 15:40 in response to TwinTwo

Hi twin towers ... boy you have lots going on ... it's amazing what we can go through ... years ago , pre cancer I'd have doubted any one could come through this journey but just look how many are doing just that ... so let's hope your other tests have a good outcome ... really proud of you ... Chrissie x

Re: Update from my official "you have cancer" meeting.

16 May 2018 15:59 in response to Chriss

Cheers Chrissie,

My mum's been through it twice which makes it impossible to see it as a death sentence or anything as bad as people generally feel about breast cancer.  I know it will be a hard trek through treatment but I've got amazing friends in Jersey (some of us used to work in HR at the hospital together so we know which doctors/nurses to avoid Laugh  and which to request).  Some are self-employed and live near the hospital so I'll not be short of visitors.  Much as I love my husband I'm keen to not have him spend too much time around the hospital, his depression isn't great at the moment and he very much absorbs other people's emotions and pain so I'm finding things for him to do that keep him socialising, being productive, creative and help overall with our homelife.  Even just seeing someone who looks very ill really gets him down for a good while so I might have to sew him some kind of cloak that means he can walk through the hospital without seeing anyone until he gets to me!

I got him a 3D printer kit and a new laptop, the laptop has arrived and the kit will be with us shortly so he will be happily preoccupied building that with me, then I've got all sorts of things he can print Laugh  Of course he's all "I want to be involved as much as possible" but realistically it isn't the best thing for him so I'm keen to keep his spirits up as much as possible so he can keep me laughing (which he does every day).

I'll fly some of my family over from time to time too as I realise it's hard on them not being here, but it's expensive for my sisters to come over to Jersey.

And hey, once I'm back to full health if anyone on here wants a cheap visit to the sunshine island to get a break from the UK (when they're well enough obviously) then happy to help.  A break can be sooooo useful.


Re: Update from my official "you have cancer" meeting.

16 May 2018 16:34 in response to TwinTwo

Well bless him ... if l could pick one thing in a hubby, it would be the ability to make me laugh ...  the rest will take care of its self ...  so you hang on in there ... and agree this is an amazing place to feel connected to others who actually know what it's like ... take care Chrissie x