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Unsure of my symptoms - cervical cancer

21 Jul 2019 15:03

hi all,

this is my first time posting, I’ve been reading around the forum for a while.

ive had some symptoms recently that I never even considered could be cervical cancer, but after doing some research I’ve become a bit worried.

im 22, on the contraceptive implant but had been on the pill beforehand. I had the hpv vaccination during secondary school.

ive been having some troubling symptoms, a rotten, foul smell from my vagina for a couple of months now, with random spotting blood (watery). I used a tampon in the beginning as I thought it was my period starting (I don’t get my period on the implant though) and after pulling it out (tmi) the smell was putrid. I can smell it through my jeans and no matter how many times I clean up it returns within an hour.

i thought I may have bv a month or two ago but after using I’ve the counter gels it didn’t go away. I started out having some itching when I first noticed the smell but that’s long gone. 

sex with my partner has become a bit achy, and uncomfortable at times.

i have an appointment on Tuesday to get some swabs done. In the meantime I’m starting to worry, does this sound like early symptoms?

thanks everyone

Unsure of my symptoms - cervical cancer

23 Jul 2019 09:13 in response to Worried-anon

Hello and thanks for your post

It can be worrying if you have symptoms that are bothering you.

I can't say what may be causing your symptoms, but it would be unlikely for this to be cervical cancer, especially if you had the vaccination against HPV.

Symptoms like this can sometimes be more likely with an infection, so it's good that you have an appointment for swabs to be taken. The doctor or nurse taking the swabs will also be able to have a look at your cervix. It can take up to a week for results to come through, so make sure you ask when you may hear the results of the swabs.

If everything is negative, but you are still getting symptoms, do make an appointment with the GP so you can also be examined,especially if this coming appointment is with a nurse.

Try and not google as it really won't be able to tell you what is causing your symptoms and will just make you very anxious.

Hopefully you will find out soon

All the best