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9 Sep 2019 11:34

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me 

My dad has been on his journey for the last two weeks now ! He’s a strong man who is fighting until the very last second. He slipped out of consciousness yesterday and it’s like he’s been in a coma the last two days. I know it is now very close to the end as he’s not responding to anyone’s touch. Does anyone have any experience of this ? 

Its strange because his heart is still beating very fast and he’s still very hot (not cooling down), so it feels like there’s still another day or two to go 


9 Sep 2019 12:03 in response to georgie21

My mum was I guess unconscious/deep sleep on the day she passed and she was boiling hot right up to about an hour before she passed.  She didn’t eat anything for the last two days. Only a sip of drink and a few spoons of ice cream the day before.  It’s really the breathing that gives you an idea how long.  Mums pulse was still strong right up to an hour before then it weakened. Mums breathing completely changed about two hours before. Long pauses. Shallow breathing. And the gurgling in the chest. 


9 Sep 2019 12:29 in response to Beach45

Hi Beach45 

Thank you for replying ! It’s horrible for us to have seen them in this way and for them to die in that way, I know my dad wouldn’t have wanted to go like this. I believe my dad might be similar to this but I guess no ones knows at the end of the day ! 


9 Sep 2019 13:40 in response to georgie21

it Is a truly difficult time.  You don’t want them in pain any more but you want to keep them with you.  Just stay by his side. Play some soft music. Hold his hand. You will know when the time is close 


11 Sep 2019 02:18 in response to georgie21


When my Dad was in his last days he started to get warm and then slightly cooler , I’d check and use the quilt to Fan his body , I’d check at night to make sure he was comfortable again not too hot or cold , I gauged his body temp with my own . When the time comes though it’s the change in breathing that I think is the indicator, shallow , calmer . 

Keep an eye on Dad , try to be with him as much as you can especially if he’s  at home so you can be there for him holding his hand , he needs to know your all around him . My mother told Dad that it was ok for him to go , after that he was gone within minutes - it must have been very difficult for my mother to say that so only say it if your prepared . 

Take care .


11 Sep 2019 09:03 in response to H3

Mums breathing pauses were getting longer and longer and I said to her “you can go mum go and have a nice sleep”. Then she took one more breath then passed.  I knew it was time to let her rest. We had all said what we needed to say. I didn’t want her to keep fighting for that last breath.  It’s a sad time. Thinking of you