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U3 Thy3f right thyroid

16 Jun 2021 09:42

I dont know from where to start Sad I am just scared. 

I lost both my parents during the last 2 years and now all this story with me. 

I am 34 I discovered my nodule 2 years ago, they ignored me after the 1st scan cause they are not converned cause lots of women have this and they live with it... 

I knew is not good it couldn't ( now that I check all the thyroid symptoms I have at least 10 from 15) 

Because they ignored and didn't really checked it enough I gone back home and done the drainage of the liquid that was in and a biopsy then came back with results and this was the moment when they decided is time to check better.  

So they asked me in on 14th May to check again moment when they did a biopsy. They told me from that moment that now is solid around it when before was full of liquid. On 24th May on my birthday they phoned me I will have a MDT meeting on 27th May. 

Hemithyroidectomy recomanded discussed and explained. 

Now ai already have a surgery day 23rd 

I have to kids too I am just afraid of the results. 

I am not afraid about any surgery but the waiting for the results are killing me Sad

Big Hug to everyone 

U3 Thy3f right thyroid

16 Jun 2021 18:30 in response to Crys24

I had thyroid cancer a year and a half ago and the first thing I am going to say is that even if you do have it (and it sounds like that is far from guaranteed), it is unlikely to be life-threatening or what you are probably imagining when you hear the word "cancer." At your (our) age, the survival rate for the most common form of thyroid cancer is over 99%, I think. And chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not normally used. So basically, if you do have thyroid cancer, they remove your thyroid and you might then have to have radio-iodine treatment, depending on how much of a risk they think there is of recurrance and that is basically that.

I had my thyroid removed in January 2020, spent a week in hospital, went back to work in February 2020 and apart from a stiff neck, felt no different than I had beforehand.

I then had radio-iodine treatment in May 2020. This is basically just a matter of taking a tablet but is kind of annoying as you have to go on a low iodine diet for two weeks beforehand - not super-strict or anything, but I am a very picky eater anyway and practically live on cheese and bread and butter, so it was annoying and then afterwards, you have to restrict contact with others for a couple of weeks. It is also a little stressful as they follow it up with a full body scan and it's hard not to think, "oh gosh, what if they find spread somewhere." They probably won't, it is relatively rare, but that isn't much of a consolation when you are awaiting the results.

However, I really felt fine pretty much all the way through, except for a couple of days after the operation when I was sick from the anaesthetic.

U3 Thy3f right thyroid

16 Jun 2021 18:37 in response to MargaretMary

Thank you so much for your time of writing me your story, I am still afraid and anxious but I hope to be good and to get good news what can I do. I can judt hope 

How long after your surgery have you had your biopsy result back? 

Take care, stay safe ❤

U3 Thy3f right thyroid

16 Jun 2021 19:13 in response to Crys24

My situation was different as they knew it was cancer before I had the operation. I had a biopsy beforehand that found clear malignancies. That took about a week to come back and about three weeks after the operation, I got the full information about how many lymph nodes it had spread to, etc.

I will say my tumor was 6.7cm (generally, over 4cm is considered the largest category and many are under 1cm, so it was BIG) and there was lymph node involvement (though not too many; 8 lymph nodes, I believe) so even if you do have thyroid cancer, it's quite likely you'll have a smaller tumor and therefore less of a risk of recurrance, etc.

I know how scary it is. I had multiple panics over the course of a year and a bit (and I'm sure I will panic again next November when I have my next ultrasound to check for recurrence). And of course, I would prefer not to have had to go through it, but really the worry was probably the worst part.

Best of luck and I hope you turn out not to have cancer. 

U3 Thy3f right thyroid

16 Jun 2021 19:19 in response to MargaretMary

Thank you so much for your support. Yes , for me they dont know yet if it is or not and I only have a nodule that now has gone solid but I hope I will be ok. 

And I wish you all the best and no recurrence