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Travel insurance Life after cancer or is it ?

5 Jul 2021 21:56

Hi everyone 

Sounds a bit feeble after what we’ve all been through but I was refused travel insurance by Tesco...have always used them in past. I’d been reassured by friends that breast cancer didn’t make a difference. But after a few invasive questions...including are you on hormone treatment lady said “Underwriter has declined your application. I was totally taken aback.....AND pretty upset . So much so I haven’t even tried another company. I finished my Radiotherapy on 7th May . I’m only planning on going to Jersey but with the high figures in Scotland may well not be allowed. Anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestions would be appreciated 

Travel insurance Life after cancer or is it ?

6 Jul 2021 12:11 in response to mrsmac77


You will find that some Travel Insurance companies are better than others when it comes to our situation. Your Stage, when diagnosed and what treatment you are on/been on all go towards their decision. It's better to look for a company that are known to be better at covering cancer patients. Macmillan have a list, I believe, but I do know that a few friends use Insurancewith or Staysure.

Good luck and I hope you have a lovely holiday

Angie x

Travel insurance Life after cancer or is it ?

6 Jul 2021 22:20 in response to AngieT

Hi @AngieT

​​​​​​​Many thanks for your helpful reply I just found it so unfair to be dismissed so easily. My prognosis is excellent according to OncoDXtype test but didn’t even get a chance to say anything as I was left speechless and that rarely happens to me . I need to pluck up courage to try again. Doesn’t help my husband had brain surgery just over a year ago and we hadn’t even got to that Lovely speaking to you