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Travel insurance

14 Aug 2018 15:19

I am going on the work trip/holidays to Miami and need to cover 4 days of insurance. I do have cancer, however I am not on the treatment now (will be when I am back from the trip). Does anybody have any recommendation? I feel really lost in this issue.



Travel insurance

14 Aug 2018 15:43 in response to zuzanka

Hi Zuzanka

I googled quotes for travel insurance yesterday, my husband has had his treatment and is on maintenance drugs atm, we have always wanted to go to New York and I was quoted nearly 1400 sterling yesterday for a 5 night trip...or 380 sterling compared to 15 sterling if my husband didn't have cancer, if we just went to Spain for a week. It's so expensive but I wouldn't let it put you off going away..look around for the best and the most affordable. We booked our holidays, yes the insurance was expensive but you still have to enjoy life. 


Good luck x


Travel insurance

14 Aug 2018 18:18 in response to fussy01

Hi Stef,


I have just googled and want to cry now - if the want to cover me (quite a lot just refuse), it starts at £1600. I am curious if I manage to find some cancer exclusion, it should be cheaper then.

Honestly, I have cancer, it has spread to some of my lymph nodes but I am sure, I am more fit than the people in the insurance company Silly



Travel insurance

14 Aug 2018 19:34 in response to zuzanka

We bank with Barclays and have a travel package attached to our account. It costs £10.50 a month. For this we get world wide travel insurance upto age 80 (very important for us as we are 70 and 73) and breakdown cover in UK and Europe.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last November I notified them and the diagnosis was accepted without any loading. We also had to cancel a holiday because of treatment and this was dealt with efficiently without any fuss and monies refunded immediately without any need to send paperwork or doctors letters. They were superb and I applaud them for that at what is a difficult time without the added stress of dealing with insurance claims.

You don't need to do your regular banking with them either. Some friends of ours have just set up an account specifically to use this package. Not because of medical issues, simply because of age. As long as there is enough money to cover the £10.50 a month then this is all you need. It only took them a few days to set it all up as well

The banks get a lot of bad press at the moment but I have to say a huge thank you to Barclays.


Travel insurance

22 Aug 2018 15:26 in response to zuzanka


Hi Zusanka

We use Stay Sure Insurance and take out an annual policy with them. Both of us have additional medical problems, so this makes it difficult to get cover anywhere.

Stay Sure charge us less for annual cover than many other quotations for a single journey. The only problem is that they won't cover Aerica.

Have you looked at the Cancer Research guidelines on travel cover? You might find a company there that will cover you.

I am sure that there are many people on this site who have managed to get cover for the USA. It would be great if some of you could come forward with the names of some companies you've used.

I hope that you eventually manage to find something suitable.

Kind Regards,

Jolamine xx

Travel insurance

22 Aug 2018 18:50 in response to Jolamine

Hi. I've done Turkey for a week with all clear travel insurance for just over 60 and that included my partner and daughter. I've also arranged two weeks in Egypt cover from them for another trip which was 75

Travel insurance

2 Oct 2018 17:37 in response to Cornishpastie

Hi all,

thanks for the suggestions! I chose insurancewith - it was about 25times cheaper than some other insurance packages I had found.

I may try to choose some annual insurance when I know what happens next (after my next scan), so new search! Happy