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Tonsil cancer - struggling post treatment

15 Oct 2021 22:24


Well I'm 3 weeks post radiotherapy and chemo

I am really struggling I never realised how bad the treatment would be

My mouth tastes of salt continuously and I spit up thick mucus a lot of the time

I have a rig fitted but I so wished I could have something proper anything even soup 

But all I managed is water sips of

I wonder if any one knows how long this goes on for

Thank you


Tonsil cancer - struggling post treatment

16 Oct 2021 13:37 in response to Carol1604

Hello Carol1604

I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling with the post-treatment side effects of tonsil cancer. I know from the posts that I've read here over the years how harsh the treatment can be and many members have shared their stories.

I'd suggest having a look at this thread started by @Anchor1707 ‍ as well as checking out @RadioactiveRaz ‍ 's profile. Both these members have been through treatment for oral cancers and have shared lots of information as well as links to personal blogs on the thread I've linked above. I'm sure that if you posted a message on that active thread that other community members who have been through this treatment will reply. 

It is still early days in your recovery. It's a tough time but I know that the others who have posted here in the community would say that you will get through this. Just take things a day at a time. 

Keep in touch Carol. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator 

Tonsil cancer - struggling post treatment

17 Oct 2021 18:16 in response to Carol1604

Hi Carol. I'm 3 years post radiotherapy for tonsil cancer with several affected lymph nodes. My blog might help. I had n g tube snd it was towards end of week 3 I started eating bits but relied on ensures for at least 8 eeeks for most if my calories. The mucus for me around week 9 ivwas having 3 litres of water every day still drink 2 litres. 
for a goid whije food was fuel there was no pleasure in eating it was a case if getting 2500 calories down any way I coujd. It does improve I finished 31 august n by Christmas day managed a small dinner. 
Hazel x