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Tonsil cancer

29 Nov 2021 08:11

Hi I can't believe I'm actually on here writting this and don't really know where to start 

I found lumps in my neck a few months ago I didn't bother  going doctors as thought it was nothing but then I notice a sore throat and the Continuous feeling I had something stuck in my throat so to cut a long story short after CT. MRI and PET scan and biopsy's it was confirmed I have cancer 

I was due to have tonsils out Friday 26th Nov but due to an emergency in the department it got  cancelled so now I'm going on Wednesday obviously im really nervous as they told me that the older you are  the more painful it is after the operation but having said that I would rather get the cancer removed they have also told me that while  under I will checked to see  if the cancer as spread onto my tongue and other place 

after reading all the tonsils cancer forum I'm bricking it

My Surgeon as said after my operation we will discuss any further treatment I really don't know what this involves so any advice please I would really appreciated it  thank you

Tonsil cancer

29 Nov 2021 13:33 in response to Kemp123

Hiya, I had a tonsillectomy aged 32ish after having at least 60 episodes of tonsillitis/ throat infections over the years.

Surgery in my case went really well. I was a little sore afterwards but I was eating toast straight away. Swallowing was a little painful for a week. But just try and eat and drink regularly. 

You will have a pre assessment before hand. Write down any questions you may have and ask them at the pre assessment. You should see a consultant / surgeon before your operation you could also ask them too.
I presume they will take your tonsils to be screened and graded before they can tell you anything regarding treatment plan. They also might do biopsy on others areas like your tongue if they suspect anything.

Results take 2weeks ish. They often discuss your results in a MDT meeting and decide what's the best treatment plan.  
Lots of different treatment plans . Wouldn't look to much into things till you know what grade cancer type it is. 

Best of luck with everything.

After surgery don't forget to Keep drinking fluids and eating little and often   

much love 

Efffie x

Tonsil cancer

29 Nov 2021 14:44 in response to Efffie

Thankyou and yes they said going to do biopsy on tonsils when out

it's just scarey when reading stories of people going througb the same or worse 

they did say they would know what treatment after operation

i Need to stop reading but it's so hard when your mind is in overtime but thank again x

Tonsil cancer

29 Nov 2021 14:51 in response to Kemp123

Hi again. Ive been googling all sorts. 

Try to stay positive- hard to do. 
im having chemotherapy for breast cancer -the oncologist said have you had a read about chemotherapy side effects?? I was like Yeah but it's all bad news so I stopped reading after page one. Sometimes too much information is bad. 
I was pooping my pants over chemo. I've had one lot and it's not been anywhere near as bad as I thought. Only early days i know.

take each day as it comes. Set little goals . Even having shower and getting ready is good. 
keep us posted with your journey

Efffie x 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 14:37 in response to Kemp123

Oh bless you x so hard xx try to stay positive


do you know how long it takes from telling you to either surgery or starting any treatment ...I have mri this thurs  & ct next tue xx did biopsy last Friday xx 


Kate x



Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 14:40 in response to Kemp123

Sending positive vibes hope you're ok love xxx 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 14:42 in response to Murph81

Altogether from start to finish it took 2 weeks from CT MRI and PET scans plus 2 biopsy then was told I had cancer and would need operation to taken them out unfortunately I was due for op Friday but got cancelled so now going tomorrow where I hopefully should know if it is anywhere else fingers crossed for tomorrow 



Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 14:44 in response to Murph81

And you it was a tuff 2 weeks xxx 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 14:47 in response to Kemp123

Aww I truly hope all ok !!! So two weeks after your ct etc the booked surgery ?! 

was it in your neck nodes ? Xx 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 14:53 in response to Murph81

After all the test which basically took just over a week time they fitted everything in I was told on the 22nd I had cancer then I was booked in for surgery on the 26th which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to an emergency so now I'm going in tomorrow instead so really quick which is amazing but scarey 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 15:19 in response to Kemp123

Oh my gosh that is incredibly quick xx 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 15:21 in response to Kemp123

Is it in your ne k nodes if you don't mind me asking ...I think it is in mine as huge lump on my left side x 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 15:30 in response to Murph81

I know it sounds really silly but they found 7/8 lumps in my neck I could only feel one but I didn't think to ask if it had gone to my lymph nodes but I'm sure they would have said as he said they found 2 shadows on my lungs but he isn't concerned about that mines on the left aswell and yes it's all very quick x

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 15:34 in response to Kemp123

Well just keep strong !!! I'm rooting for you !!! 

doesnt  sound silly at all , Head goes on a spin xxx 

Tonsil cancer

30 Nov 2021 15:38 in response to Murph81

What symptoms have you got ? 
My lumps started about May