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Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 Mar 2019 06:52 in response to BengalKitty

I stand corrected..     

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 Mar 2019 08:38 in response to BengalKitty

Omg bet they are even more revolting than the banana or vanilla or chocolate ones. Shudder

the thought I lived on these for 45 days 

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 Mar 2019 14:48 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Oh I shudder at the thought ugh!

They sent me home with a big bag of bannana, vanilla plus same in powder form and wee bottles of ensure compact.

I tried the coffee one in hospital as I love coffee. Wrong!! most revolting stuff ever.

Ive only lost 4.5lbs last week so I don`t know why they were so weight obssesed. They were showing my food tray to charge nurse, that really annoyed me. As I said I will eat better when I get my appetite back, I like my food and goodies.

I tried adding real bannana in the nutri bullet my daughter has loaned me, nope still tasted of chemicals to me.

I am dreaming of Paella and a cold Sangria Happy Oh yes and Churros. Now Im crying in my soup.

Take care speak soon. xxx

PS We have flipping snow!!!


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 Mar 2019 15:14 in response to clara56


the onky way I couldn’t get the ensures down little,tip,is to,dilute with bottled water ,added bonus is you are increasing hydration. Likewise the coffee  toffee and chocolate ones all revolted me .imcould just about do vanilla banana and strawberry especially when dilute. I too have a nutri bucket but everything tasted like chemicals have brought it out tomspain with me must try and use it,

paelle still a ni ni then ruce justbsticks in mynthroat can manage 2 churros as long a season I have chocolate sauce ,then the rest have gone cold so,end up bumming them .managage Gaelic cold potatoes today and battered prawns , but most meats are still sticking indream if yiu remains lamb s gambolling in way to my plate sorry all u vegetarians but I live a lamb chop .

alchol doubt if any will ever enter my mouth again last drink was a g n t out here last April thunk I have lost the urge to drink I haven’t been a big drinker for nearly 10 years and before then was onky odd glass of red wine or g n t. 

Onward n upward doe yiu keep taking the ensures I along with anchor 1707 called them bush tucker trials like I’m a celebrity get me out of here. 

H x

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 Mar 2019 15:19 in response to clara56

Sorry re snow we have 25 degrees gentle breeze. Is it Glasgow where u are sorry if u am totally wrong 

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 Mar 2019 17:45 in response to BengalKitty

cluck me Kitty!!  your a laugh!!! just  put me off chicken soup you av! xo

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

15 Mar 2019 14:19 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel.

No Im quite a distance from Glasgow. I had my surgery there as they have a dedicated centre for H&N cancer. But its quite scarey when in there you meet folks still fighting this 3rd time round. To be honest I couldnt go there. The surgery is brutal.

Two weeks till I get pathology results. Dreading that.

Bush Tucker Trials is an excellent description. I never want to have a nasogastric tube ever again!

Speak soon take care xxx


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

15 Mar 2019 16:14 in response to clara56

Dear Clara hope you are a bit better than you have been..I havent been intouch because I thought maybe I should just give you your own time to get your head around what you have just gone through...I just want you to know I think about you every day hoping that you are a wee bit stronger...your friend Dee xo 

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

15 Mar 2019 16:20 in response to clara56


Hi Clara,
I'm glad that your surgery is behind you now. It cetainly isn't for the faint hearted. Neither is the recuperation, so I hope that you are doing well.

Two weeks must seem like forever to get your pathology results. Hope they turn out well.

Kind regards,

Jlamine xx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

15 Mar 2019 18:27 in response to clara56

Hi Clara

fingers n toes crossed for you please let us know when yiu have path results back. 

Glad you like the analogy bushbtucker trials. 

Yes I don’t know how people can keepmhaving surgery but don’t think about it


take care



Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

16 Mar 2019 13:29 in response to demc

Hi Dee,

Great to hear from you!

Been a bit up and down but I am getting there. Am determined to eat food. I am a woman on a mission. Taste is very off,did you have that? I was thirsty and opened a can of cola, ugh it made my glands go crazy and was like vinegar to tongue. So many things I wasnt expecting. Some foods like beef, cheese,salt etc just dont taste right.

Took longer to get over anaesthesia than I would have thought,but I had problems with very low oxygen levels so that probably slowed things up.

I had a look in mouth with an led torch ugh not pretty! They have removed palate right up to tonsil pillar.So I have a tonsil with no arch, I was sure they had removed tonsil. Stitches in tongue and palate havent dissolved yet either,so need to use saline rinse alot more often.

I am definately stronger though not back to normal(was I ever normal Im not sure) Happy


Keep well speak soon xxx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

16 Mar 2019 13:44 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine,

You have that correct re faint hearted. I think I just switched myself off in advance,and didnt overthink things.

A young student nurse asked to watch procedure of 4 radioactive injections into tumour. Consultant gave her the job of grasping my tongue with a swab. As I was watching her face she looked ill. Afterwards she told me that Im the bravest woman she has ever met. Ha looks are deceiving! Mind you she was pulling my tongue against my teeth and it hurt,but I didnt tell her that Happy


Kindest regards & keep well xx

Forgot to say my results are 4weeks following op feels such an age,was too dopey to ask questions after op unfortunately.


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

16 Mar 2019 13:55 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel

I surely will let you know how it goes. Being the woose that I am its fingers crossed for no RT!

Read your update on your post. Two mountains!! Are you superwoman??

Photos are smashing you both look so well.

I am sure John doesnt get fed up listening to any complaints from you.He will just be happy that you are there to make any complaints Happy But you already know that.

Hair looking good too. Im going to treat myself to a salon do as well!


Take care keep well xx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

16 Mar 2019 15:18 in response to clara56


Hi Clara,

I know how it feels when it takes so long to get results. I had 2 excision biopsies for Melanoma nearly 2 weeks ago. I was told to return in 1 week to remove the stitches from my face and 4 weeks for my pathology results. When the appointments came through, i got the one for a week, but the other was for 4 months. I phoned my consultant's secretary and was told that this was the first available appointment. She said that the only way to get an earlier appointment was to phone regularly in the hope of getting a cancellation.

I went back on Monday. and, I got the same nurse who assisted at my biopsy. When I told her that I had got an appointment for 4 months instead of 4 weeks, she seemed very concerned and went off to find my plastic surgeon.


When he came in he advised me to phone his secretary again and to tell her that he had advised me to phone her again. The previous week he had asked me to photocopy a letter I had received from the dermatologist, advising that she would only look at the lesion I was referred for and no others. He has been getting a lot of requests from patients to look at other lesions and, this letter would explain why. As cancer lead for the area, it is up to him to change this process, so, he was keen to see this for himself.

I guess that he then had second thoughts, or decided that one good turn deserved another. Next thing I knew, he was on the phone to his secretary himself. When he returned, he told me that he had rushed my biopsies off to pathology as an emergency and, that the results were back. The face is completely clear and the leg looks as if it is also clear. The presentation of both had looked suspect, which is why he biopsied them and, he still had to discuss them at his MDT. He then discharged me. Hopefully, I’ll not get a recall after his MDT and, I’ve been on Cloud Nine since – it makes such a pleasant change to get some good news.

How are you coping at present? I hope that your pathology results are reassuring. Don't forget to let us know the outcome. We are always here for you.

Thinking of you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx




Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

16 Mar 2019 17:34 in response to clara56

Hi Clara.

thanks re hair didn’t want to get it chopped but agree it does look better ,itbwas just the fact that the cancer made me have it cut that I moaned about. 

Yep 2 mountains the 2 nd one included being on a blooming goat track with precipititious drops in one side I did try pullingbyhe cancer card out but got shirt shrif from John lol .am findingvthe exercise is really helping the road to recovery strange as it may seem.

sont panic if yiu have to have r t we will get you through it 

i know that John is really a guy of few words probably due to being a coal miner he finds it hard to expressing himself sometimes  

keep in touch anither 32 km today oops