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Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

11 Apr 2019 15:36 in response to Stokemale

Hi Stokemate

I think we post all over the place anyway so no worries about hijacking.

Probably there is nothing we can say that will calm things down for you. Your Doc would not have said he doubts that its anything to worry about if he thought otherwise. Its no bad thing that he decided on biopsy to back up what he thinks.Remember he sees oral stuff every working day so he knows what he is talking about Happy

Also waiting a couple of weeks for your appt would seem to indicate he doesnt see it as urgent,of course could just be a very busy dept. I was told one to two weeks but they phoned me to come back same day.

Best advice I can give you is dont jump ahead of yourself take things a step at a time. Its very early days 2weeks to biopsy then further two weeks for results of that,so you would be torturing yourself for a month.

Anything you want to ask just ask away we are here to share our experiences,much safer than Doc Google. xx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

11 Apr 2019 19:36 in response to clara56

Dear Clara    Hello how are things going for you? So long from weve spoke I pray you are a lot better than you where and able to eat...I have thought about you so very often...Best Wishes to you Clara your friend deexo

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

14 Apr 2019 00:19 in response to demc

Hi Dee.

Good to hear from you,hope you are well.

I am eating not too bad,so long as I watch what Im having. Things like bread are difficult or near impossible as you said. Its a case of eating what you know you can rather than something you fancy.

I hate the numbness on face and neck I am really hoping the nerves heal and it improves. The skin is stone cold to touch too,did you have that after surgery?

My daughter collected her new puppy today,she sent pics of her, so adorable Happy

I got the house on with estate agent so fingers crossed that they find a buyer,one less worry then.

Well Dee please keep in touch keep well my friend xxx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 12:00 in response to clara56

Quick update from myside, went for my biopsy last Monday 29th April, not as bad as i expected & 1 week on pretty much healed, they said path lab very busy & booked appointment for 4th June to go back for results. Ppl say if it's urgent they'll get in touch before this, guess what, had a call today, results are back & a slot has become free next Tue, im now very anxious!

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 18:41 in response to Stokemale

Try not to worry too much, it's just that someone has probably cancelled - even though my results were negative for cancer, I still had to go in to be told the results, it's normal. They are just filling an available space, I'm sure you will be fine. But let us know how you get on.

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 20:12 in response to Stokemale

Hi try not too worry until you have something to worry about resist Dr google plessecas info on there can’t be trusted you will scare yourself morr

keeo in touch 



Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 20:15 in response to clara56

Hi Clara how are you doingv? We are back in U.K. now wet n garden needs weeding   Had eNT appointment today camera up nose all good no signs of reoccurrence down there. Hope to hear  from you soon 

h xx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 23:02 in response to Stokemale

Hi Stokemale,

Good to hear your biopsy was bearable and has healed well.

4th June was a pretty long stretch for an appointment but, having said that I had a fast track referal in NOV and didnt get an appt till JAN. Consultant says clinics at bursting point hmm like a ghost town everytime Im there!

Please dont take on board what people say that if its urgent they will get in touch. It doesnt work that way.

Getting anxious is a very normal way to feel waiting for your results, we`ve all been there so we know exactly how you feel.

I prepared myself to hear `the worst` at my results appt and for me it helped I was very calm and collected Dr kept staring at me thinking I had`nt taken it in(or perhaps a bit dim) Lol

We are here for you,remember anytime you need to chat or vent or whatever.

Let us know how it goes will be thinking of you next Tues.


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 23:09 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi H

Good to hear from you. Thats one thing that doesnt fail in the UK Weeds! But nice to be home in your own place ye.

So happy that your appt went well Happy Its so good to hear positive news!

Take care keep well xxx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 23:21 in response to clara56

Hello Clara how are you long since we spoke this evening a got a pile of emails  from this page i havent had any for so long  How are you managing with eating Clara  is the numbness in your face/neck any easier yes i did have the same feelings still do 2 years later but so much better than it was. Have you had any luck with selling the house Clara? how is your daughter keeping also? can you send a pic of her new little puppy. stay well speak again soon Clara. Your friend Dee.xo   

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

9 May 2019 23:49 in response to demc

Hi Dee

So good to hear from you,think of you often. Eating is ok thats when I remember to eat that is,poor appetite and tongue is a bit swollen so I end up biting it often,painful!

Now I can open my mouth a bit better I see that the back of my throat/mouth is very disfigured no wonder I choke so easily. I was a bit taken aback when I seen it.

No change in the numbness looks like its here to stay awhile! I cant stand touching the skin its an unpleasant feeling but I will just have to grin and bear it.

House is an ongoing nightmare I am moving back in around 4weeks. Estate agent is an idiot or he thinks I am!

Daughter got the all clear after lumpectomy thank heaven.

The wee puppy isnt so wee any more she eats like a horse,she had an operation today to remove a wonky tooth.Poor wee thing. I will get daughter to put up a pic for me.

Keep well speak


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

10 May 2019 08:29 in response to clara56


Thank you all for the responses & positive messages, im sure & hoping all will be ok but just took wind out if me getting call from hospital yesterday, im sure it's just a free slot has come up but certainly gets you thinking. Thanks for being so understanding.

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

15 May 2019 11:44 in response to Stokemale

Quick update from my end, my fears for being called in early for results were true unfortunately. Consultant says I have aggressive cells which on a rating of 1 - 5 with 5 being cancer I am high 4, but good news is I couldn't have caught it earlier. I am in Mon or Wed to have part of my tongue removed to hopefully get rid of the bad cells & test for any spread. Yesterday was a bad day emotially but work n the few ppl I have told have been really supportive, ******** myself for next week now!!!

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

15 May 2019 13:04 in response to Stokemale

Hi Stoke mate

sorry to have to welcome you to our small and exclusive club that none of us really want to be in. But any consolation they’ve found it quickly and are acting quickly as well .All I can say is the U.K. cancer treatment is second to none and a world leader. 

My own experiences are of tonsil cancer and my best advise is keep off dr google stick to cancer U.K. or Macmillan forums otherwise like my incolysays he could diagnose himself dead within 5 mins by reading rubbish online. 

When you know a bit more you can look at my blog where I do a blow by blow accounts warts and all of my 35 radiotherapy sessions and 2 chemotherapy sessions .but best advise take baby steps go with what your cancer teams tell you .

yesterday would have been bad if any consolation year ago yesterday I got put in the cancer pathway and know exactly how you felt gutted devastated why me !!! But I gitbyhe cancer clear in January and back to living our life s have just returned from 8 weeks in Spain riding my bike walking and in general doing as my oncologist says  live my life  ok still have mouth issues but each day I notice tiny improvements .

keep in touch and goodluck.

onwards and uowards


Hazel x



Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

18 May 2019 13:27 in response to Stokemale

Hi Stokemate.

So sorry to hear your results.

To be honest having part of my tongue removed wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had alot more removed from soft palate to tonsil arch and palatoglossal muscle and neck dissection. My throat was horrendously sore but my tongue wasnt bad at all.

Its very good that youve caught it early too. Hopefully they will get good clear margins,in my case half a centimetre clear on tongue margin. If you are very lucky they may decide you wont need radiotherapy so fingers crossed for that.

It is all an emotional see-saw so you will be feeling the affects of your diagnosis for some time to come,but its good that you have supportive folks around you.

Keep in touch and best wishes for next week. x