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Thyroid nodules

11 Sep 2019 01:04

I had a FNA done on suspicious nodules after they were found on ultrasound,  the results came in today and the hospital rang and said they were going to another hospital for a second opinion and I have to wait another week for the results.  What does this all mean?  

Thyroid nodules

11 Sep 2019 01:42 in response to LynnCo

Frustratingly biopsy results can often be borderline, or simply not as clear as black and white. Some units have other testing equipment that is perhaps more niche or tests samples for additional things.

I appreciate it's a worrying time but try not to worry until you know what it is to worry about otherwise you're putting yourself through it twice in my opinion!

Unfortunately tissue biopsy always runs the risk of having to be re-done if the sample is not adequate enough- they can't tell when they take it out and look at it in the biopsy needle - though I'm sure they told you all this already.

Sending wishes and hope things speed along as quickly as possible for you.

In the meantime maybe you might find writing any questions you have down for when you next see your GP or consultant? I find this helps me clear my mind and also acts as a prompt during calls so I don't forget things I've been meaning to ask.

For instance if they don't explain, you could always ask why it went to a second location? You've got every right to ask!

I hope you manage to find some distraction at this time.

Feel free to rant.


Thyroid nodules

11 Sep 2019 08:59 in response to Ross2991

Thank you so much for replying Rose, this has all been so a worrying time for me and for my family.  When you are so unsure what you are dealing with as well.  

I have been dealing with "something ", for over 2 years now.  The horsethroat came first then I started to loose my balance at work. Then my hearing went mute, shortness of breath and then a family member saw the lump on my throat.  I have since had weight loss caused by terrible nausea and no appetite and a feeling of something in my throat.  

I am so happy to have found somewhere to share my fears and worries. 

Lynn x x