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Thyroid nodule...inconclusive biopsy and possible surgery

28 Sep 2020 17:46 in response to sab275uk

Good evening

I hope you're recovering well, could you tell me if your nodule was detected on the ultrasound? I've had an US recently it revealed multiple lymph nodes in my neck on both sides with cystic degeneration plus thyroid heterogeneous texture, but the radiologist didn't mention any module, will be seen by another consultant tomorrow, you sound very brave and strong I wish I were.

Thyroid nodule...inconclusive biopsy and possible surgery

17 Oct 2020 13:21 in response to Lucyb



ive been having tests on my nodule for nearly a year now. 

The first biopsy came back inconclusive (they didn't get enough cell) 

So then I had a nuc med scan to rule out if it was cancer or not .... 

the results came back neither cancer or no cancer so I was advised to get another biopsy . 

I had the biopsy and apparently again it come back inbetween cancer and no cancer so I need surgery to have half nodule removed . 

I keep going over it in my head and think ... is that the only option ???!  Like can't they do it again , is the only option to have surgery ?! 

it feels so extreme and because the doctor was very blunt and un-informative I feel like I've been left in the dark ... no information on wether it's grown etc . Like he's just jumped straight to the surgery option . 


Anybody experienced anything similar or have shy more information on this to educate me more ?! 


Thyroid nodule...inconclusive biopsy and possible surgery

17 Oct 2020 13:22 in response to Lucy777

Hey ! 
yeah a nodule would be detected on a ultrasound! 
Then they do a biopsy on it to see what it is .


Thyroid nodule...inconclusive biopsy and possible surgery

17 Oct 2020 16:09 in response to MissUk

Hi LucyB,


It sounds like it's taken a very long time to get to this point. I'm sorry you've been on such a long ride already.


I also had an indeterminate biopsy result. Your biopsy should have a code (mine was Thy3F) which means the cells have characteristics of both benign and malignant cells. Unfortunately the only way to tell is to remove them and the surrounding tissue and look at them under a microscope. They also dye them and do all sorts of other things. I had half of my thyroid removed in August and I've recovered really well. I was home the same day. The wait afterwards was the worst part - it was 6 long weeks till my results came in. 

I had a microcarcinoma and pre-cancer cells in mine which weren't a million miles away from metastasising so I'm really happy they got it out. It really is the safest option. I know others who haven't been so lucky and it really isn't a risk I'd want to take. I'll be on thyroxine for life but taking a little tablet each day is a small price to pay to eliminate cancer. I had a CT scan last week to double check we're all good and hopefully I'll just need annual scans on my remaining thyroid (and another nodule ) going forward if it comes back clear. 

Feel free to message me if you need to talk it through or have any questions. It's not an easy journey but you'll get there! Most people don't even need thyroxine and most people have happy news when the results come in ☺️ 

Sophie x

Thyroid nodule...inconclusive biopsy and possible surgery

17 Oct 2020 16:24 in response to sophiew

Thankyou soo much for your response !!! 
That has made me feel so much better and reassured! 

I'm so glad you recovered well and they got it before it progressed! 

you're right and I know it's the best option I just feel I have no info to go off and I know nothing about this (apart from googling) .... so have a million questions... at the time I was just blank and the doctor was insensitive (as they usually are) ! 

How's your scar doing and was you ok to swallow after etc ? 
apparently my appt is in 2/3 weeks . So should all be happening soon. 
how long did you have off work etc ? 

Very frustrating to wait soo long for your results  !! Onwards and upwards though now Happy xxx


Thyroid nodule...inconclusive biopsy and possible surgery

17 Oct 2020 17:38 in response to MissUk

Sorry I got confused and put the wrong name on my last reply


Your neck will look a little bit scary for the first few days. Mine is a really fine line now and it's fading every day. After about 3-4 weeks you can start to gently massage a little bio oil or olive oil into it. I don't think mine will be noticeable at all in 6 months to a year! 

They advise you to have 2 weeks off work but I needed 3. I was up and about in a couple of days but my thyroid levels weren't quite right so I struggled with tiredness (I still am actually). You'll also be told to shield for 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks after I think. Make sure you book some shopping deliveries! 

Swallowing was fine. It was just like a mild sore throat. I was able to eat almost immediately after surgery. My voice was okay too but I know some people have a hoarse voice. 

What do you know about your nodule?


If I can offer one piece of advice - get copies of all of your results from the hospital. I'm set up with it so they email me anything that comes through. I was told I had cancer by mistake and having my results allowed me to challenge it. It's good to understand as much as you can. 

Actually I'll offer more advice - I know it's hard but try to stay away from Google. It can really eat away at you. Especially when you're waiting. I was on it a lot and in hindsight, I made it a lot harder on myself. Understanding that you can't control it and knowing that what will be will be makes it a lot easier.


Honestly, if you have any questions just pop them over and good luck! x x