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Thyroid nodule biopsy awaiting results

6 Mar 2018 19:38

Hi I’ve recently had a biopsy on my thyroid nodule. I don’t know how to feel about this! It’s been causing me concern as I feel huge pressure in my neck my voice sometimes goes and it’s gone from being around 2cm to over 4 cm. my paternal aunt had thyroid cancer and my mum had breast cancer and I’ve read that these can be related. I feel really lonely as I don’t have my parents and I’m a single mum of two. I hopefully my it’s not the worst case scenario but I can’t cope with this literal pain in the neck 

Re: Thyroid nodule biopsy awaiting results

8 Mar 2018 22:36 in response to Tabbycat13

Welcome to the forum Tabbycat although I'm sorry for the reason you are posting.

Have you let your GP or medical team know about the pressure you're feeling in your neck since the biopsy? If not, do let them know when you can as they will may be able to help.

Our members are very supportive and welcoming and hopefully some of them will be along soon to offer their support and help you feel less alone.

Chat to us much as you want to Tabbycat and remember that someone will always be here to listen. We'll have our fingers crossed that it's nothing sinister too Happy

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator