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Thyroid cancer

16 Sep 2021 15:09

I have recently been told I have Thyroid Cancer.. been for several scans then biopsy's then my doctor told me last week what it was. Does anybody know exactly how long it will be before I hear from the doctor/ surgeon as I have been told that they will operate to remove both thyroid glands. I am at home constantly worrying and waiting for a phone call or letter to let me know. 

Thyroid cancer

16 Sep 2021 18:50 in response to teenybop

I don't know how long it will be before you get further information as I am in Ireland and our health system is very different. For me, it was about a month, I think. I was diagnosed in November of 2019 and had the operation on the 6th of January, 2020.

I am mainly posting to reassure you that my experience really wasn't that bad. I mean an operation is never pleasant but I was back at work within a month and feel no real different since the operation. I was worried about being on medication to replace my thyroid but if it had any impact on me, it's a postive one - I might have a bit more energy and I've lost maybe a stone since the operation.

Best of luck and feel free to ask if there is anything you want to know.

Thyroid cancer

16 Sep 2021 21:08 in response to MargaretMary

Thankyou for the reply. I just hate this waiting. I am currently on sick from work because since I had my results it's knocked me down. I feel like I cannot focus on anything and just want all this to be over and done with. I also do a lot of google ing things which doesnt help matters. I just can't help but think while ever I am sat at home waiting is it spreading somewhere else.?

Thyroid cancer

16 Sep 2021 21:15 in response to teenybop

I know the feeling, but thyroid cancer does not spread particularly quickly and it would be pretty unlikely that it would spread in the few months you are waiting. I know that doesn't really help though.

I did a lot of googling too, while I was awaiting my operation and just try and keep in mind that people post with the more dramatic experiences. You will read posts from people who had a lot of problems adjusting to medication but few from people who had no problems whatsoever, as those are not the people looking for advice. Equally, you will read of people whose cancer spread but not of those who just had it removed in the operation and that was that as there isn't really much of a story there.

Thyroid cancer

17 Sep 2021 22:25 in response to MargaretMary

When I say it doesn't spread quickly, I will add that I probably had thyroid cancer for at least 5 years before noticing and well, it had spread to 8 lymph nodes but that was all and that doesn't greatly affect the prognosis. And the specialist who diagnosed me basically said there was no rush as regards the operation that "it's not going to do anything in the immediate future."

Thyroid cancer

18 Sep 2021 07:08 in response to teenybop

Hi teenybop 

I am now 7 weeks post surgery for total thyroidectomy and right neck dissection and to date the hardest part of the journey was those initial few weeks of diagnosis and anxiety. The referral times can differ hospital by hospital but next time you speak with somebody, ask for the contact details for your clinical nurse, this is a brilliant resource between appointments to ask questions to and follow up. It is important you know who your clinical nurse is, they will be a Head and neck cancer specialist. 

It's the weekend so that means phone calls and letters are less likely. I always found I could switch off a bit more at weekends than during the week because of this. I hpe this is the same for you too and you can enjoy part of the mini heatwave we are meant to be getting. 

I'm sure you've come across it already with your avid googling (I was the same at the beginning!) but the Butterfly Trust is the best website I can recommend. There's some lovely testimonials and experience stories to keep you busy and a very detailed video of the thyroid cancer jounery which I found very helpful.

Sorry you are going through this, please do ask any questions you have. Or private message if you're just looking for sharing stories from someone that's been through similar.  Xx

Thyroid cancer

18 Sep 2021 12:14 in response to Greece_E

Hi all fhankyou for all your replys. I have recieved a copy of my letter what my doctor has sent to the Surgeon too. I just hope he gets to me soon as he reads it. My doctor has also said on the letter that i have a lot of questions to ask if and if he could get round to getting in touch with me i would be really grateful. If only i knew if it was going to be matter of weeks or months is the question. Driving me mad sat at home x