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Throat cancer scare urgent referal

17 Jul 2019 13:47

Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and would just love some advice and experiences . I've had a sore throat, a lump ,horseness and ear pain for 6 months now I've had various tests done by the doc for other illnesses(tonsillitis, ear infection, sti swabs etc) but nothing . Saw my doctor again last week he looked at my throat and said I needed to see a specialist urgently So today I got my letter explaining I would be going to a appointment at the cancer clinic this has realy scared me now it wasnt something I had realy thought of . Hoe do people cope and keep calm waiting for there appointments x

Throat cancer scare urgent referal

17 Jul 2019 15:06 in response to Natalieh1

I find it helps to know others are going through similar things we all get upset and anxious its normal but also try and stay focused on positive things be good to yourself keep busy try and distract yourself and the will pass to you get results hope this helps x


Throat cancer scare urgent referal

23 Jul 2019 09:25 in response to Natalieh1

Hi Natalieh1,


I think many would agree that waiting for results is one of the hardest times.  It's easy for your mind to fill that space of not knowing with all sorts of horrible thoughts.  Know that sometimes fear of the new and unknown is worse than the experience itself.  

It's perfectly normal to feel like this.

Try to keep busy, take each day at a time. If possible, try to do something nice in the meantime, days out. Spend time with the people that make you happy.  Activity is important and sometimes we have to carry our worry and fears with us when doing this, but sometimes activity allows us to manage to think about something else for a  little while, giving us a break.

Wishing you the best