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There is good in the world

13 Jul 2019 18:01 in response to woodworm

An amazing 'return the favour' act and a happy ending even if the car had to wait to be rescued till later! Thanks Brian. Jules

There is good in the world

25 Jul 2019 09:57 in response to jules54

Hi folks, 

Thanks Jules

Teens Push Woman's Car 5 Miles Back Home

July 23, 2019

Three Canadian teenagers helped out a stranded woman by pushing her car five miles home.

Aeron McQuillin, 18, Bailey Campbell, 17, and Billy Tarbett, 15, were out getting doughnuts in Fonthill, Ontario, when they came across a woman stranded in the middle of an intersection with smoke coming out of her car.

She explained that she did not enough money for a tow truck, so the three teens decided to push the car five miles (9 km) back to her house.

"Last night I am driving home from work when I see someone stranded in the middle of an intersection with their car smoking," Dan Morrison wrote on Facebook.

"I have been there, and it really sucks. So I slow down, ask if they are alright. This poor lady got this car 6 weeks ago, and it now looks like needs a new engine. So a group of 3 teenagers now stop. Look over the car and help push it into a nearby lot. The owner of the car does not know what to do. She cannot afford a tow, and can't leave the car there. I then hear 'you boys ready for a push?'

They couldn't leave this lady stranded, so these young men pushed a strangers car..........9km.

Please share the **** out of this so these young men can get the props they deserve.

Well done Billy, Bailey, and Aeron."

The 5-mile push took just under two hours to complete, and the teens arrived back home at around 4:30am.

There is good in the world

25 Jul 2019 15:54 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, a truly awesome good deed.  Jules

There is good in the world

12 Aug 2019 13:13 in response to jules54

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Thanks Jules

Woman In Line At Grocery Store Pays For A Week's Worth Of Meals For Foster Care Kids

August 4, 2019

A stranger paid the grocery bill for a Foster Care employee at an H-E-B in Texas after the woman's check could not be accepted by the cashier.

Reagan Gamble, an employee with the Concho Valley Home for Girls & Children's Emergency Shelter, was in line with two teenage girls from the shelter when she learned her check had an error and could not be accepted by the store.

"There was a mistake made on the check," Gamble told San Angelo Standard-Times. "We had shopped about an hour to get enough groceries to feed (the children) a week's worth of meals they would help prepare."

That's when the customer behind Gamble handed the cashier a debit card and insisted she would pay the $160 bill.

The woman told Gamble that she had been in a similar situation herself and was happy to help the foster care organization.

The kind gesture left an impression on the two girls who watched as a stranger paid for their groceries.

"The kids were shocked," Gamble said. "One later said she had never seen someone do that before. We talked about it after leaving H-E-B."

Gamble said both teens, who had been taken out of abusive situations at home, began discussing ways they could repay the stranger's kindness by doing something nice for others in return.

"Next time we go somewhere, if we see someone struggling with groceries, we can help load the car and put up the basket. The girls also talked about paying for someone's drink at Sonic," she said.

There is good in the world

14 Aug 2019 09:23 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

How about this one. 

60 Farmers Harvest Crop For Neighbor Battling Cancer

August 13, 2019

Sixty farmers in Washington came out and harvested the wheat crop of a neighbor who is battling cancer.

Larry Yockey owns a 12 hundred acre farm in Ritzville. But he has stage 4 skin cancer and can no longer work his fields.

So, his neighbors came out with their equipment. They were able to complete three weeks worth of harvesting in just six hours.

"It's not describable the gratitude I have for what's going on," Yockey said.

There is good in the world

14 Aug 2019 19:38 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Such heartwarming acts of genuine kindness/generosity. Always nice to be reminded that there is good in the world despite many of the 'not so easy to tell/read' news items these days.  Thanks for sharing. Jules

There is good in the world

16 Aug 2019 08:08 in response to jules54

Hi folks

Thanks Jules.

Airman Pulls Over To Help Elderly Woman With Her Groceries

August 9, 2019

An Airman's act of kindness was caught on camera, and the video is now going viral on social media.

Amber Roy shared the video which was taken on the interstate in Oklahoma City near Tinker Air Force Base.

"This airman just pulled over to help this elder lady walking with her groceries in 101 degree weather and took her to her destination!" Amber wrote on Facebook. "Omg my heart is melting!!! There is good people left in this world!! God bless you airman!"

Amber's video has more than 2 million views and over 65,000 shares.

According to Tinker Air Force Base, the airman is a member of the 552d Air Control Wing.

There is good in the world

16 Aug 2019 18:50 in response to woodworm

A beautiful gesture and goes to show that there can be good deeds out there in this crazy mixed up world of ours.  Thanks for sharing.  Jules

There is good in the world

17 Aug 2019 11:42 in response to jules54

Hi friends

Thanks Jules

11-Year-Old Starts 'El Paso Challenge' To Encourage Kindness And Help His Community Heal

August 7, 2019

An 11-year-old boy in El Paso, TX, has started the "El Paso Challenge" to encourage kindness to one another in response to the Walmart shooting.

My 11 year old came to me with an idea. #elpasoCHALLENGE He challenges ALL El Pasoans to commit 20 Random Acts of Kindness. One for every person that was killed in our city’s mass shooting. Let’s get this done El 

Ruben Martinez is challenging each person in El Paso to do 22 acts of kindness for others in honor of the 22 people who died that day.

"He was having some trouble dealing with what happened," his mother, Rose Gandarilla, told CNN. "I explained to him that we could not live in fear and that people in our community are caring and loving. I told him to try and think of something he could do to make El Paso a little better."

Since then, Ruben has been passing out flyers and posting on social media to try and help the #ElPasoChallenge spread.

The 6th grader is also leading by example.

"Last night, he agreed to go out to do his first act of kindness," Gandarilla said. "He chose to go deliver dinner to our first responders."

An 11-year-old boy from El Paso saw his community grieving after Saturday's mass shooting and wanted to find a way to help them heal.

He and his mom started the #elpasochallenge, encouraging people to spread 22 acts of kindness.

There is good in the world

17 Aug 2019 18:51 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

A very worthy addition to this thread.  I saw it on another site so not surprised you found this one.  Jules

There is good in the world

18 Aug 2019 08:50 in response to jules54

Hi Friends

Thanks Jules

'It Doesn't Take Much': Trooper's Act Of Kindness Caught On Camera

August 17, 2019

It started with a conversation and ended with a small act of kindness.

New York State Trooper Chris Mahoney often stops at a local Fastrac in Rochester when he's out on patrol. On a recent patrol, he noticed a man carrying heavy bags and sleeping gear.

He started a conversation with the man and learned he only had a donut to eat that day. Mahoney then offered to buy him a small meal and drink.

A photo of the act of kindness was captured by another shopper and posted on social media.

Mahoney had no idea.

WHEC tracked down the trooper to find out the story behind the photo and what led up to that moment.

"He said he was 37 years old, been drifting for 20 years. Originally from Vegas, traveled here to Rochester and is trying to get to New Orleans," recalled Mahoney. "He was a kind individual. I just wanted to get to know him, be proactive. I like to talk to people."

"I asked him the last time he had anything to eat or drink because he looked thirsty. He said he had a donut that morning so I offered to buy him something to drink and to eat inside the Fastrac."

"It doesn't take much, it doesn't take money, it just takes someone to care, to take the time, which is our most important commodity," Mahoney said. "To take a moment to take the effort to give back to the community."

The New York State police also shared the story on their Facebook page.

"It's not always about being a good Trooper," they wrote, "sometimes it's just being a good human."

There is good in the world

20 Aug 2019 15:44 in response to woodworm

Nice story Brian, thanks for sharing. Jules

There is good in the world

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Hi folk

Thanks Jules

Here is anothe heart warming story, Brian

Firefighters Build Path For Woman In Wheelchair Seen Struggling To Get In Her Home

August 20, 2019

A group of Missouri firefighters are being praised for helping a resident in a wheelchair on their free time.

When responding to a recent call, members of the Webster Groves Fire Department noticed a woman in a wheelchair falling over while trying to enter her home.

"Multiple stairs and uneven terrain unfortunately led to the resident falling over in her wheelchair while trying to enter the house. Luckily the patient was uninjured, but we saw an opportunity to help," the department wrote on Facebook.

The firefighters spent several off days digging out and pouring a new sidewalk for her.

"She will now will have a level pathway and ramp to gain access to her home. A huge thank you goes out to the members that spent their days off helping those in need," the department said.

There is good in the world

22 Aug 2019 15:32 in response to woodworm

Just lovely Brian. Thanks for sharing.  Jules

There is good in the world

23 Aug 2019 08:00 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Thanks Jules.

Boy Donates All $15,000 In County Fair Winnings To Children's Hospital

August 20, 2019

A 7th grader in Ohio decided to donate all of his livestock premiums from a county fair to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, an amount which totaled $15,000.

Diesel Pippert, a student at Western Reserve Local Schools, was called a "hero" by the school district after he donated all his profits from the Huron County Fair’s animal sale.

"A young man lives amongst us who should be an example to us all. WR 7th grader Diesel Pippert donated all of his livestock premiums to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital today at the Huron County Fair large animal sale," Western Reserve Schools wrote in a post on Facebook.

"His donation of $15,000 will help to find cures for young children and save lives. Diesel, you are a hero!"