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Hi folks,

Thanks Jules.

Teens Playing Basketball Stop And Kneel During Funeral Procession

April 23, 2018

A photo of a group of teenagers taking a knee as a funeral procession passed by their pickup basketball game on Friday is restoring many people's faith in humanity.

Lynn Bienvenu of Denham Springs, Louisiana, was attending the funeral of her cousin when she passed by Franklinton Junior High School and noticed something that touched her heart.

Lynn snapped a quick photo and posted it on her Facebook page.

"While attending a family funeral the procession passed a group of young boys shooting hoops," Lynn wrote about the photo. "Take a look closely. They took a knee not out of disrespect but honor. They was not an adult insight to tell them to stop playing. This meant a great deal to our family. May God bless each one as I feel they will achieve greatness."

There is good in the world

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Here is another nice story.

Indian Restaurant Offers Free Meals To People Affected By Severe Storm

April 22, 2018

A severe storm hit Auckland, New Zealand, leaving 93,000 homes throughout the region with no electricity. For many, the power outage lasted for days.

The owners of Satya South Indian Restaurants offered free meals to all those affected by the storm.

"If you know people who have been affected by the power outages please send them to any of the Satya South Indian Restaurants or Satya Chai Lounge tonight," they wrote on Instagram.

"We will feed them and give them a hot drink on the house no questions asked (Of course, we will never say no to sympathisers as well. So effectively all are welcome.)"

Owners Roberto Giampaolo and Kamesh Kunala said the idea came from their family values of giving back to the community in times of need.

There is good in the world

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Thanks Brian, both these stories very worthy of their place on this thread.  If only our newspapers had more feelgood stories in them.  Jules

There is good in the world

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Hi folks ,

Thanks Jules.

Time for another good news story, Brian.

Cop Drives Elderly Man To The Hospital To See His Sick Wife

April 27, 2018

An elderly man had no way of getting to the hospital to see his sick wife, so a Deputy Chief with the Montoursville Police Department in Pennsylvania picked him up at his home and drove him there.

This is what the department posted on their Facebook page:

"We were sent a picture of Deputy Chief Jason Bentley helping an elderly man into UPMC Susquehanna.

The man's wife went to the hospital a couple hours earlier by ambulance for a medical emergency.

The man didn't have any friends or family in the area to help him go see her.

Deputy Chief Bentley picked him up at his home in Montoursville and gave him a ride to see her.

Shortly after the picture, hospital staff came out with a wheelchair and took him to his wife's bedside in the Emergency Room."

Afterward, Bentley said, "This is a small town. We pretty much help everybody. Everybody knows everyone here."

There is good in the world

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Good story mate and as the title goes There is good in the world. So true mate and it shows how close people in small towns are. Happy Labor day everyone.

Trust everyone is good.

Regards Ian.


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Hi folks,

Thanks Ian. Allis well just wish the weather would warm a bit, Brian.

Hotel Gives Best Friends 'One Of Our Best Nights Together' After Learning One Has Brain Cancer

May 1, 2018

Staff at a Ritz Carlton in California made the weekend of a group of girls that were celebrating life with a friend who's battling brain cancer. Jennifer Toby sent a local journalist the story:

"Hi Frank, I have to share with you an incredible experience that my best friends and I had last weekend.  We have been best friends since we first met in high school 19 years ago. One of our friends in our group has been battling Glioblastoma brain cancer for the past 2½ years. This hurdle has brought us even closer together and we try to make as many memories together as possible. At one of our recent get-togethers, our friend mentioned that she really wanted a girl's weekend at the beach.

Traveling in her condition is not easy and the brain tumor has made it hard for her to be mobile so she feels most comfortable in a wheelchair. We couldn't find one house or hotel that was available that was wheelchair accessible WITH views facing the ocean like she wished for. The only place we could find was the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay. The rate for this hotel was far from our budget, but we went out on a whim and called them to see if there was anything they could do for us to help us out. We were BLOWN away with their response.

When we called, they transferred us over to Tanya Cruz, a Sales Coordinator for the hotel. I explained to her our situation and she asked for my email address and told us how touched she was with our story and that she didn't know what she could do but she would email me after she talked with her team. Within an hour I received an email from her with a special rate for us, including an upgraded room that was handicap accessible, faced the ocean, and had a private fire pit. She then went on to ask for pictures of us and if our friend had any special food restrictions. We knew that this trip was going to be special, but we had no idea how special until we stepped foot in the room. When we opened the door to our room, we all had chills and were in awe with what we saw. They had decorated with balloons, wrote her a special card, gave her a gift bag with goodies, spoiled us with fruit and cheese platters, a smore's kit, and even a bottle of wine!

They even printed out one of the pictures that we gave them and put it in a nice picture frame in the room. The view that we had topped it off! The hospitality that we received didn't stop there. We didn't know how our friend would be feeling so we didn't make any solid plans for dinner because we assumed we would just be ordering room service and staying in. Our friend decided that she wanted to try to go out for dinner. We did not make a reservation and we were told that we would have to wait 45 minutes for a table. 

Within 5 minutes, they came over to us and had cleared a table along the window with the most breath taking view of the sun setting over the ocean.  After dinner, we spent the night at our fire pit roasting s'mores, laughing about old times. We literally stayed up the whole night  having the best conversations. It was such an incredible time that we didn't want to sleep because we didn't want it to end.

Thank you so much Tanya Cruz and the team and the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay- you have no idea what this night meant to us and how special you all made it. We will forever have this memory and it will go down as one of our best nights together."

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Hi folks,

Here is an extraordinary story for you, Brian.

Man Who Has Saved The Lives Of Over 2 Million Babies Makes His Final Blood Donation

May 11, 2018

James Harrison's extraordinary blood has saved the lives of more than 2 million babies. Today, he made his final blood donation.

Every two weeks for the past 61 years, Harrison has made a trip to the Red Cross blood bank in Central Coast, Australia.

The 81-year-old has a rare antibody in his bloodstream that is used to make a lifesaving medication called Anti-D, which infants need if they have an opposite blood type to their mother. If they don't have it the newborn could die.

Since learning about the antibody in his bloodstream in 1957, Harrison has made 1,173 blood donations. But, because of his age, today is the last time he'll do it, and if it wasn't up to the doctors, he'd keep on providing it.

"It's a sad day for me. The end of a long run," Harrison told The Sydney Morning Herald.

"I've saved a lot of lives and brought a lot of new kids into the world. So that makes me feel good," he said.

Attempts to create a synthetic version of the antibody have so far failed. Australia's Anti-D program is wholly dependent on just 160 donors.

"Every ampule of Anti-D ever made in Australia has James in it," said Robyn Barlow, the Rh program coordinator who recruited James, the program's first donor.

"Since the very first mother received her dose at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 1967. It's an enormous thing ... He has saved millions of babies. I cry just thinking about it."

Harrison currently holds a Guinness world record for his efforts but he hopes that it will be broken - because that means another two million lives can be saved.

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Hi folks, 

hope you like this one, Brian.

Truck Driver Leaves Waitress $2,000 Tip On Mother's Day

May 16, 2018

A waitress at a small diner in Roland, Oklahoma, received a $2,000 tip from a Mississippi truck driver on Mother's Day.

Brenda Pearson was working at the 4 Star Diner when a customer walked in and ordered one cheeseburger.

When it was time to pay, he said he wanted to leave a surprise tip.

"The other customers were coming to pay out and he said $1000," Pearson told 5 News. "I said what? Are you serious? He said yes. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't hardly breathe. It took my breath away."

The act of kindness didn't end there.

He came back for dessert an hour later and left another $1,000 tip.

"I have two children at home," said Pearson, who recently moved to Roland. "I've been a stay-at-home mom for a couple of years. It will help us get caught up on the move and it was just God-sent."

5 News tracked down the customer, who was identified as David Platt.

"It was late and there wasn't really anybody around and so I got talking to her a little bit," David said. "We talked about the Lord and about her life and her children. I got the impression that she was having a hard time of it, so I thought I'd just help her out a little bit."

"Money is just paper or numbers on a screen," he added. "Self gratification only goes so far. So, when you're helping another person, you're adding something to the world. It's an investment and people, people are what's important."

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Hi folks 

Heres another good story, Brian.

70 Police Officers Show Up To Take The 5-Year-Old Son Of A Fallen Officer To School

May 17, 2018

Dakota's father, Rob Pitts, died in the line of duty last week. But thanks to Rob's brothers in blue, Dakota didn't go back to school alone.

Dakota, 5, asked his mom if one of his dad's friends could take him to school on his first day back, so she reached out to Rob's friends and families.

70 off-duty officers from the Terre Haute Police Department and the Vigo County Sheriff's Department came to Sullivan Elementary School in Indiana to welcome Dakota back to school.

The officers wanted Dakota to know that they will always have his back.

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Hi folks,

Had a friend send this to me and thought I would share with you, Brian.

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Just love it Brian. Trust everyone is good and thanks for bringing happiness to the board mate.

Regards Woody.

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Just caught up with this thread and love this last story.  It is a shame a few humans don't follow that elephants lead; a helping hand costs just a moment but the memory lingers.

Regards to all.  Jules

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Hi folks, 

Thanks Ian and Jules.

Here is a nice story I like very much, Brian.

Boy Asks Mom To Stop The Car So He Can Help An Elderly Woman Up The Stairs

May 31, 2018

An 8-year-old boy's random act of kindness will restore your faith in our youth.

Maurice Adams Jr. was in the car with his mom and sister when they saw an elderly woman crossing the road.

He asked his mom to stop the car, ran over to the woman and held her arm as she slowly took each stair. At the top of the stairs, she gave him a hug and the two went on their way.

The video was filmed by Riley Duncan, who told Channel 2 Action News he saw the boy stop traffic, hop out of his car and help the woman -- and he thought it was a moment that deserved to be shared.

Maurice's mother, Contricia Hill, said she didn't know anyone was filming the moment, but seeing her son's act of kindness on the internet makes her proud.

She said they still don't know who the woman is, but said she had a short message for Maurice when they reached the top of the steps.

"She told him that he's special."

There is good in the world

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Lovely story Brian and we could do with more of these 'good news' links in our daily papers (the doom and gloom often reported now means I only buy a paper occasionally (usually if travelling!!).

A happy weekend to all.



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Hi folks,

Here is another heart touching story of a strangers kindness, Brian

He Held The Door Open For A Stranger At The Bank, Then She Slid An Envelope Under His Arm

May 29, 2018

It was a special day for Rob Edwards. His 18-year-old son was graduating, and he was trying to slow down to "savor every minute" of the day.

As he walked into his local bank, he held the door open for a complete stranger. What happened next is going to touch your heart.

This is what Rob wrote on Facebook:


But My heart was touched by her.

Today I was walking into the bank. I held the door for this lady behind me. Once in the door she waited for me to go in front of her.

I said: "By all means go in front of me. Today my son graduates. I'm slowing down and want to savor every minute."

We carried on additional small talk about being lucky to have made it before the bank closed. And the joys, fun and hard times of having an 18 year old.

I then stepped up to the teller and proceeded with my transaction. As I was finishing at the tellers booth, an envelope was placed on it from underneath my left arm.

I heard her say as she walked past: "Congratulations, I'm so happy for you".

A bit stunned I said: "Thank you". And continued finishing up my transaction.

As I walking out the bank I glanced into the envelope. A brand new crisp $50 bill. I was floored.

I rushed out of the door and looked for the woman. Far off in a car I see her.

I walked up to her car and told her: "I can't take this!"

She said: "When you talk about your boy, YOU GLOW. Your a blessing to him, I want to bless him too!"

I was so touched. I don't know her name. I've never seen her before. But I will never forget her love. I asked to take a picture with her. And hugged her neck.

We need more of this in the world today.
Not the money.
But kindness.

I hugged a complete stranger today.

My son who I love with all my heart was shown love. Many of you who know me know what I believe in. Sounds kinda familiar don't it.

It warms the father's heart to love the son.

I am blessed.

Cole Edwards I'm so proud of you!

To my bank customer friend.