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There is good in the world

28 Oct 2016 18:45 in response to woodworm

Bet he deserved them all.  There seems to be an M & M's theme too!!!  Jules 

There is good in the world

31 Oct 2016 02:29 in response to woodworm
Im with Jules I bet he deserves them all. Always a reason to smile if we look past the reasons not too. Have a great day everyone.

There is good in the world

31 Oct 2016 10:58 in response to ianwoody

Hi everyone,

Here is a lovely story I wanted to share with you all, Brian

Kids are taught in schools not to talk to strangers – but little Norah Woods did the exact opposite and was able to heal a grieving man in need.

Norah and her mom Tara were in the grocery store shopping for cupcakes to celebrate Norah’s fourth birthday when the little girl spotted an elderly old man slowly browsing the aisles. “Her face lit up like the sun, she waved excitedly, and said ‘Hi old person! It’s my birfday today!’,” Tara wrote on Facebook. “He was furrow browed but his expression softened when he realized she was speaking to him.”

According to her mother, the outgoing child is a self-proclaimed senior lover because “I like old peoples the best ‘cos they walk slow like I walk slow and they has soft skin like I has soft skin. They all gonna die soon so I’m gonna love ‘em all up before they is died.” Admittedly a little strange for a kid to say, but she says it was sweet nonetheless.

After chatting to the stranger named Dan for a few minutes, Norah asked if they could take a picture together for her birthday. Though he was a initially surprised at the abnormal request, he happily obliged.

“We thanked ‘Mr. Dan’ for taking time to spend a few minutes of his day with us. He teared up and said ‘No, thank YOU. This has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. You’ve made me so happy, Ms. Norah.’”

Tara posted the photos to Facebook where they were shared thousands of times. Eventually, one user wrote to her saying that Dan’s wife had just passed away a few months ago and he was probably appreciative for the company. Touched by the story, Tara reached out to the widower and asked if her and Norah could come by for a visit. The 4-year-old and the senior ended up spending three hours over a table of crayons and paper. The child now always asks if she can visit Dan every day if only for a few minutes. Whether he likes it or not, he is now a part of the Woods family.

Dan later admitted that he hadn’t been able to sleep properly since his wife died – but after meeting Norah, he has been slumbering uninterrupted every night. He believes that though she may not know it, the little girl healed him with her love.

There is good in the world

1 Nov 2016 11:02 in response to woodworm

Hi Folks,

Here is a story Ive just found which I hope you will like, Brian.

Curiosity almost got the best of a cat as it got itself into a difficult situation swimming about a mile out from the shore.

Environmental workers clearing rubbish out at sea off the coast of Istanbul could not believe their eyes when they saw the animal swimming.

The nervous feline kept wriggling free every time that they came close to catching it with a net. Eventually, they decided to change tactics and instead started up a conveyor belt which they use for removing solid waste from the surface of the water.

The crew of the boat said that they had no idea how the cat came to be so far out to sea and said that they had never seen anything like it before.

They later dropped the cat off at a port in the Ayvansaray district of Istanbul where it was said to have appeared to be in remarkably good health following its ordeal.


There is good in the world

5 Nov 2016 13:03 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is todays story.


I was very touched by this story. She deserves a gold medal fof her kindness, Brian.

There is good in the world

5 Nov 2016 19:16 in response to woodworm

Oh yes, I couldn't agree more.  I mentioned such wonderful people only the other week on here, they all deserve medals, Brian.

Thanks for this, Hazel xx

There is good in the world

6 Nov 2016 10:06 in response to haze44

Hi folks,

Thanks Hazel.

Hope you like this story folks, Brian.

There is good in the world

10 Nov 2016 17:31 in response to haze44

Bless her!  

H xx

There is good in the world

10 Nov 2016 17:36 in response to woodworm

Lovely. Animals often amaze at their insight. Show a good few humans how to do it.  Jules 

There is good in the world

10 Nov 2016 17:39 in response to haze44

I read this in my paper on the way to work and it just shows what good parenting can lead to.  No doubt lead by example. Just heartwarming. Well done to her. Jules

There is good in the world

10 Nov 2016 23:43 in response to haze44
Good morning everyone. Each time I sign in to this board there is always great stories of people and events that certainly touch our hearts. We have been effected by our own issues and we are always touched by actions others perform or are involved in. This board has been great in encouraging me and Im sure stories that keep coming up will encourage us even more. Thanks everyone and keep smiling.

There is good in the world

11 Nov 2016 09:51 in response to ianwoody

Hi folks,

Here is a story I have just found.

Good on him. Reading is to me very important and anything that encourages our young ones to read, has to be applauded, Brian.

There is good in the world

11 Nov 2016 10:12 in response to ianwoody

I  so agree that this thread can be uplifting and hope all who come across it take a warm feeling away  from the visit. Jules 

There is good in the world

11 Nov 2016 11:07 in response to woodworm

What a great way to encourage reading. Good for him. I love listening to my grandson read and return the favour too when given a chance. Just about  to babysit my 5 month old grand daughter so time to play  Jules 

There is good in the world

11 Nov 2016 13:00 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Thanks Hazel, Ian and Jules.

Another thanks to Hazel for the one about the girl and the poppt appeal.

I am pleased folks like this thread. I just feel there are many good things going on in the world but our press dont think them newsworthy. Plus a lot of poeple who do good deeds dont seek publicity and get their rewards just by helping others, Brian.