Together we will beat cancer


There is good in the world

29 Mar 2017 17:00 in response to woodworm

Great result for this Ellie.Jules

There is good in the world

30 Mar 2017 07:11 in response to jules54

Hi everyone,

Thanks Jules. Here is a story I tgink should have recieved more prominence in the news, Brian.

A Muslim-born restaurant owner has fed hundreds of emergency service workers for free in the aftermath of the Westminster terror attack. When police ordered Ibrahim Dogus to evacuate and close his three restaurants in the wake of the incident, he decided to keep Troia, on Belvedere Road yards from Westminster Bridge, open so police officers had a place to eat and keep warm.

"I went to one of the officers and said 'I can shut all the businesses, but I want you guys and all the emergency staff to use this place for food, drinks, and for warmth for free'," he told The Independent. "All these great people need our support. Some of them tried to give us money—one said, 'I'm a police officer, you have to take my money.' We said, 'We're not going to take any money from you." Dogus estimates he fed between 300 and 500 emergency workers from the police, London Ambulance Service, and London Fire Brigade. "We wanted to play our role in terms of supporting the emergency crew. This was happening right at our doorstep. If you walk two seconds on my doorstep I would be on the bridge. I use the bridge to take my kids to school, not on that day, but I live next to the area, I work next to the area."


There is good in the world

30 Mar 2017 09:06 in response to woodworm

Ah that so amazing and lovely. Thanks for posting it. 

Leigh x

There is good in the world

30 Mar 2017 11:11 in response to Webbs8

HI  Leigh.

Thanks for the reply. Out of something terrible, good things have happened and has brought people closer. I just feel there is a lot of good things happening which hardly ever gets any publicity. It helps to offset the bad news we keep hearing which is why I have styarted this thread.

Thanks again, Brian.

There is good in the world

30 Mar 2017 13:23 in response to woodworm

Just goes to show There is good in the world. Amen.


There is good in the world

30 Mar 2017 14:48 in response to woodworm

What a wonderful spirit of community this gentleman showed.  So often it is only the bad news that makes the headlines.  Thanks for bringing this to the forum Brian.  Jules

There is good in the world

3 Apr 2017 15:52 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is another nice story, Brian.

A Chicago kindergartner's decision to feed the homeless instead of receiving presents on her birthday is touching the hearts of many not only in the area, but also across the country. Six-year-old Armani Crews had been begging her parents for "a few months" to feed homeless people in her community. "I said, 'OK, we'll make some sandwiches,' to which Armani said, 'No. I want the same thing we'd have at my birthday party,'" her mother recalled. Even when her father, Antoine, informed her that if she wanted to go through with this, she wouldn't get a birthday gift, the girl, whose birthday was March 5, persisted. So the Chicago family spent about $300 buying food to deliver to homeless people in the city's East Garfield Park neighborhood. They purchased chicken, fish, spaghetti, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, cake, cookies, fruit and water.

After Armani mentioned her plan at the family's local church, congregation members donated other items to create care packages for the homeless. Each care package included a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer and a snack, such as a granola bar. Armani's birthday party was a success, with the family feeding more than 125 people who gathered. In a statement, the kindergarten student told ABC News, "It was nice to be nice." Her mother added, "She was excited. She was happy. Everybody was being fed. One of the gentleman said he hadn't had a hot meal in a long time."

There is good in the world

3 Apr 2017 17:26 in response to woodworm

What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.  One very lucky child to have such understanding parents and to spend so much on a birthday party. Just wow.  Jules

There is good in the world

4 Apr 2017 06:21 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

I can only agree with Jules how wonderful this young girl is. Its nice to be nice. Now thats fantastic.

Have a nice day everyone.


There is good in the world

4 Apr 2017 10:16 in response to ianwoody

Good morning folks,

Stories like the one below give me I big lift as it proves there is good in the world, Brian

Meet Katie Blomquist, a teacher at Pepperhill Elementary in North Charleston, South Carolina.

After a quiet conversation with a student, she learned that many of her students didn't have bicycles because their families could not afford to buy one. Blomquist decided she was going to make sure every student at her school had a bicycle to call their own. "It's the basic childhood right – it’s joy. Every single child deserves that, and a bike is one of the top things that represents that," she said. Blomquist launched an online fundraising campaign and raised more than $80,000 to buy 650 bicycles. It took all of three months. Among those who made donations -- people with only a few dollars to their names, people living in other countries, major corporations and star comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey.

Volunteers helped assemble the bikes for the big surprise. "Don't know very many cities where communities of strangers take off work and assemble bikes for kids they don't know, for a teacher they've never heard of for a school they've never heard of," Katie said. Blomquist surprised the kids Thursday morning by unveiling bikes in the school parking lot.


There is good in the world

5 Apr 2017 09:17 in response to woodworm

Hi folks

here is another story I feel sure you will like, Brian.

A little girl who battled cancer received a special gift on her third birthday, thanks to a creative stranger from Idaho. Jessica Sebastian, owner of Sebastian Design, was contacted by Danielle Munger, whose daughter, Brynn, lost an eye to cancer. Danielle asked Jessica if she could make a bunny doll with one eye. "I make dolls, which is not a heroic profession by any means. But recently I was asked to make a doll for a little girl who is a true superhero," Jessica wrote on Facebook.

"A mama contacted me and asked if I would make a bunny doll with one eye for her two-year-old daughter who loves animals and lost her left eye to cancer. The girl had started to notice that she was different and her sweet mama read articles about how finding a doll who matches how a child looks can be helpful and therapeutic. She wanted her daughter to have a doll that looks like her and only has her right eye. To date, I don't think I've ever been asked to create something so tender and meaningful." Brynn received the special gift on March 25 during her family birthday party. "She smiled so big and then she could not open the rest of her presents until we got the bunny out of her box and she could show her off to all her cousins and family," Danielle said. That evening, Danielle snapped a photo of Brynn in her Wonder Woman pajamas holding Sparkle. She recalled her daughter saying, "She matches me!" "My favorite part of this photo is how she is wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown," Jessica said. "It perfectly represents the strength and courage of this little superhero."


There is good in the world

8 Apr 2017 09:37 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

This story just proves, THERE IS GOOD IN THE WORLD. Brian

After spending days in the hospital, Jennifer Austin was happy to be heading home after her husband Don underwent a partial leg amputation. However, as they reached the entrance door, Don realized he had not yet regained the strength or balance he needed to get up their front steps. Feeling defeated, Don sat down on the front steps - and Jennifer wasn't strong enough to help him back up. A stranger driving by saw them struggling and circled back around. A man named Steve pulled up and asked if he could help, then lifted Don up and helped him into the house. Calling him an "angel," Jennifer was stunned by his random act of kindness. But Steve's work wasn't done yet.

As it turns out, he was a welder, too. He returned to their house the next day - with some extra hands - and built a wheelchair ramp to the Austin's front door. "Brought Don, his mom, his nurse and myself to tears," Jennifer wrote on Facebook. "We just couldn't believe it. Wow. To be on the receiving end of such kindness is so humbling."

There is good in the world

10 Apr 2017 09:55 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is another story that proves, There Is Good In The World, Brian.

Man Proves, Once Again, That Kindness Can Be A Calling

April 9, 2017

Two years ago, Eugene Yoon made the "craziest decision of his life." "I remember kind of just like looking up at the sky and being like, 'God, are you sure about this? 'Cause I'm pretty happy right now,'" Eugene said. "It felt like a calling." What Eugene felt called to do was one really big random act of kindness. He didn't know who he was supposed to help or how, all he knew was that he had to help someone and it had to be life-altering. And that's when a video came across his Facebook page.

A guy he never met named Arthur Renowitzky had been mugged, shot and paralyzed 10 years ago. Arthur vowed that he would walk again someday. And when Eugene heard about that, he called Arthur immediately. "He wasn't going to give up until I was walking again," Arthur said. Eugene did not have a medical degree. "I have a film degree," he said. Which makes you wonder then, how was Eugene going to make him walk again? "This is the part... I had no idea," he said. Eventually though, he learned about an exoskeleton device that can help some people walk again. Unfortunately, it costs about $80,000. So, to pay for it, Eugene quit his job at a research company in Northern California, to hike from the California-Mexico border to Canada. Along the way he posted videos of the adventure and asked people to donate on social media. Until, 'round about mid-Washington state, Eugene learned that he had reached his fundraising goal.

A few weeks later, Arthur did walk -- right into the arms of the total stranger who made it all possible.


There is good in the world

12 Apr 2017 09:12 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is even more proof there is good in the world, Brian

Furnace Goes Out The Day Their Baby Is Born. Then They Get This Note In The Mail

When the heat suddenly stops working in your home in the middle of winter in Minnesota, it's enough to cause some stress. But when you have a newborn baby, one might panic.

On February 23, the furnace went out in Jesse and Maria Hulscher's home. Their son, Adler, was just born. That morning, Jesse and their 2-year-old son were home preparing to visit Maria and baby Adler in the hospital. "Feb 23rd.....that was the morning after Adler was born and I was just hopping out of the shower at my house about the get Henrick ready to go up the hospital to see Maria and baby Adler when the blower fan stopped working in our furnace," Jesse said. "I rushed to dial Magnuson Sheet Metal and I think Craig sensed the urgency in my voice that I needed someone to fix the problem and asap (need heat in the house for the new baby!).

"After explaining the new baby and the need to make sure we had heat, not only did they have some one over with 20 minutes of hanging up but....... checked the mailbox today waiting to find an invoice from them and this is what I find. Can't thank them enough for the great service, speedy response time and amazing technicians. Businesses like this earn customers for life!"

There is good in the world

12 Apr 2017 16:50 in response to woodworm

This is just so lovely, isn't it?  Proves the truth of the title you gave this thread, Brian. Thank you.

Hazel xx

There is good in the world

12 Apr 2017 18:06 in response to woodworm

This story would melt any heart and shows there are some lovely people is the world.Jules

There is good in the world

14 Apr 2017 08:00 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is a lovely story which I feel sure you will like, Brian.

Leo lost his beloved wife in 1993 due to dementia complications. After her death, the 98-year-old from Hastings, Nebraska, started baking. "I didn't know what to do with myself. I was moaning and moping, and I said, 'I've got to have something to do,' and that's how it started. Everything I do, I do it with love. That's my secret ingredient is love." Now Leo bakes pies, cakes and more every day and gives away everything for free. Moreover, he approached local community organizations and funeral homes to connect with families having a hard time.

"They're pretty darn good, they really are," Kellner's pastor, Rev. Michael Houlihan told the Tribune. "Every time we have a funeral here, he has one brought over. And every time one of us goes over there he gives us one. He's always been that way." Keller even customizes his pies and cakes to make sure their recipient can enjoy every bite. He works to change up his recipe when he bakes pies for diabetics, filling them with fruit and removing the sugar. "To see the smile on their face. That's worth all the money in the world. Nobody can buy that," Keller said. "That smile means so much to me." Kellner believes that this inclination to give to everyone just might be the secret to a long, happy life. "I try to be happy," said Kellner. "I place nobody above me, I place nobody below me. I like everybody and I've never held a grudge."

There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 00:50 in response to haze44

Hazel how are you. Its nice to see these great posts from Brian and everyone else on this board.

Take care.


There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 00:52 in response to jules54

Jules how are you. I appreciate your comments and lets hope Brian keeps posting these inspirational stories.

Regards Woody.

There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 01:57 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

What an inspirational idea to start this thread. It is great to be able to dwell on some good news instead of bad.

As you say, even the smallest gesture can raise our spirits.

I realised that I had lost my mobile phone recently after attending the Lymphoedema clinic. I tried phoning it to no avail, or so I thought. Later that night I recieved a call from a lady who had been walking her dog past the clinic after it had closed. She heard me ringing the phone and noticed it lying in the car park.

I gave her a box of sweets for finding it, but she didn't want to take them. I really had to press her to. She told me that something similar had happened to her and this was her just returning the favour. This really restored my faith in human nature and put a smile on my face for weeks.





There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 08:30 in response to woodworm

This is another heartwarming tale Brian.  A truly wonderful way for this kind soul to share his belief for the goodness of others.  Jules

There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 08:32 in response to ianwoody

Hi Woody

Not doing too bad thanks; how are things with you?

Brian does so well in finding these newsworthy items as well as keeping up other threads of inspiration on the forum. It brings pleasure to many including me.

Wishing you and other forum users a peaceful Easter weekend.  Jules

There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 08:36 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine

A lovely show of human nature on both sides of your story.  Also glad you got the phone back and amd sure that was a huge relief.  Have a good Easter weekend.  Regards, Jules

There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 09:33 in response to Jolamine

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your kind words folks.

Jolamine, Thanks for posting your story. There ia a great country sone about a woman who gets a puncture one dark night out in the country and this guy stops and changes her wheel for her. He refuses any payment just telling her, Pass it on down the line. Very clerley written song. I do belive if you have experinced the kindness shown like the lady did with your phone, people are more inclined to do others a good deed. 

Take care, best wishes, Brian.


There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 13:02 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Yes, it was a great relief to get my phone back, but in the end I guess that I was even more chuffed to see that there is still honesty in this world.

Enjoy your Easter weekend.

Kind regards,


There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 13:17 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

There have been a few times in my life when I have encountered some very helpful people when I have had a puncture.

This happened to me a few times when I had small children in the car with me. I was so relieved to have my tyres changed and to be able to continue my journey with the minimum amount of delay. In all cases, the gentlemen refused to take anything for their troubles.

I did manage to change my own tyres once when I was on my own in he car, but didn't trust my skill at tightening the wheel nuts - I drove home very carefully that night expecting to see the said wheel rolling in front of me, and was mightily relieved to arrive home in one piece.

What a pity that these unsung heroes don't get the praise they deserve!

Kind Regards,



There is good in the world

15 Apr 2017 15:06 in response to Jolamine

Hi folks,

Thanks Jolamine. Some years ago I sold a barometer I had turned a wooden case for and sold it to someone who paid bt card slip at one of our craft fairs, One of my mates filled the slip in but when it was sent to the bank they returned it saying the number had been written wrong. I was resingned that I wouldnt get paid for it when some months later a man called and said he was the one who had bought the barometer and that he had just relised the money had not been paid to me. He arrived about 20 minutes later and gave me a cheque, Like you It restored my faith in peoples honesty.

Anyway here is another story I hope you will like, Brian.

Couple Tips Waitress $400, Then Offers To Pay $10,000 Of Her Student Debt

April 13, 2017

Cayla Chandara says she's heard of other stories like this, but never thought it would happen to her. When it did, it left her speechless. Chandara had been pulling double-duty at two different restaurants in Waikiki. She was waiting on a couple from Australia at Noi Thai Cuisine and says they hit it off. "They asked me where I was from, and I told them I moved here for school but I was kind of in a little bit of debt and I couldn't go back to school, because I couldn't afford it and the cost of living here," Chandara said. The couple rang up a $200 bill, paid their tab and left. Chandara says she was shocked to see the tip was double the bill at $400.

"I just thought it was so generous of them. I never get tipped that big. I had to say thank you," she said. "During dinner, they told me where they were staying, so I ran there after work to see if they'd still be there." They were, and Chandara was able to give them a thank-you card and flowers. The next day, they gave her even more. The couple returned to the restaurant and offered to help pay off her student loans and debt, which totaled more than $10,000. "I was like, 'No way, you don't have to do that for me. I just wanted to say thank you,'" Chandara said. "I still don't feel like it's real. I want to run around in the streets."  The couple wanted to remain anonymous, but told Chandara the best way to thank them was to be her best possible self. "I want to make them proud. I will take this opportunity with an open heart and be a better person that I can be every day," Chandara said.


There is good in the world

16 Apr 2017 09:38 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Heres another great story for you, Brian.

Bikers Heard This Marine's Remains Were Coming Home In A Box. They Couldn't Let That Happen

March 2, 2017

The Patriot Guard Riders is an organization whose members attend the funerals of the military, firefighters, and police at the invitation of a decedent's family. The group forms an honor guard at military burials, helps protect mourners from harassment and fills out the ranks at burials of indigent and homeless veterans. In addition to attending funerals, the group also greets troops returning from overseas at homecoming celebrations and performs volunteer work for veteran's organizations such as Veterans Homes. With a military career that included seven tours of duty in both Afghanistan and Iraq, USMC Staff Sgt. Jonathan Turner served the United States for 17 years as a Marine.

But when Turner passed away in California due to combat-related issues, his mother — who still lives in the Turners' hometown of College Park, Georgia — couldn't afford the cost of traveling to the west coast to retrieve his ashes. Instead, Turner's ashes would be shipped home.

That didn't sit well with Patriot Guard riders, so they stepped up by creating a caravan and personally escorting Turner's remains all the way across the country. It was an operation that involved hundreds of volunteers and thousands of miles ridden. "I got on the road at 6 o'clock [Friday] night out of Huntsville, Alabama and I rode over to Oklahoma," Asha Lamy said. "I need the family to know that you're not alone and we care." Each time the remains were turned over to another group of riders, a ceremony was held to pay their respects for the fallen warrior. "We did this primarily because his mother was unable to attend the services, and he had been cremated and we didn't want him to go home in a Fed Ex box," Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders Capt. David Noble said.

According to the Patriot Guard website: "Turner was a great leader who inspired his fellow Marines, both in the Corps and in daily life. You were his friend if you knew him for five minutes or five years. He would give you the shirt off his back."


There is good in the world

18 Apr 2017 08:29 in response to woodworm

Another very heartwarming tale. Thanks for sharing. Jules

There is good in the world

24 Apr 2017 09:30 in response to jules54

Good morning friends,

I have found another great story I want to share with you all, Brian

Firefighters surprised a mother-to-be with keys to a new home and a baby shower after she lost everything in a devastating fire.The Lauderhill Fire Department in Florida hosted the party after Nicola Taylor's apartment and baby gifts were destroyed in the blaze. "God is amazing," Taylor said. "This is more stuff than I had. Thank you." Two days before the incident, Taylor's family and friends threw her a baby shower. All the gifts she received were destroyed in the fire.

"[The firefighters] were seeing a whole bunch of burned up baby items and it was very emotional for the guys, being parents themselves, it hit home," Captain Jerry Gonzalez said. They were compelled to do something. Something touched us about this family." They collected donations and received everything from baby clothes to baby carriers, gifts and gift cards, and even a Tiffany necklace. And they saved the best gift for last.

"The members of the fire department, the community, the people have donated. We were able to get you a new lease, a new apartment," González said as he handed Taylor the keys. "We've covered your deposit and a few months rent."


There is good in the world

24 Apr 2017 21:55 in response to woodworm

A very touching story Brian, thanks for sharing this with us. It does leave a feel good factor.  Jules

There is good in the world

26 Apr 2017 15:41 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Thanks everyone.Here is another great story, Brian.

Meet Andrew Lumish, the owner of a cleaning company in Tampa, Florida, who spends every Sunday scrubbing and cleaning veterans' tombstones. The 46-year-old history buff has made it his life's mission to restore forgotten gravestones of veterans to honor the contributions they have made to their country. Lumish has cleaned more than 300 gravestones since beginning his project more than two years ago.

After completing a headstone, which can take up to four months to fully clean, Lumish shares the before-and-after photos of the tombstone on his Facebook and Instagram page, entitled The Good Cemetarian. He also shares detailed information about each person.

There is good in the world

26 Apr 2017 18:33 in response to woodworm

What a lovely way to honour the departed.  Jules

There is good in the world

29 Apr 2017 09:14 in response to jules54

Hi everyone,

Here is a story that reiforces a recent report about elderly people being lonely. I think you will like this one, Brian.

Marleen Brooks of San Francisco, California, came home to a heartbreaking note from one of her neighbors. The 90-year-old woman living down the street wrote her saying she was lonely. She asked if the two could be friends. The note read: "Would you consider to become my friend. I'm 90 years old- live alone. All my friends have passed away. I'm so lonesome and scared. Please I pray for someone."  Marleen went over to her elderly neighbor’s house with a friend the next evening to introduce herself with cupcakes in hand.

Afterward, Marleen wrote to Frank Somerville of KTVU News to tell him what happened. She's such a sweet lady! And she was over the moon when we came over. Wanda said: 'I hope you didn't think I was stupid for writing you, but I had to do something. Thank you so much for coming over. I've lived here for 50 years and don't know any of my neighbors.'

Wanda has 3 sons, one died last year of cancer. The other two live far away. She's 90 and and is on oxygen and has congestive heart failure, osteoporosis, among other ailments. We brought her cupcakes (didn't have enough time with work to make the banana bread). I also made sure she knew she can call us at anytime and that I'll be back to spend time with her! I'm sure Wanda and I will have some great times." Wanda's story has been shared by hundreds of people on Facebook. "I love this story," Frank wrote. "And I'm so happy for Wanda. But as I said in my first post, there are so many others out there who are lonely just like Wanda.

I would ask that maybe you consider knocking on their door and saying hi. I know it would mean the world to them. And who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend."


There is good in the world

29 Apr 2017 17:44 in response to woodworm

A tale worth re-telling and I had seen it on social network some time ago.

  When we moved into our home 40 years ago next month there was an elderly lady living next door and she loved to chat across the fence.  Her children lived some distance away and so we kept our eyes and ears out for her and popped in for a chat and a cuppa (she preferred to stay put rather than come into us) too.  She in return used to save a sweet for the children each time she had a packet.  Whilst age is no boundary to loneliness (it can effect all ages) neighbours are worth their weight in gold when you get good ones.  I know you will relate to this too Brian.

Thanks for sharing.  Jules

There is good in the world

2 May 2017 01:29 in response to jules54

Hi Jules and hi everyone. The stories we see on this board are fantastic and we all look at them in different ways. There is a lot of good in this world and all we have to do is look for it. Good neighbours are so important as to where we live. I have great neighbours and Im very fortunate. Have a nice day everyone.

Regards Ian.

There is good in the world

5 May 2017 11:13 in response to ianwoody

Hi everyone,

Here is more proof there is good in the world, Brian.

A Makaliko woman's faith has been restored in humanity after a stranger returned her wallet with $1,600 in cash inside. Shayna Keliiholokai accidentally left her wallet in a Walmart shopping cart in Kapolei, Hawaii. Keliiholokai realized she didn't have her wallet about 30 minutes later when she was about to make another purchase at a local drug store. Keliiholokai went back to Walmart but the wallet was gone. Keliiholokai's ID, medical cards for her kids, and $1,600 in cash were inside.

"It was a Friday. It was payday. I cashed it. I was ready to pay my rent the next day, and then my heart just sunk when I got home," she told KHON2 News. "I mean nowadays, that's all you see is bad news everywhere, things being stolen, people ripping people off, and I was so sad." The night took an unexpected turn when a woman messaged Keliiholokai on Facebook saying she found the wallet and was trying to return it. They met up shortly after, and everything inside was exactly how Keliiholokai left it. "I was so thrilled. My heart was racing so fast," she said. "I tried to reward her, everything. She didn't accept my reward. She just took a thank you and a hug, and we became friends." Keliiholokai says it's an act of kindness she will be forever grateful for and she plans to pay it forward.


There is good in the world

10 May 2017 11:38 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is a great story which shows the title of this thread is right, Brian

Passing members of the public refused to let go of a suicidal man preparing to jump off of a bridge in Golders Green, North London. The group of strangers immediately rushed to grab him through the bars so he wouldn’t be able to jump. The passersby aren't believed to have known each other before the event. As emergency services were called to the scene, the heroic members of the public remained with the man for two hours. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police confirmed the man had been detained under the Mental Health Act.


There is good in the world

13 May 2017 09:20 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Another day, another story, Brian.

Teresa Stroble heard two students yell about seeing smoke and immediately jumped into action.

The Duncan, South Carolina, school bus driver ushered all 56 students - from Duncan Elementary - off her bus, and radioed the transportation office to call 911 before the vehicle burst into flames Tuesday morning.The "7-year veteran driver and teacher assistant did exactly as she was trained and quickly and calmly evacuated all 56 students from the bus, and got them to a safe location," the school district said in an online statement several hours after the incident. "She is a true hero!"Stroble was able to evacuate all of the students "in under a minute," Superintendent Scott Turner wrote on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. "So grateful for her quick action."The school district thanked the firefighters, school officials and Stroble for their help. "We are so thankful for the quick action of the Duncan Fire Department in putting the fire out, and all district administrators who responded and helped with what could have been a very tragic situation," the district said.


There is good in the world

25 May 2017 12:07 in response to woodworm
Hello everyone and thanks so much Brian and co for sharing these experiences with us. Sorry I havent been around much as I have been taking it easy. Had a few small problems but dont we all. We are all fighters and its just a small bump along our journey. Keep smiling everyone and chat with you all soon. Regards Woody.

There is good in the world

25 May 2017 12:45 in response to ianwoody

Hello Woody, nice to hear from you.  Hope your problems are now sorted!  

Take care, Hazel xx


There is good in the world

25 May 2017 15:38 in response to ianwoody

Hi Woody, sorry you have had a few problems and do hope they are now behind you.  Taking it easy probably the only answer sometimes and the weather at the moment makes it a pleasure when you can put your feet up.  Take care of yourself. Jules x

There is good in the world

26 May 2017 10:28 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Ian, I hope you have overcome your problems and are feeling better now.

Here is another story I hope you like, Brian.

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking up and gently throwing things into the ocean. Approaching the boy he asked: "Young man, what are you doing?" The boy replied, Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die.

The man laughed to himself and said, " Do you realize there are miles of miles of beach and hundreds of starfish?" "You can't make any difference." After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the surf, then smiling at the man, he said; "I made a difference to that one."

There is good in the world

26 May 2017 14:31 in response to woodworm

What a great lad he was and so very right. So often the young can still teach us adults a thing or two. Thanks for sharing. Stay well.  Jules

There is good in the world

27 May 2017 23:27 in response to haze44
Thanks Hazel I appreciate your thoughts. Have a great weekend. Regards Ian.

There is good in the world

27 May 2017 23:29 in response to jules54

Hey Jules how are you. Thanks for your thoughts and there are many good people in this world. Take care and have a great weekend.

Regards Ian.

There is good in the world

28 May 2017 18:42 in response to ianwoody

Hi Ian

You are so right, there are some amazing people in this world (met a good few on the forum) and finding the 'good stories' in the media brings some balance into our lives.

Am not doing too bad thanks and keep trying to put ' a tick in the box' as I take cautious steps forward.  Still grieving hubby's loss but also enjoying time with family and friends. It is what it is and I know I need to be grateful for the memories I have and my own day to day journey.

Weekend has been a great one as my Daughter and family are in the process of moving to a new home and my son's little girl turns 1 on Tuesday so we had party today.  Sometimes I do wonder where the time has gone.

Be kind to yourself and take care.  Jules

There is good in the world

1 Jun 2017 14:01 in response to jules54
Good for you Jules Im sure you will be happy in your new place. It dose take time to heal some things but your grand daughter will heal things more quickly. Go get em Jules you have your whole life in front of you. Regards Ian.

There is good in the world

1 Jun 2017 16:19 in response to ianwoody

Hi Ian

It's not me that's moving but my daughter and son in law plus the two boys.  Moving day was Tuesday and I gave them a hand by keeping an eye on the boys and doing a bit of gardening. It is good to see them finally in a home of their own but know it will take a while for them to settle in the new area.  I am at the end of the phone if needs be.

Personally I hope to put another tick in the box when I take my first solo holiday later this month.  Feels kind of weird but as you say should just do it!!

Take care and hope you are feeling load better now.  Jules

There is good in the world

1 Jun 2017 22:51 in response to jules54
Hi Jules, Sorry about that. Good for them to move into their own place. Your grand child will sure be spoiled no doubt. Go and have a great holiday and you will come back just raring to enjoy your family time together. Jules have a great summer and take care. Keep ticken those boxes. Regards Ian.