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There is good in the world

14 Feb 2017 09:07 in response to woodworm

Cheers Brian, a lovely tale of good coming out of a initially bad situation. Jules

There is good in the world

14 Feb 2017 10:49 in response to jules54

Hi folks

Thanks Ian and Jules.

Here is another nice story, Brian.

A family pet saved its owners from an early morning blaze after their mobile home caught fire in Alberta, Canada. At about 3:30 a.m., firefighters were called to Clairmont where a mobile home's underside was on fire. The parents and two children were asleep at the time when the cat came into the parents' bedroom and bit the mother on the arm to alert her to the fire. The family escaped and called the fire department.

"It's pretty interesting to see that it was the cat that did alert them that there was an issue," said fire Chief Trevor Grant.

Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the underside of the mobile home and extinguished it quickly.

There is good in the world

14 Feb 2017 14:14 in response to woodworm

Another lovely story with a happy ending. Jules

There is good in the world

14 Feb 2017 16:11 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, two nice little pieces of news.

Take care you and Mrs B  and love to Sammy Wink  

Hazel xx

There is good in the world

15 Feb 2017 09:16 in response to haze44

Hi folks,

Here another nice story.Brian

These three retail workers didn’t have to go out of their way to create a walker for this disabled toddler – but that didn’t stop them from doing it anyway. 2-year-old Silas was born with Norrie Disease, a rare genetic disorder that delays muscle development and leaves male infants blind. His mother, Jessica Johnson, had searched high and low for a walker that would be big enough for her son after he had outgrown every other model on the market. Little did she know that these three Home Depot workers in Fort Worth, Texas were going to be the answer to her prayers. Jessica’s grandfather had gone to the store the week previously to buy tools so he could build his own walker – but when he explained Silas’s situation to the store’s supervisor Matt Spencer, the grandpa was introduced to Eric Bindel and Christopher Wright. The two employees said that if Johnson came back a few days later, they could make a customizable walker for his great-grandson. True to their word, Jessica and Silas returned to the store only to find a lime-green contraption waiting for them. “As soon as we put him in there he was spilling around,” Jessica told CBS. “He was able to move; the cause and effect of him doing that — that’s awesome.”

Silas’s doctor says it’s important for the toddler to move in order to improve his muscle development, and since the walker is adjustable, he won’t be outgrowing it anytime soon. As for Eric and Christopher, they were just happy to help a child in need.


There is good in the world

15 Feb 2017 16:23 in response to woodworm

Wonderful story, thanks Brian.

Hazel xx

There is good in the world

16 Feb 2017 15:21 in response to haze44

Hi everyone.

Here is todays story, Brian.

A hero dog saved her paralysed owner's life by lying on top of him for 24 hours in sub-zero temperatures to keep him warm long enough to be rescued. Kelsey the Golden Retriever leapt into action when he heard Bob's screams for help - after his owner slipped in the snow and broke his neck late on New Year's Eve. He had soon started fearing for his life after the accident which happened at around 10.30pm at night. The 64-year-old had ventured out to collect firewood - without a coat or proper footwear in temperatures of -4°C - and his nearest neighbour lives a quarter of a mile away. Bob tried screaming for help - and while no human responded - he later explained: "But my Kelsey came."

Indeed his pet provided enough warmth to get the pair through the night and most of the following day. Bob - who can remember he lost consciousness for a short time - was eventually discovered by his neighbour at around 6:30pm the following evening. He was rushed to hospital by his daughter Jenny where doctors discovered he had broken his neck and was paralysed in his legs - as well as suffering from hyperthermia. Bob, who asked for his surname not to be printed, has since regained some movement after surgery - but will need to undergo rehabilitation too. Dr Chaim Colen, a neurosurgeon at McLaren Northern Michigan Emergency Department who treated Bob, said his recovery was miraculous. Bob is in no doubt he has "man's best friend" to thank for being alive. Petoskeynews reports that Bob said later: “By morning my voice was gone and I couldn’t yell for help but Kelsey didn’t stop barking. “Kelsey kept me warm, alert and never stopped barking for help. "Dr Colen saved my life and ability to move. They are truly heroes and I will be eternally grateful.” He counts himself lucky too his injuries were not worst. “I was surprised to find out that I didn’t have any frost bite,” said Bob. “I am sure it was because of Kelsey’s determination to keep me warm and safe.” Dog walker dies when cliff collapses onto beach as dozens desperately try to dig him out. Dr Colen is in no doubt why his patient is alive either. He said: “I think animals can help and his dog really kept him alive and really helped him, he was very fortunate." Bob and Kelsey have since been reunited in hospital. Shocked motorist spots dog chained to top of trailer cage being pulled by car on busy motorway. Jenny said: “He was right out of surgery and she licked his face, and they were crying and it was beautiful."It was everything that you would think the reunion would be." Kelsey is however pining after her master at home. Jenny added: “It’s so emotional thinking about her and you could tell she was bringing everything she had of his to lie on. “She’s the sweetest dog and we all say how smart she is.”

There is good in the world

16 Feb 2017 15:52 in response to woodworm

Oh my goodness, the worst nightmare, poor man.  Thank God for faithful Kelsey!

Thanks Brian, Hazel xx


There is good in the world

18 Feb 2017 08:45 in response to haze44

Hi folks,

Following on fron our lovely Lucie post about Random Acts Of Kindness , here another which highlights it.Brian.

While there's the appetite - and certainly the material - for gloom, doom and despair in the news, some stories stick out because few people can fail to be moved by a random act of kindness. But to be on the receiving end, as was Jerina Edwards, from Oklahoma, is pretty special.

Jerina, who is currently battling breast cancer , was having dinner at a small Chinese restaurant when, at the end, she received a note. The touching note read, which Jerina uploaded to Facebook read: "I lost my wife to cancer five years ago. I know how tough it can be going through this. Your meal is on me. Merry Christmas."

Recounting what Facebook, Jerina accompanied the picture with: "Right as we were getting ready to ask for our ticket the waitress brought us this instead. Someone in the restaurant had paid our bill and left us this note. "More than anything, having cancer has shown me that there are a lot of good people in this world and that I am grateful my own family won't be leaving notes like this for others. "It has been hard, I have fought, I have been sick, tears have been shed, I have missed out on things, I have lost my hair, and I will lose my breast, but I will live. "My parents will still have their daughter, my husband will still have his wife, my children will still have their mother. Whoever you are - thank you."

There is good in the world

18 Feb 2017 13:33 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian in sharing with us all these true story they all very moving but always make u smile knowing there are good people in the world Happy 

There is good in the world

19 Feb 2017 16:00 in response to woodworm

HI Brian,

Great to read your story and it clearly helps people. I have a post that i would like to add but in no way do i wish to take over your great work and you are an inspiration. My post is a bit long and if you dont like please edit it or remove it. I am at home with my hopuse free at the moment and been listening to some nice music but i want to chat and help me but also help others. Please forgive me if i have taken over but as i say renove it. You seem like a really nice purpose and hope you appreciate my action if not tell me and i will remove it. All the very best,xx

The below story is my eleven years in full. This should hopefully explain the highs and lows during this time. This has been used by my local MP who has taken it forward to the health department to hopefully obtain a substantive response as to why the drug has been removed from the NICE list?

My story started when I was diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine Tumor to the pancreas.

I was at my Doctors surgery and I noticed that they were providing well man checks for the over 40s Male. I decided to take these basic checks. After a couple of weeks, the initial blood test that I had given came back with abnormalities.
After further checks I was sent to the local hospital for an ultrasound check. Not long after having this check within minutes I was given a CT scan that resulted in a large mass being located on my ride hand side of my upper body that was the size of a CRICKET BALL. I had felt no pain.

It was diagnosed as a Neuroendocrine tumor to my pancreas that must had been secreted there for years and years.
The surgeons moved quickly and remarkably it was supposedly all removed and I was given the all clear. I lost my spleen and tail end of my pancreas during surgery as well as the large tumour.

This remained the same for approximately seven years when I returned to the Doctors for an unrelated matter, Due to my mental state at that time the Doctor recommended me for another CT scan that picked up that tumors had returned to my Liver and pancreas that were in operable.

I was subsequently allocated a Specialist Professor. He took care of me for the next four years providing routine treatments in order to control the tumors. This worked for about five years whereby I was able to live a normal life with hospital visits whilst still living with my cancer.

Following this period I was allocated another Specialist Professor who continued the treatments He also used other treatments in order to control the tumors. Also during this time, I was provided with a Nuclear scan that was supposed to light up the areas affected by the tumors. A number of limited areas showed up on the scan. I was provided with Everolimus, but due to my low immune system I contracted Encephalitis and nearly died as a result. This was an horrendous illness because I became seriously ill and at this time I had to retire from my job as a Detective Sergeant serving 26 years within the police Service at a reasonably high level. Even though I was very poorly it could have been much worse because it is a life threatening illness. However, I came off lightly losing a few brain cells J and getting epilepsy. I also cannot drive anymore.

The time was shocking for my family and still leaves a legacy today. My family were very worried and struggled to cope and became increasingly worried and aware that my treatments were becoming limited and that my options were running out as my calcium had also started to rise as the tumors sought more calcium from my body and my levels started to increase alarmingly.
This continued for approximately two years whereby I was in and out of hospital on a regular basis. Whilst in hospital I was provided with fluids and other medications that did not succeed at lowering my calcium levels that continued to rise. The Doctors became worried because nothing would lower my calcium levels,
It was also starting to take its control over Myself.

I began to lose my speech and ability to hold a conversation. I also could hardly walk a few feet as my legs were becoming increasingly weak, I was more or less bed bound at this time. It also made me increasingly susceptible to loud noises and I became withdrawn in Myself.

It was also very hard for my family who had to increasingly get used to my regular mood swings. It was also impossible for me to button my shirt or my trousers due to my deteriorating health. During this time, I also suffered heavy falls in hospital and at home leaving me Badly bruised and sore. The Specialist staff continued to give me treatments that did not work and allowed my calcium to become at dangerous levels threatening my bone marrow and other parts of the body.

By this time my normal treatment options for reducing calcium were ending and showed no signs of any improvement and I continued my very poor health remaining weak and withdrawn. About six months to nine months ago, I was being considered for palliative care at home such was my state of health.

The route of all my problems was my calcium levels being so high and were affecting my basic bodily functions.
At this point Professor X recommended me to Sheffield to speak with Doctor Y who was performing a relatively new treatment that involved nuclear medicine that was non evasive and injected into my arms. It was clear to the Professor that one of the tumors appeared to stand out and was requesting the extra calcium to enter the blood stream. An earlier nuclear scan was provided to Dr Y along with my medical records. The scan showed up limited areas where I had been effected.
Despite my very poor health I was accepted for the PRRT L90 DOCTATE Therapy treatment by Dr Y
In October 2016, and had my first treatment staying overnight at the hospital before leaving the next day.
Nothing really happened for the next week apart from me being tired but I suffered no real side effects.
Within a week and without any warning I started to feel subtle changes and the benefits of the treatment.
It was life changing because all of a sudden I was able to join in conversations and my coordination became back allowing me to eventually walk five miles. Walking my Golden Retriever dog. The change was unbelievable and people started to comment on how well and coordinated I had become. My memory is becoming sharper as I am able to recognize names and faces again. I also more tolerant with family and friends. I can now dress Myself and walk and run in a straight line. It’s incredible how this has become true after only one treatment.

My family and Myself have recognized a massive change in my overall health and the fact that they are able to perform less tasks on my behalf. I am now also able to get up early in the morning and occupy Myself rather than staying in bed to lunchtime or late afternoon. The health benefits have been terrific and unbelievable. I feel like person reborn and given another chance in life. Before I always used to think how long I have got and when am I going to die? Now these thoughts have gone and I intend to live my life to the full with the help of Dr Y whom took that chance with me and that has handsomely paid off with added bonuses to my health. Only recently, I am able to compile this report to you as it was impossible previously.

I am now so enthusiastic about life and enjoying it with my family. Life is now a joy as I communicate on face book my many friends and family to tell my story to give help to others with the message NEVER GIVE UP !. I am sure that this treatment will provide others with the unbelievable health benefits that I have achieved through the treatment.”

I really enjoy representing the charity. I also do some more work when I get time for the NET Foundation that deals with my type of Cancer.

I also find it great working for CRUK and liaising with my MP David Davis BREXIT Minister. He responds very well with me along with his Parliamentary Secretary.

THE MAIN THING IS I AM SURVIVING FOR MANY REASONS- GREAT NHS, CRUK for research and trials and the porters to the Specialists. There are more but the list is too long.


Thank you for reading


There is good in the world

19 Feb 2017 16:43 in response to Andy2017

Hi Andy,

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It is inspirational. I know some people have issues with the NHS but I can only speak from my experariance, I couldnt have had better service from all levels right from start to finnish.

What you say about enjoying life to the full reasonates with me for thats how I feel too. It really does make you appreciate the simple little things in life that we used to take so much for granted.

Well done and I wish you all the best for the future, Brian.

There is good in the world

19 Feb 2017 19:47 in response to Andy2017

My goodness Andy, you have had such a rough time.  Thank you so much for sharing your story, I'm sure it will be an inspiration for many people on this forum, not only because of your own outlook but from the fact that your NHS teams fought so hard for you.  I hope you continue to thrive under their watchful eye, and send you my best wishes for a great future.

Take care, Hazel x


There is good in the world

20 Feb 2017 01:44 in response to Andy2017
Good on you Andy. You have had a tough time and came out the other end in a positive way. Proud of you for not giving up and we all need to stay a positive as we can. Good for you buddy. Regards Ian.

There is good in the world

20 Feb 2017 08:43 in response to ianwoody

Hi folks,

Just came across this lovely story and wanted to share it with you all. I once saw a documentart wher they visited a supposedly primitive tribe. If the hunters went out and only 50% of them caught something, they shared it equally amongts themselves. Made me wonder who was the more primitive, them or us,  Brian.

There is good in the world

20 Feb 2017 09:22 in response to woodworm

Great example of what human nature can be without outside intervention. The photo resembles a circle of undivided love in my eyes. Beautiful. Jules

There is good in the world

20 Feb 2017 12:15 in response to woodworm

Oh yes, I do like this one, Brian.  Thanks.

Hazel xx

There is good in the world

20 Feb 2017 23:16 in response to woodworm
How good is that. Im sure we can all learn a lesson from this form of culture. A lot of valuable lessons can be learnt from these guys. Thanks Brian.

There is good in the world

26 Feb 2017 09:57 in response to ianwoody

Hi folks,

Just found this heartwarming story and wanted to share it with you all, Brian.

Since he can’t actually fly, this Texas Superman drove 11 hours to Illinois to surprise a seven-year-old cancer patient.

Senior Corporal Damon Cole of the Dallas Police Department is a member of Heroes, Cops and Kids, a group of officers who dress as super heroes to lift the spirits of children in their community. Cole felt compelled to make the long trip to little Bryce Schottel’s home after checking out his Facebook page; Schottel has been fighting lymphatic cancer since February, and only super heroes have been able to bring a smile to his face before each round of chemotherapy. The officer gave the boy a Superman cape, action figure, and a ride in his Superman-mobile. Cole said the child’s reaction was “the best ever.”

Before leaving, Cole pulled a second costume change, dressing up as Iron Man to blow bubbles, play cards and battle it out in video games. “There’s not a lot of people in this world that do anything like this anymore, who are so selfless and generous,” mom Regina Carlton told ABC News. “It was a complete stranger who made that trip to make my son smile.

There is good in the world

10 Mar 2017 08:19 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is a great story I want to share with you all, Brian.

A mystery donor has pledged £150,000 to allow a leukaemia sufferer to continue his cancer treatment in the U.S. In a seemingly random act of kindness The Seattle Children’s Hospital informed Charlie Fearns' parents, Sophie and Rob, that the treatment Charlie needs will be paid for in full after the anonymous gift to the 11-year-old. In a video posted to the Charlie’s Chance Facebook page, Sophie said: “We received an email asking us if we would accept a gift off an anonymous donor who wants to pay for the full amount of Charlie’s treatment. “We are completely overwhelmed because this is not something we thought anyone would be able to do. “Wherever you are, from the bottom of our hearts, it means ad incredible amount.“

Last year, well-wishers donated over £150,000 to send Charlie, of Litherland, to the States for pioneering Car T-cell therapy after he was diagnosed with the condition for a third time, the Liverpool Echo reports. But his parents Sophie and Rob have now learned that the treatment, which uses a patient’s own immune system to attack the cancer, has failed. A second attempt, which needs to start within two months, will cost another $187,000 (£150,000). Charlie’s dad Rob said: “The anonymous donor requested to be able to donate directly to Charlie which is bizarre. We thought we were going to have to fight to the nail to raise the money. Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard was among the kindhearted Scousers who supported Charlie last year, making a donation of £25,000.

Charlie’s family and friends have managed to raise £1,500 in just a few days for the new appeal and are setting up a new online fundraising page. Mum Sophie raised £200 through a car boot sale on Sunday and supporters are planning a skydive in Blackpool on March 10. Rob said: “We had been taking on the role of helping other families through Charlie’s Chance but now we are in this position we need to concentrate on Charlie.”

There is good in the world

11 Mar 2017 09:36 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is another nice story I think you will like.

An 18-year-old woman is a shining example of Canadian kindness – and Canadian resilience to the cold. Eileen Eagle Bears was warm and dry at home with her family during Monday’s blizzard near Brandon, Manitoba when highway cameras showed a trucker stuck in the snow on the side of highway 10. Heartbroken by the driver’s situation on television, Eileen vowed to help. The trucker, a Winnipeg driver named Peter Douglas, had had to spend Monday night in his truck waiting for the snow to clear up. On Tuesday morning, however, he awoke to an unusual surprise.

Eileen had trekked two and a half miles on horseback – and some of the distance on foot due to the ice – so she could deliver a thermos of hot coffee to Peter. Later that day, Eileen returned once more to give Peter water and a thermos of stew. Peter was eventually towed, but he was still shocked that the youth underwent so much trouble just to help him out. “She had to walk that horse half a mile up that hill and half a mile down because it was so icy. Blew me away,” Douglas told CTV. “She said she saw me on the camera. Her and her family were watching.”

There is good in the world

11 Mar 2017 09:49 in response to woodworm

What a great story Brian. For all the bad news we see in the world this good news story certainly outways the bad. Have a great day everyone and lets stay as positive as we can.

There is good in the world

12 Mar 2017 14:55 in response to woodworm

A lovely tale Brian and goes to show that there are good news stories out there. It warms the heart to read them.  Jules

There is good in the world

14 Mar 2017 11:30 in response to jules54

Hi friends,

Thanks folks.

Here is another little story I came across today, Brian

Christina Reitz has been searching for the boy who left a heart wrenching apology note and $5 bill on her door – and now, she has finally found him. Christina, a resident of Lakewood, Washington, had originally posted a photo of the note from her Chrissy Marie Facebook account asking if anyone knew the identity of the author. The letter read: “I am sorry that we stole your windchimes. Our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window. I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad. Jake.”

Rather than being mad over the stolen decoration, Christina was moved by the heartfelt message. She started searching for Jake in order to return his money and give him another windchime for him to keep as his own. After the letter’s post went viral, Jake’s aunt finally came forward saying that she knew the boy. Since the family has been grieving, however, they prefer to have their identities remain anonymous. But Christina says that she will soon be meeting with Jake in order to fulfill her mission of showing some compassion to a boy who needs it more than ever.

There is good in the world

14 Mar 2017 17:09 in response to woodworm

Just a beautiful tale.  Jules

There is good in the world

18 Mar 2017 09:21 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is another heart warming tale, Brian.

All most people can hope for is to live a long, happy and healthy life. But as you get older, it's inevitable to have regrets or dreams you don't think you'll ever accomplish. It's usually going on holiday to somewhere in particular or seeing your grandchildren walk down the aisle - but for one woman, her final wish was to be arrested. And police were only too happy to oblige.

The Dutch cops, based in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, posted sweet photographs of the woman sitting in a jail cell on their Facebook page . In the snaps, she's positively beaming as she shows the camera the handcuffs around her wrists. They captioned the photograph to explain that the woman, Annie, is almost 100 years old and her granddaughter had asked police to help her fulfil one of her last wishes on her bucket list - experiencing being arrested and locked up in a police cell.

The police officers arranged it so that Annie could sit with handcuffs on in a cell - and she was absolutely delighted, as their photos show. They said it was a 'day to remember', but we're sure it'll be far more memorable for Annie. The police officers then posted the photographs on their Facebook page, where her antics quickly went viral and won over hundreds of people praising the department for helping her. Claudia Ruesga commented: "What a great Police Department! You helped accomplish a part of her bucket list."


There is good in the world

18 Mar 2017 13:38 in response to woodworm

Thanks for sharing Brian. A rather strange bucket list request but delighted it was made possible for her by a caring police force.  To bring some happiness to someone else is a beautiful gift. Jules

There is good in the world

21 Mar 2017 09:33 in response to jules54

Hi everyone,

Here is another GOOD NEWS STORY, Brian.

A California family whose son was diagnosed with leukemia is thankful for volunteers who spent the week at their home in order to give one special little boy a big surprise.

“Special Spaces of San Francisco partnered with Disney On Ice performers this week to transform the small bedroom Austin Bolender shares with his brother into a place fit for a king — a Lion King, which is one of Austin’s favorite movies.”

A large mouse named “Mickey” was there for the big room reveal.

Diagnosed in May, 2014, Austin has undergone several chemo treatments and will undergo a complete bone marrow transplant on February 9th at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

There is good in the world

21 Mar 2017 12:19 in response to woodworm

Brian how good is that. Im sure there are many great stories like this that we never get to hear of. These stories really make our day.

Thanks Brian.

There is good in the world

21 Mar 2017 15:34 in response to woodworm

Fantastic story Brian and I do hope Austin's transplant went well.  I bet he was over the moon with the bedroom transformation.  Heartwarming.  Jules