Together we will beat cancer


There is good in the world

15 Nov 2016 21:50 in response to woodworm

Some good out of the fire devestation and animals seem to be aware that they are being helped too. Jules

There is good in the world

15 Nov 2016 21:51 in response to haze44

Goo to know Hazel, another heartwarming tale. Jules

There is good in the world

15 Nov 2016 22:41 in response to woodworm

What a fantastic thing to do. . 

There is good in the world

16 Nov 2016 00:05 in response to woodworm
How good is this. Really for all the bad things in the world there are many more good things. We just need to look. Good on you Brian for sharing this with us. Have a great day everyone.

There is good in the world

16 Nov 2016 10:06 in response to ianwoody

Hi everyone,

Thanks folks, glad you enjoy this thread.

This dogs excitment is so obvious. We all need to be wanted,  Brian.

There is good in the world

17 Nov 2016 11:38 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is todays good news story.

How niceisthat, Brian

There is good in the world

18 Nov 2016 15:38 in response to woodworm

Hi Folks,

Here is todays story, Brian.

There is good in the world

18 Nov 2016 23:30 in response to woodworm

Thats such a lovely thing to do. Sad but lovely, Mandy

There is good in the world

19 Nov 2016 07:12 in response to woodworm

An interesting idea though the sceptic in me wonders how they know the food gets to the really needy . Still a good news feed for initiative. Jules 

There is good in the world

26 Nov 2016 15:07 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is another sad but true addition to this thread, Brian

There is good in the world

26 Nov 2016 16:11 in response to woodworm

Made me cry so sad what brave 11 year old boy to do that give is organs to help others so brave my heart goes out to they family. They should be so proud of him. 

There is good in the world

26 Nov 2016 16:22 in response to woodworm

A very sad day but a wonderful final gift and lasting legacy to those he was able to help. His family will be devastated at his loss but so proud. Jules

There is good in the world

26 Nov 2016 18:03 in response to woodworm

How sad but how wonderful at the same time - and a beautiful tribute from the medics. 

Hazel xx

There is good in the world

27 Nov 2016 01:59 in response to woodworm
I have to agree with everyone and say how wonderful this story is. For all the bad stories we here everyday this is certainly a change to here a good story. The news is always full of bad stories I so glad to get good stories off Woodworm. Thanks mate.

There is good in the world

27 Nov 2016 09:30 in response to ianwoody

Hello my friends,

That was a heart warming but sad story.

Hi Ian, thanks for the kind words.

How brave was that at just 11 years old?? Well done lad, Brian

There is good in the world

28 Nov 2016 10:35 in response to woodworm

Ditto what u said Brian a brave boy indeed. 

I have only just found this thread

There is good in the world

28 Nov 2016 11:22 in response to Seabird

Hi folks,

Thanks CAROL. Here is another great story.

An elderly man battling cancer has warmed the hearts of thousands after he taught himself to knit so he can help local babies.

Ed Moseley, 86, decided to pitch in and knit hats for tiny premature babies when staff at his assisted living centre in Georgia, USA, suggested the project.

When residents at Dogwood Forest were told about the project, Ed was keen but there was just one problem - he had no idea how to do it.

"I've never knitted in my life," he told .

So his daughter came to the rescue, bringing him a looming kit and instructions, and Ed managed to pick up the skill fairly quickly, making one tiny hat every three hours.

The Bunt family were grateful for Ed's contributions (Photo: Facebook/ Dogwood Forest Assisted Living/Bunt Family handout)

Now he's an absolute pro, making two hats in that time - and it doesn't even keep him away from his favourite shows.

"I could watch TV at the same time and knit," he said.

Ed, who is battling cancer, had a target of 150 hats but the pile soon started building up when other residents at the centre started pitching in.

They managed to double his target and made 300 hats in time for National Preemie Awareness Day - Ed produced 55 on his own.

The hats were delivered to the NICU in their local Northside Hospital, where families expressed their gratitude.

Well done Ed.

Hope you like this story, Brian.

There is good in the world

28 Nov 2016 20:00 in response to woodworm

Bless that man, he has certainly started something there by the look of it!  

Thanks, Brian.

H xx

There is good in the world

29 Nov 2016 09:03 in response to woodworm

Brilliant achievement and I think one that benefits both the maker and the receivers.  Have seen this happen at our local prem baby unit by a team of people but to do this on your own and having to learn the skill of knitting in order to do it .....awesome.  Well done that man (and his other helpers).  Jules

There is good in the world

29 Nov 2016 10:47 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is a story that lives up to the title of this thread, Brian.

An elderly man has bought a little girl a Minnie Mouse doll at a supermarket because his late wife loved the Disney character and he had no family to buy Christmas gifts for.

Mum Abigail Crewe described the man as "amazing" after the encounter at an ASDA supermarket in Shipley with her sister Jemma and unnamed four-year-old daughter.

"This gentleman began to make a fuss over my daughter," she wrote on Facebook in a post shared more than 20,000 times. "We smiled and made polite conversation." "(He) pointed to the Disney teddies and insisted he bought one for her," she said.  "I quickly denied this generous offer but he insisted and went on to tell us that he lost his wife 18 months prior and she loved Mickey Mouse.

"He went on to say he has no family of his own and all he wanted to do was buy a Christmas gift for somebody. "So we let him buy a Minnie mouse for her.... My heart is well and truly full of love today.  "This man made my day and it will be a Christmas story I will tell to my little girl every year when she asks what Christmas is all about.

"What an amazing man."

There is good in the world

29 Nov 2016 12:39 in response to woodworm

Oh, this made me want to cry, Brian. 

Hazel  xx

There is good in the world

29 Nov 2016 13:31 in response to woodworm

Just beautiful Brian and a lovely way for this man to celebrate his wife's memory. Jules

There is good in the world

30 Nov 2016 09:16 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is another heart touching story, Brian

An autistic boy who told his mum that he had sent himself birthday card as no one else would has received THOUSANDS after his story went public .Ollie Jones, who turns 15 on Saturday, broke his mum’s heart when he made two birthday cards for himself thinking they would be the only ones he would get. Mum Karen turned to Facebook for help, appealing for people to send him birthday cards on a local community site. And the pair were thrilled when people did just that, with 8,000 cards flooding in for the only child.

The cards started to arrive in their box-loads on Thursday morning with hundreds more at the local post office waiting to be delivered.In addition, the phone at the family’s home in Exmouth, Devon is ringing constantly with other goodwill messages.Karen, a full-time single mum and voluntary support worker for parents with autism, said: “He has no friends because of his autism and when I saw he had made the cards it pulled my heart strings.

“I thought maybe we could just try to get him a few extra cards this year. “So, I put a little post on Facebook asking people to send him birthday cards and now I’m having messages from all over the world.” The 49-year-old said that the birthday messages had given a big boost to her son, who also enjoys opening envelopes. Ollie has received 8,000 cards after his mum's Facebook plea went viral  She added: “We are a small family - it’s just us two and the dog.”

Her Facebook post has now been shared more than 9,000 times with people across the globe pledging to send a card. Ollie had said: “No one gives me birthday cards, just me.” Karen added: “It just brought tears to my eyes, I thought ‘oh my God’, it was a lump in the throat moment. “All I can say is thank you, the kindness, love and goodwill of everyone has been phenomenal.”

There is good in the world

30 Nov 2016 15:15 in response to woodworm

A lovely response for this lad and his Mum from social networking .  So good when it is not all doom and gloom.  Jules

There is good in the world

1 Dec 2016 11:44 in response to jules54

Good morning folks,

Thank everyone.

Here is todays good news story.Brian

A farmer who was diagnosed with terminal cancer has been given a helping hand which shows what a community can achieve when they pull together. Carl Bates was told he has a "fast, aggressive cancer" which has spread to different parts of his body, including his spinal column and kidney, his family revealed. When his younger brother Earnie told the Illinois farming community where Carl lives in Galva, Illinois about the illness, they set about harvesting all 450 acres of his corn - in just one day.

Carl, who decided to skip treatment, was resting when his friends pulled together and completed the harvest on September 25, which would usually have taken a week to do. It was Carl's cousin Dan who first came up with the idea, according to ABC News, and he brought together 40 people, who donated machinery and man hours to the cause, including 12 trucks from local grain broker Rumbold and Kuhn. Dan's daughter-in-law Melissa Bates said: ""It’s not a new thing. Farmers have been pulling together like this forever, when someone is ill or has an accident, just in our daily life. "We just come together and do it. Even people who were not very close to their family wanted to be involved. I think if they are in the same situation, you can’t do it by yourself."

Brother Ernie revealed that Carl's been faming since he was around four years old. Although he's not a man to ask for hand-outs, he was grateful for the aid, said Ernie. "He was very pleased with everybody and happy they came out."

There is good in the world

1 Dec 2016 15:11 in response to woodworm

Yesterday's and today's make you realise just how many kind, lovely people there still are in the world.

Thanks, Brian, Hazel xx

There is good in the world

1 Dec 2016 15:36 in response to woodworm

Great story and farming communities have a wonderful way of being there for each other in times of crisis. have a friend of a friend who farms in Wales.  She first lost her son in a tragic accident and then her husband to cancer.  Now she runs the farm with some help from other local farmers.  It just warms the heart when you hear/read these tales.  Jules

There is good in the world

2 Dec 2016 10:32 in response to haze44

Hi Folks,

Thanks Hazel and Jules.

Here is another nice story. Brian

An old soldier whose appeal for work to stop him “dying of boredom” went global has landed a job in a posh cafe. Joe Bartley, 89, was “over the moon” after acing his first ever interview to become a waiter at the Cantina Kitchen and Bar. He starts on Sunday but is already a hit with regulars as he learns the ropes.

The widower, who retired from his last job as a college cleaner six years ago, said: “I don’t think I’ve had a job interview before. I’m joyfully surprised at the outcome – I’m really glad I got it.” Joe, who has no children and lives alone after his wife Cassie died last year, added: “I’ve spoken to a lot of people here already.

'Please save me': 89-year-old war veteran desperate to work as he battles loneliness following death of his wife Joe, 89, impressed in his job interview - his first ever  Cafe co-owner Kate Allen says: 'We’re really looking forward to having him'  “They all seem really nice and one lady gave me a kiss. You don’t see anybody where I am, in a flat, so I’m looking forward to getting involved and meeting people.”

The pensioner, who served as a wireless operator with the 6th Airborne Divisional Signals in Palestine after the war, was inundated with offers after taking out an ad last week saying: “Save me from dying of boredom!”  The former soldier will be waiting tables, cleaning and preparing veg in his new job  He hopes to work around 20 hours a week waiting, cleaning and preparing veg at the cafe near his home in Paignton, Devon – and is even keen on a bit of overtime.

Co-owner Kate Allen, 43, said: “We’re really looking forward to having him.”

There is good in the world

12 Feb 2017 12:51 in response to woodworm

Hi everyone,

I thought it about time this tread was re-surected.

Here is a nice story of something good out of something bad.

I hope you like it, Brian.

A 12-year-old girl and her mother were selling Girl Scout cookies outside of a Safeway supermarket in Union City, New Jersey on Wednesday night when a youth approached them with a gun and demanded all of their money.

The family was thoroughly shaken by the robbery, but they were left unharmed. In order to make up for the incident, the police association bought out the entire remaining stock of the mother and daughter’s cookies, amounting to over $1,000.

“At that time, we did what we could to make it, loving and compassionate and healing,” Lisa Gratez told ABC7.

The suspect is still at large, but this is reportedly the first incident of armed robbery in over 100 years of selling Girl Scout Cookies – let’s hope for 100 more.

There is good in the world

14 Feb 2017 08:23 in response to woodworm

Brian just a great story. With all the bad news stories in the media it is certainly refreshing to get a good news story. Enjoy everyone and thanks again Brian for putting a smile on our faces.