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There is good in the world

16 Jun 2016 08:43 in response to woodworm

Morning all,

I have another story I would like to share with you all.

A Pennsylvania bride had only just said “I do” when she found herself performing CPR on an unconscious woman outside her wedding reception Saturday, possibly saving her life. Trauma nurse Julie Stroyne was just about to enter a Pittsburgh hotel’s doors with her new husband, Andrew Nixon, when she heard someone scream, “‘Does anybody know CPR? Is anybody a doctor?’” she recalled to KDKA-TV. “I looked over, and I think my nursing instincts took over and I bolted over to the bench to see if she was all right,” she said.

Trauma nurse Julie Stroyne is being hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of an unconscious woman on her wedding night.There, she said she found a woman passed out on a bench. She was described as not having a pulse.“My sister got down on her knees and immediately began CPR,” Stroyne’s sister, Kaitlyn Stroyne, who witnessed the heroic rescue, told Pennsylvania’s Observer-Reporter.

After some compressions, Julie, who works at UPMC-Presbyterian hospital, said the woman came to and started mumbling. She held her hand and kept her on the bench until an ambulance came and took her away. Julie is seen walking hand-in-hand with her new husband, Andrew Nixon, near where she revived the woman. “Once the paramedics stepped in, we kind of stepped back,” Julie told the Observer-Reporter.

One of the wedding party’s guests described the bride’s acts as “unbelievable.” “She didn’t hesitate for a second,” Darlene Limpert, who witnessed the event, told WPXI-TV. Her new husband expressed pride but confessed that he wasn’t surprised. “It was a heroic act. I’m not surprised. I’ve known her a long time,” he told KDKA.

It's strange how sometimes a life can be saved by a complete stranger, Brian

There is good in the world

25 Jun 2016 08:28 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is a lovely story I wanted to share with you all.

A group of schoolboys in southeast Australia are being hailed as heroes for their collective act of kindness toward an 81-year-old man.

The young students from Cooma North Public School, in New South Wales, were about to board a bus after a rugby league game when they spotted the retiree struggling to move his woodpile.

Instead of ignoring his plight, the boys and their parents decided to go the extra mile — and came together to help the elderly gent shift the logs from in front of his property to around back.

School principal Belinda Jamieson described the good deed in a Friday Facebook post that’s since been liked more than 71,000 times.

“It was a rather large pile and would have taken the gentleman a long time,” Jamieson wrote. “The boys and dads, without hesitation, decided to help the gentleman and completed the task in no time at all.” 

She added she was “very proud” of the heartwarming gesture, saying it was wonderful to hear that her students were “paying it forward.”

The retiree’s identity has not been reported. But someone claiming to be his daughter later posted her thanks on Facebook.

“That was my parents,” wrote Donna Joy Lauff, whom The Huffington Post has reached out to for further comment.

“When I arrived to help the wood was all moved!!” Lauff wrote on Facebook. “My parents were so grateful and can’t stop talking about what a fabulous bunch of boys.”

Well done lads, Brian.

There is good in the world

16 Sep 2016 10:40 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Thought it about time I added to this thread.

Just goes to show, you never know what your capable of unles you try. Well done to him, Brian

There is good in the world

16 Sep 2016 11:34 in response to woodworm

What a fantastic lad.  Thanks for sharing this Brian.  Where did you find it, it needs sharing on Facebook or somewhere.

H xx

There is good in the world

16 Sep 2016 13:07 in response to woodworm

Amazing story and thank you for sharing it Brian.  Human nature at it's absolute best. Jules

There is good in the world

16 Sep 2016 13:39 in response to haze44

Hi folks,

Thanks Hazel and Jules. I'm not sure where I found it Hazel.

Heres another story.

When 19-year-old Hannah Spooner won a Little Caesar’s contest entitling her to $500 dollars worth of pizza for a year, she didn’t start gobbling like many of us would. Instead, the Detroit native toured local philanthropies, searching for the perfect place to donate her prize. She settled on Covenant House Michigan, a shelter for homeless youth ages 18-24. The organization was more than happy to accept. 

“Our kids would eat pizza every day,” Melissa Golpe, the center’s PR director, told The Huffington Post. “We have a number of generous people that do really special things for our kids.”

Once news of Hannah’s donation started making rounds, the Little Caesar’s Love Kitchen threw a free pizza party at Covenant House independent of Hannah’s winnings, Golpe said. The house will use Hannah’s prize for a pizza party to celebrate the finale of its Total Me program, in which students from a local college mentor house residents on various life skills.

It’s a story of pizza given, given away and then given away again ... you might just call it the “circle of pie.”

Hope you like this one too, Brian.

There is good in the world

17 Sep 2016 09:22 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Here is another story I think you'll like.


Cancer-ravaged teacher stunned as 400 pupils gather outside his home to sing tear-jerking song of support

Country music legend Tim McGraw told how Ben Ellis is undergoing treatment, but the school where he teaches arrived to give him support

A cancer-ravaged teacher was left fighting back tears as 400 pupils arrived outside his home to sing songs of worship.

The footage shows Ben Ellis, a teacher undergoing cancer treatment, at home in Nashville, Tennessee.

And outside his window is a gathering of hundreds of students singing to him to wish him all the best.

Their song, Holy Spirit You are Welcome Here, peals out across the neighbourhood.

The video's been a massive hit with more than 14 million views on Facebook since it was shared by country music star Tim McGraw on Saturday.

He explained: "A friend sent this to me today.

"Ben Ellis is a Nashville area high school teacher battling cancer . The entire student body - 400 plus students plus HS faculty - drove to his house to worship with him.

Ben Ellis watched from his window as more than 400 students and teaching colleagues sang hymns to him

He added: "Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family... So precious and kind."

The video was recorded on Wednesday September 7, and the lyrics have a poignancy in Mr Ellis' condition: "Holy Spirit You are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere, your glory God is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by Your presence Lord."

A woman who says she's a parent from the school posted on Facebook that the event came together about "three separate and unrelated people" told her they had been shown visions of the students singing praises on Mr Ellis lawn.

"So we loaded the buses and cars and went," MailOnline report s Shannon Lee Seibert as writing.

I hope you like this story, Brian

There is good in the world

17 Sep 2016 13:18 in response to woodworm

Thanks again Brian, both stories show the positive sides of human nature.More reporting in our news media of such tales could provide inspiration to so many I think.

Have just returned from the gym where, for the duration of the paralympics we are  donating to a Crohns charity by paying to 'step' in addition to our usual workout.  It is motivational and inspirations to watch some our members taking part (several with MS or having had a stroke themselves plus those in their 80's).


There is good in the world

18 Sep 2016 08:59 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

Thanks Jules. I do believe stories like these should be given more prominence to offset all the bad news we keep hearing, Brian

Kind-hearted Aldi security guard pays for pensioner's shopping when he ran out of money at till


A kindhearted security guard stepped in and handed over money to the cashier after spotting an elderly man struggling to pay for his shopping. Louis Pierre Yonsian, a guard at the Aldi store in Salford, Greater Manchester, watched as the shopper, who was in his 80s. He could not find the money to pay for a single bed sheet and a few other items.

The guard heard the pensioner say: ‘I’ll have to come back tomorrow’ before he came to the rescue and handed over a £20 note. Housewife Jane Phillips, 56, from Salford, witnessed the generous gesture and said: “I could have cried when I saw him do that, it was really moving. The security guard's actions moved a customer ‘to tears’

“I was just in the queue having done a bit of shopping and security guard was helping an older chap with a walking stick. “The sheet was brought to him but I think when he saw the price he said he’d come back tomorrow. “The security guard just handed it over to the girl on the till and said ‘I will pay for it all’.

“There wasn’t a lot, just a few items, but it was so wonderful and lovely.”

Modest Louis, 42, said that although his role primarily focuses on security, it was also his job to make sure that shoppers at the branch, had a good in-store experience.. The pensioner could not find the money to pay for a single bed sheet and a few other items Louis, from Blackley, said: “I like to help customers when they need it and make people comfortable when they’re in the store. “When I saw this particularly regular customer I just thought about my father and grandfather and if either of them needed something and didn’t have the money that day. “He was really surprised and said ‘thank-you, God bless you’.”

Liam Griffiths, operations director at Maybank Security which provides security for the store, said he was incredibly proud of what Louis did. Liam said: “We try to instil to all our staff about customer service but this is going far and beyond. “That’s not what he’s there for but it’s a lovely gesture – fair play to him. I’m very, very proud of him.”



There is good in the world

18 Sep 2016 15:41 in response to woodworm

Yes, I read this too Brian, and thought what a lovely gesture it was.  As you say, all these bits of good news make such a refreshing change from the norm.

H xx


There is good in the world

19 Sep 2016 08:56 in response to haze44

Hi folks

here is todays story.

Leon Logothetis on a mission. Riding his yellow motorcycle, which he calls Kindness One, he is attempting to travel around the world on nothing but the kindness of strangers. No money. No food. Nowhere to stay. Logothetis is counting on the generosity of the human spirit to keep him going.

"It's all about inspiring other people and being inspired myself," Logothetis said of his passion project today on " Good Morning America."

So far, he's met with success. In Las Vegas, a family gave him food and a place to sleep.

In Nebraska, cowboys let him stay with them on their ranch.

"The American people have been absolutely fantastic," Logothetis said.

And in Pittsburgh, after a dozen people turned him down, Logothetis met Tony, a homeless man who shared his food and offered to let Logothetis sleep with him in a dilapidated garage.

"It was so inspiring, so humbling for me," Logothetis said. "The people in Pittsburgh hadn't really helped and he offered me a place to stay. He gave me food, he gave me some clothes, and he inspired me."

So just how far can kindness get you? Logothetis is determined to find out.

"I used to be broker in London, sitting behind a desk, working 12 hour days, and it wasn't for me," he explained. "Then I went and traveled the world and connected with people. And that's what it's all about. That's where the magic is; connection. Heart to heart."

One his blog, Logothetis said he'll board a ship from New York to Europe, adding he'll do so "as a non-paying passenger. Kindness Rocks!"

He also lists a tentative itinerary that would see him traveling to France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Instanbul, India, Bhutan, Cambodia and Vietnam, among other countries.

His journey will be filmed for a TV show. The trip also serves to raise awareness about and raise funds for Make a Wish International.

Hope you like this one, Brian.

There is good in the world

23 Sep 2016 08:08 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

here is todays good news story.

Well done to her. Stories like this prove to me There is Good In The World, Brian.

There is good in the world

28 Sep 2016 09:45 in response to woodworm

Hi folks,

Here is another story.

Hope you like this one, Brian.

There is good in the world

28 Sep 2016 11:55 in response to woodworm

Thanks for these last two, Brian, really heartwarming.  Here's one I found today.

Hazel xx



There is good in the world

28 Sep 2016 12:05 in response to haze44

Can I also mention the wonderful Brownlee brothers at the recent Triathlon in Mexico, and all athletes who stop to help another at the cost of their own place in a competition?  Great people.

H xx