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Re: There is good in the world

19 May 2016 17:00 in response to woodworm

Such kindness is so much nicer when it is noticed but not bragged about.Lovely tale.  Jules

Re: There is good in the world

20 May 2016 08:51 in response to jules54

Here is todays good news story


SUNNY ISLES BEACH (CBSMiami) – There was an emotional reunion between a woman who nearly drowned in Sunny Isles Beach and the hero who jumped in to save her.

The City of Sunny Isles Beach presented Javier Fernandez with the medal of valor for coming to Rose Cireus’ rescue when she was drowning two weeks ago at the Newport Pier.

What Fernandez did not know is that Cireus would be there to thank him personally.

Fernandez was having lunch with his wife and baby when he heard screams from bystanders and quickly jumped in the water to save Cireus.

“As I was under the water, I thought my life was actually over so when I saw my eyes and I saw all white I was like, ‘Wow, this is it,'” said Cireus.

When Fernandez jumped in and grabbed her, he says the current pulled them both back.

Minutes later, Fernandez dragged Cireus onto shore where it appears she wasn’t responding until he turned her on her side and Cireus started to move again.

“When I actually opened my eyes back, I was in the sand and I didn’t know what happened, who saved me,” said Cireus.

Since that day, Cireus has wanted nothing more than to meet the man who saved her life.

“I will never forget him till the day my life is over on this earth, I will never forget what he did for me,” said Cireus after meeting Fernandez.

“My heart was beating fast,” said Fernandez, about meeting Cireus.  “It was like seeing someone I’ve always known who I hadn’t seen in a long time.”

During the ceremony, Fernandez was also presented with a two-night stay and dinner for two at Newport Beachside Hotel.

Nice story, Brian.

Re: There is good in the world

27 May 2016 10:30 in response to woodworm

Hi everyone,

Here is a story I found which I would like to share with you all.


The bond between two kids is helping them through the toughest of times. 

Stella Usiak and Lucas Lowe, both 12, met during their battles with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The two, who are currently patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, have been there for each other through their journeys and formed a special bond, WGRZ reported. 

“She’s had a crush on me for a while now, and I’ve had a crush on her, so her and me are boyfriend and girlfriend now,” Lucas told the outlet. 

The pair have small dates like eating lunch together or having quick chats. For Valentine’s Day, Lucas gave Stella a ring, and has even made a sweet video about how special Stella is to him. 

Stella’s mother, Jennifer Usiak, told The Huffington Post that the pair is elated to simply be around one another. Even emoji-filled texts from Lucas brighten Stella’s day. 

“It’s cute. If he sends a text and she’s not feeling good it puts a smile on her face,” Usiak said of Lucas’ impact on her daughter. “It’s like ... they are an old couple who spent a lifetime together.”

According to WGRZ, the pair both went into remission at one point and relapsed later on. Both also received bone marrow transplants. Because of the couple’s experiences, the mom says it’s easy for them to relate to one another. 

Dr. Meghan Higman of the institute’s pediatric hematology and oncology program notes that it’s important for kids undergoing treatment for a life-threatening illness to have strong support systems like the one seen between the couple.  

“The relationship allows them to talk about and understand what’s happening and offer support to each other in ways that other kids can’t,” Higman told HuffPost. Later she added, “The only person who can truly understand what a kid with cancer is going through is another child with cancer.” 

Higman mentioned that by having a peer who’s going through a similar situation, a child is able to not only talk about treatment, but also discuss how the illness may affect other facets of life. The connection may also help improve mental health. 

“For kids who have to be in hospital or going back and forth to clinics for long periods of time, they miss out on going to school, school dances, on family events. ... To have someone your own age who’s been through some of the things you’ve been through, it gives some normalcy,” she explained. “It helps decrease anxiety and helps them have someone else to ... talk out their frustrations or concerns.”  

This story so relates to this site where just by talking to others it make us not feel so alone, Brian

Re: There is good in the world

27 May 2016 11:40 in response to woodworm

Hello  Brian.

I  am  lucky  enough  not  to be  affected  by  this  horrible  desease  yet,  but have  recently  had  a  scare.

I  want  to  tell you  that  this  thread  of  loveliness and  heartwarming  doings,  has  lifted  my  spirits  tremendously!  Please,  keep  finding  them  for  us?  And  please  be  happy  with  your  life. I  wish  you well  and  much  happiness.  xxxxx

Re: There is good in the world

27 May 2016 12:17 in response to authorangie

Hi Authorangie,

Thank you so much for replying and I am so pleased its lifted your spirits. Your reply has made me feel good too.

I can tell you I am very happy with my life; I have so much to be thankful for.

Wishing you all the best for the long weekend and for the future, Brian

Re: There is good in the world

27 May 2016 16:30 in response to woodworm

A heartwarming tale Brian. I do hope those two kids see a long remission following their treatment and am sure there would remain a close bond having been through so much together.

Having been touched by cancer 'by association' in both losing my long term friend and then hubby, the forum has given, and continues to give me, that 'somewhere to belong' feeling. Sharing both the highs and the lows with such good forum buddies means that even when I am alone I do not have to feel lonely. Hope that makes some sense. All the  best for the weekend.  Jules x

Re: There is good in the world

27 May 2016 19:55 in response to jules54

Brian, a lovely but sad story.  I have to agree with both you and Jules, we are never lonely or alone with our worries on here, and we have a few giggles too! 

Hazel xx

Re: There is good in the world

27 May 2016 20:46 in response to haze44

Hi folks,

Here is another story I want to share with you all.

An Idaho teenager escorted his mom to prom after she feared she'll miss his future wedding day.

Kerry Huffaker of Twin Falls, Idaho, was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer with a 1-2 year prognosis. So, her son Dylan brought her as his date to the Canyon Ridge High School prom.

"That was the most beautiful I think I've ever seen her," Dylan told ABC News. "I thought about it and I can look back after years and years and remember who I went to prom with. I'll know it was someone I loved who meant something to me."

Weeks before the prom, Dylan showed up to where his mom Kerry was receiving radiation treatment with a box of donuts. Written in icing was a message that read: "Will you go to prom with me?"

Watch the hospital suprise below:

"I was taken by surprise, that's for sure," Kerry told ABC News. "I try not to focus too much on the future. I try to live today as best as I can, but [thought], 'Who's going to dance with my son when the mom is supposed to dance with the groom at his wedding day?'"

"My reaction was, 'You don't want to go to prom with your old, bald mom. You'll be embarrassed.' And he said,'No I won't. I'll have the prettiest date there.'"

Dylan said the best part about the night was sharing a special dance with his mom to "The Dance" by Garth Brooks.

"The D.J. cleared the dance floor and let us dance the first half, just me and my mom," Dylan said. "I put her through 17 years of hard times, so it's worth it to take her to prom. I love that my mom is as caring as she is. No matter what your going through, she's willing to help -- no matter what hard times she's facing."

I hope you like this, Brian.

Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 06:45 in response to woodworm

Morning Brian,

That is absolutely amazing, a wonderful story that has me sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing it,


Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 14:20 in response to haze44

Hi all, as Brian is having a busy weekend thought I might add one instead.  

Hazel xx

Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 18:47 in response to woodworm

Like Mandy just found this a most emotional read  - thanks for posting it here. Jules x

Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 18:49 in response to haze44

An amazing  tale Hazel and though his training would have prepared him for such a situation  this does  not take away the fact that his actions were fantastic and he so derserved his award.  Thanks for popping it on this thread.  Jules x

Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 19:04 in response to jules54

Hi Jules.  Yes, I realise this would be part of his overall job, as with all the emergency services, but I still thought his bravery was outstanding.

H xx


Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 19:18 in response to haze44

Could not agree more Hazel.

Hope you have had a good day in the lovely sunshine (once the cloud cleared away early this morning - needed a brolly for my walk to the gym!!).  Jules x

Re: There is good in the world

28 May 2016 19:24 in response to Mandymops

Hi folks,

Thanks Mandy, Jules and Hazel.

Here is another small story.

When a teacher’s cat passed away, she was left speechless by the act of kindness her students performed.

To help ease her sadness, the students walked into class with flowers, balloons, cakes, and, finally, their big surprise — two new kittens.

I hope you like this one, Brian.