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16 Oct 2017 11:04 in response to ianwoody

Hi folks,

Here is one I found today, Brian.

The Montreal Canadiens announced on Wednesday that Jonathan Drouin has partnered with the Canadiens Children's Foundation to host less fortunate children at a Bell Centre suite for Habs games. Drouin is making a personal annual contribution of $165,000 for the suite, which will bear the name "Jo et ses champions" (Jo and his champions).

"From the first day I got here, I wanted to get involved and do something for children by giving them an opportunity to enjoy memorable experiences. By giving them a chance to attend a hockey game, I am hoping that an evening in the suite will provide the kids and their families with some relief from the personal hardships they are facing," Drouin said in a statement. "They'll have a chance to be together and have a great time, and for me, it's an opportunity to contribute in my own way to their well-being."

It's the second major charitable donation for Drouin since being acquired by the Canadiens last summer. In September, he announced a $500,000 donation to the Fondation du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), and a pledge to help raise $5 million for the hospital.


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17 Oct 2017 06:26 in response to woodworm

Good stuff Brian. We appreciate your posts my friend. Thank you.

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Good morning everyone,

Thanks Ian

Here is a great story which I think you'll like, Brian.

Walter Erickson, 80, is a retired teacher who's been a substitute in a Minneapolis school district since 1991. Almost every day of the school year, Erickson is at Champlin Park High School. Last week, his students gave back to him in a way he never would have expected.

"He's just impacted so many of our lives in amazing ways," Katie Blodgett, a senior at Champlin Park, told CBS Minnesota. "He's the kind of substitute teacher where he connects with us more on a personal level and he obviously loves what he does and that makes it more encouraging for us to learn. "Mr. Erickson has been saving up to pay for his wife to get cataract surgery and some much needed dental work.

"When we found out the surgery may not be covered, we just wanted to help out," Breiter said. She, Blodgett and another friend started a ******** page. Donations, mostly small amounts from students, came pouring in.

They wrote on ********:

"Kelsey and Hailey are trying to raise money for a staff member of Champlin Park High School. Mr. Erickson and his wife have been struggling with money for many years. Mr. Erickson still substitutes for teachers most days as he can not retire due to paying for his wife's medical bills over many years. September and October can be the hardest months for the two and the money would benefit them in the coming winter months. Mr. Erickson has impacted Champlin Park students for many years and it would be great if students, staff, and community members could give back to him in this way."

The initial goal was $500. In just six days, the girls raised over $13,000.

"When I told my wife about this last Friday, she said, 'Who are these girls? What kind of parents do they have that they could be so caring and compassionate?'" Mr. Erickson said.

Mr. Erickson added that he was "just overwhelmed" by the students' generosity.

"I know my wife will appreciate it very much," he said. "Thanks a lot, really a lot."


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Hi Brian,

What a thoughtful act. I'm sure that this gift has given more pleasure than anything else that they could have been given. This story really touched me.



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22 Oct 2017 10:11 in response to Jolamine

Hi folks,

Here is another story that prove the title of this thread, Brian

Three teenagers in Nysa, Poland, were caught on a security camera placing a quilt over a homeless man sleeping on a bench before tucking him in. The three young men had been approached by the man earlier in the evening asking for help to find bedding for the cold night ahead, TVN24 reported. Hours later, they returned to the man, now asleep, and wrapped him up with two covers, making sure he was protected against the harsh weather. "We took the quilt for this gentleman. We hugged him," Szymon said in an interview with TVN24.

The Mayor of Nysa, Kordian Kolbiarz, congratulated the boys. "That's a big gesture," he said. "I bow to you. The world needs such gestures."

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22 Oct 2017 16:24 in response to woodworm

Three really heartwarming items, but I do like today's, the parents of those boys must be so proud of them.

Thanks Brian.

Hazel xx


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22 Oct 2017 16:27 in response to woodworm

Nice to read such heartwarming stories Brian when most of our news is doom and gloom. Thanks for sharing.Jules

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25 Oct 2017 11:48 in response to jules54

Hi folks,

here is todays story, Brian.

A 5-year-old boy has become a superhero to homeless cats on the streets of Philadelphia. Shon's aunt Kris Papiernik and her fiance have been involved with cat rescues and fosters for the past ten years. When Shon first expressed interest in helping out with the cats, Papiernik wasn't too sure. "We were a little hesitant at first because they're feral cats, and we thought they're going to run from a rambunctious 3-year-old," Papiernik said. But she couldn't have been more wrong.

One cat, Bug, would not cooperate when it came to getting shots and being neutered. "Nothing we tried worked," Papiernik said. "Bug eluded any close contact with us for two years." When his aunt decided to let Shon help out, the cats took to him right away -- including Bug. "Bug came right over to Shon, rubbed against his legs and allowed him to pet him." From that day on, Bug was changed. He was neutered and got the necessary vaccinations. And he's become one of the friendliest cats in the colony.


Since discovering his stray cat superpowers, Shon visits his aunt regularly, dressed as a superhero, and helps solve any problems that might arise among the 45 cats now under his aunt's care at four locations in the city. Shon loves the cats so much, he hates missing any chance to see them."If it's raining or cold or he can't go, he gets really upset," Papiernik told The Dodo. "He cries, and it really hurts him hard.""He truly loves them, and they love him back just as much."


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25 Oct 2017 14:42 in response to woodworm

Hello to all on this thread, 

Just leaving a little note here to say thank you  (particularly to Brian and his efforts to bring us all a little joy, but to all here too). 

I've just spent the past hour and some reading this thread from the beginning. It's been a difficult few weeks for my partner and I, with a few scares and playing the waiting game for him again, and every story here has brought me a little more peace and relief, and a whole lot of joy. 


Thank you! - T xx

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Wonderful tale of how animals will interact with the youngsters.  Thanks Brian.  Jules

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Good morning friends,

Thanks Anxiousgf and Jules.

Anxiousgf, glad this thread helped. We all need a bit of good news which is why I started this thread. It does help offset the bad news we keep hearing, Brian

A retired New Zealand farm dog named Louie is being hailed a hero after saving his rabbit-chasing "girlfriend", Maddy, who got stuck in a hole under a large pile of brush pile. Louie's heroic actions were brought to his family's attention after the elderly canine limped up his driveway, puffing, sore, collapsing with exhaustion at the house. Around his neck was a cardboard note.

"Louie is the hero of the day. He lead me to Maddy in distress stuck under a brush pile," the note read. Louie's owner, Francie Diver, said Louie and Maddy chase rabbits together across the rural properties on the outskirts of the township. "Maddy comes over every day about 4.30pm to collect him and they head off down the driveway into the distance," Diver told Stuff. "On Saturday, he went missing. About 6pm he arrived home so exhausted and had a tag attached to his collar. I thought, 'where has he been? What has he done?' I immediately thought the worst."

Maddy's owner, Rob, said he hadn't been able to find Maddy earlier that day as he headed off to run some errands in town. When he returned home, however, Louie was there, seeming very insistent on being followed. "Rob said he was 100 percent sure that Louie knew what he was doing, and getting Rob to Maddy was his one pure focus," Francie Diver's daughter Marolyn told The Dodo.

"Once he found her, Louie helped Rob dig her out, pulling at branches, digging out the ground. Rob said the second she was free both dogs ran to a nearby pond and jumped into it exhausted and drinking water. He then gave Louie a huge handful of dog biscuits as a thank you. He knew Louie might get in trouble for being late home, so he thought he would write a small note to explain his absence."

The Divers rescued Louie from an animal shelter when he was just a puppy. More than a decade later, their love for him is still growing. "It has changed the way I look at him. And I think my parents feel the same way," Marolyn says. "I'm so proud of him."

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28 Oct 2017 10:08 in response to woodworm

Good morning friends,

Here is another story that should have got more publicity than it did, Brian.

William Cookson recently started painting his house, but before he could finish the job, orders came in for Cookson to deploy to Kuwait with his Kansas Army National Guard unit. College students in the Diesel Technology Program at the Salina Area Technical College got word of Cookson's deployment and decided to finish the job. Diesel Instructor Mike Parker said all 40 of their students volunteered to help paint.

"We're just trying to come out here and help somebody in the community that needs help," Parker told KAKE News. Vice President of Instruction, Stephani Johns-Hines said this volunteer work also helps prepare students for life after school. "We want them to have professional skills, soft skills, time management skills, but also to become contributing members of society in community engagement ways," she said. Student painter Austin Workman told KAKE News that he's grateful for our military members. "They're giving up their freedom and their time to take care of our rights," he said. "This is our way of giving back." "Not a lot of us college kids got a lot of money but we do have a lot of time."

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30 Oct 2017 13:21 in response to Anxiousgf

Anxious GF good to hear from you. You will get a lot of joy just like we do reading the posts from Brian. There are some wonderful stories about great things that happen to people in need and to the great people that carry out these wonderful deeds.

Take care and chin up. These hurdels are put in front of us to jump over.

Regards Ian.

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Jules how are you. Trust our buddies Brian and Hazel are doing good. I have not been on the chat much as I am still having problems logging on. I will stay in touch as much as possible.

Good to see Brian is still giving us all a boost with his wonderful stories. Havent herd from our buddy Vatch much on the board.

Greetings to everyone.

15 month post treatment check up next week.

Regards Ian.

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Hi Ian,

I have everything crossed for your post-treatment check up next week and, hope that it is good news.