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The wait and the silence is frustrating

5 Dec 2018 13:50

I was referred for an ultrasound on a lump on my thyroid nearly two months ago. I wasn't worried as Ive had lumps and bumps scanned and for the scans to reveal nothing to worry about.

However, during this ultrasound was told that the lump has internal blood vessels and my lymph nodes on that side of the neck are very swollen. So I need a biopsy on the thyroid and the lymph nodes. I was told the biopsy would be 2 weeks away at least.

Since then I've just been waiting. Reaching the end of week 1 and no biopsy appointment letter. My dr contacted me via letter and asked me to book an appointment with her, saying it was non urgent but she wanted to discuss my ultrasound. I have book an appointment but it's not for 2.5 weeks. I have no one to talk to properly (I'm 35, single - recently dumped -  and my family don't handle emotional expression very well). My mum died from breast cancer that she was diagnosed with at 39.

I had no idea there would be so much waiting and silence. I've been referred twice for breast lumps and everything was wrapped up in 2 weeks both times.

Does anyone have any tips? I keep meeting with friends and then zoning out.

The wait and the silence is frustrating

5 Dec 2018 20:56 in response to FluffyMango

Hi Fluffy mango

Really sorry you lost your mum at such a young age. I lost my mum recently and it's a very difficult thing to deal with.

I think it is reassuring your GP does not want to see you urgently but if you are so worried why don't you ring them and have a chat with them? I'm sure they'll understand.

If you haven't heard anything from the biopsy team do ring them yourself. They could be very busy and you may be on a long waiting list but you certainly are entitled to good and timely care.

Meanwhile look after yourself. I'm sure there is a good soul out there who would be happy to listen to you and discuss your concerns- a friend you've forgotten they exist or a colleague,? 

Also listen to relaxation music, eat well, exercise if you can you might find it helpful and please in case you are tempted don't Google your symptoms. It's difficult to interpret the online results.

Everything is going to be fine



The wait and the silence is frustrating

6 Dec 2018 12:17 in response to Psyche74

Hi Psyche74,

Thank you.

I rang my Drs after waking up again with a low grade fever and slightly drenched in sweat despite my window being wide open and no heating on. This has been going on for a while and I kept brushing it off, but recently it's got worse and has added to my anxiety. The last time I had something like this, I was recovering from severe pneumonia (that put me in intensive care) and had a low grade night fever for months.

Anyway, my surgery have now moved the appointment forward to early next week. I have emailed the x ray department about the biopsy at the hospital as I cannot get through on the phone at all. Thank you for your advice. Such simple things to do but my mind was just racing.

I have suspected I may have some form of thyroiditis but the lump is painless and I have so far tested negative for Hashimotos, which runs in my family. I have over Googled my symptoms. I have confided my worry in a few friends but find myself quickly switching to say 'Oh it's probably nothing! I'm fine!' When I can see that they feel awkward and don't know what to say. 

I'm very sorry you lost your mum recently - it is really hard. It's quite cyclical for me. I can go months, years feeling fine and then suddenly I just really miss her.



The wait and the silence is frustrating

6 Dec 2018 12:25 in response to FluffyMango

Hi Fluffy

I'm glad something  has been done! Don't forget to ask your gp to chase the biopsy when you see them next week.