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'The story' Daniel

8 Jan 2018 18:04

I know not many of you have read my recent posts and looked at my thread (to those who have, thank you so much for your support), but my bestfriend Daniel is dying. In my previous post 'Daniel' I described him and what he was like, I also spoke about what I will do when he's gone. I've decided Im not going to wait. I'm going to start writing Daniel's story down, now while he's still here. I want Daniel to be a part of the book, not just what it's about. As someone recently replied to my post, 'the world deserved to know Daniel', and so the world shall. In no way will the book I am about to start writing be compleated in the near future but I'm going to make a start. Daniel was the kindest, sweetest most funny person in the whole world to me, he meant more than life. So The book will be dedicated to him and his family and all the cancer survivors, people who have lost someone to cancer and the hospital staff who took such great care of Daniel and us. I hope someday you will all read it. 

Daniel wrote letters to us, for my wedding day and his sisters, birthdays, children's birthdays, even grandchildren. He wrote letters for rainy days and happy days, he wrote letters to everyone. Even when he's gone, a little peice of him will always be with us. My hope is that this book will mean you all have a peice of his kindness, happiness and joy in your lives too. Daniels story is not all sad. It is a beautiful journey that ended too soon. 

Love, Poppy x 

Re: 'The story' Daniel

8 Jan 2018 19:21 in response to Poppy19

Hi poppy ... You already sound like a writer .... You have an amazing use of words, that catches the heart ...and makes us want to know more ... 

You may not have had lots of answers, but l bet lots have looked , l love hearing about your Daniel and can picture how wonderful he is ... You will touch so many hearts .... You go girl ... I hope you have him in your life for many moons to come xx

Re: 'The story' Daniel

8 Jan 2018 20:51 in response to Poppy19

Hello again.  You are brave to start the book now and I hope you will post more about it here. Don't push yourself too hard and give yourself room to be there for Daniel while you can.    Whatever you do we will always be happy to listen (and read!)