Together we will beat cancer


The Late Shift

9 Aug 2019 00:55

Hi, any BC Ladies on line at this late hour? No particular theme to this, just saying ' hi' and you are all in my thoughts. Nice day today, went to zoo, not something I ordinarilly agree with, but I'm not living the lfe I used to live and had an overpowering desire today, to escape from planet- cancer. 

The Late Shift

9 Aug 2019 01:59 in response to VPlum

Hi vplum 

Was starting to get worried you haven't been on lately, how's it going with your treatment, people reckon it's a lovely zoo over here is that true, that's certainly getting away from other planet best wishes. Moved bed downstairs now easier for moving Brenda, but i got to go further to toilet when I'm half asleep, taking (hopefully) Bella to vet later having trouble with her waterworks might need another op, nice to hear from you again,,