Together we will beat cancer


The good and the bad

2 Dec 2019 17:51 in response to rileyroo

We will have been passing each other around the markets! We could b seen at numerous gin tasting bays Laugh

The good and the bad

2 Dec 2019 17:58 in response to Jbains

Yes I def feel the cold more.... what's that about. Hope all is well on the work frontHappy

i usually put my tree up on 1st December but cos was away from very early Friday morning  I put it up on the Thursday so was all done for me coming back on the Sunday.  Love my lil twig tree ❤️



The good and the bad

2 Dec 2019 19:38 in response to Sandra123

Hey hey

First of all chrissie sorry for your loss love and squeeze hugs 

Sandra my results are next Wednesday I have my zoladex injection on this Wednesday 

I've had lazy day today but I did receive some parcels in post including someone made me hand made advent calendar but was only twelve days so got twelve days of goodies beauty and make up not sure if wait for twelfth or wait till xmas day or open them like pressies been out socialising recently which good fridsy night went to ny friends house and in which there was few of us ther had fer drinks I only had 2 as csnt handle it anymore makes me ill Saturday lunch with brother and mum

Bad my hip heen painful aged 32 going on 72


The good and the bad

2 Dec 2019 21:29 in response to Daylightdancer666

Ah ... everything crossed for u for next wed... let us know how things go❤️

lass get that calendar started you have a couple of days to catch up on Wink mind you that's me... can't hold my water so I'd be diving straight in lol.

so glad you are getting out and about with friend family.... if you feel like a duvet day.... they are ok too:)

Netflix, books and crafting are still my friends on those lazy do nowt days. x


The good and the bad

2 Dec 2019 22:17 in response to Daylightdancer666

Many thanks ... it's always harder loosing our young uns ... but sure my mum will have already taken her hand up there,  and given her the biggest nanny hug ever ...❤

Will be thinking of you wendesday ... Chrissie xx

The good and the bad

2 Dec 2019 22:20 in response to Sandra123

Sandra ... A K A billys mum lol ...

So lovely to see your posts ... we miss you ...  ; ((  

; ))  Chrissie ❤

The good and the bad

3 Dec 2019 09:08 in response to Chriss

Sorry Sandra didn't answer about working - all ok. Still working locally which is a blessing and still temping. That way can get out if can't handle anymore.

Dizzle the little one is gorjus!!!! Forget the rest - drop the negativity in life (which includes family) and use all on the family you now have. Their loss hun. I haven't even had contact since Jan this year and am glad of it. Surround yourself with those who make you happy.

I have my yearly mammo on Fri. Think a swig of sthg before is best medicine!! It hurts like a *****!! I still get anxious and have been trying to get on with it and am sorry I haven't been on thread as much. But I am always saying a prayer every night for anyone who is on this journey. It's a tough one but so are we.xx

Take care and keep warm.

The good and the bad

3 Dec 2019 14:01 in response to Jbains

Ah I'm pleased you feel settled at work... as always play  it by ear nd do what's right for you. 

good luck for Friday... it's our new way of life being a bit hyped once a year.... sigh. X

The good and the bad

3 Dec 2019 14:02 in response to Sandra123

Billy mother Sandra hereWink

would be lovely to hear how u nd yrs are getting on x

The good and the bad

3 Dec 2019 14:20 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra been not very well lately, got to get Dr appointment sorted soon unless she improves, it tends to vary plenty couple of days she's ok then down hill then OK again, she doesn't want to go worrying about hospital again.. I'm as good as can be my cancer is still coming back slowly, fingers crossed I'll be OK for another year or two,. I quite like it "Sandra mother superior". Hope your still going strong...... Love, Billy xx

The good and the bad

3 Dec 2019 15:52 in response to Billygoatt

Bless you are her rock despite your own problems ❤️  

yes I'm well thank you. Doing my usual ... looking after lil ones nd crafting Happy good times. 

take care of yourself x


The good and the bad

5 Dec 2019 10:46 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra and all .. .. still looking over those grandkids .. ain't we lucky ...

Billy , Good to hear from you was getting worried .. you look after your selfs ... 

Dizzle ... how you all doing... so hope your doin o.k .. wer all thinking of you .. big hug to vinny ...

Good .. my one remaining boob, is clear after scan ... woo hoo .. 

Bad ... family going through this heartbraking time at the moment... hope next year will be kind to us all ..  here's to kicking cancers butt.. as I'm not allowed to say *** any more ... ❤

The good and the bad

5 Dec 2019 16:14 in response to Chriss

Brill news Chris just need to hear jbains nd sundial that their reviews have gone well too.

How's lil Bella doing Billy.... u r caring for all your ladies❤️

would love a bit of an update Dizzel... sure u r busy busy busy with everything and Christmas looming round the corner ❤️

have as good a day as u can peeps x

The good and the bad

5 Dec 2019 19:31 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra Bella good vet got it wrong just cystitis not cancer and all clear now, vet even gave us funeral plan leaflets. Not very happy about it but only decent vet in town. Anyway all OK now,. Bren not to bad just got over a bug and my lovely Mrs passed it on to me and drugged up to the eyes. But it's working. Hope you're well, "mother" love to all.. Billy xx xxx

P.s. Just had a bit of good news my cancer is coming back (yuck) but not in my bones it is still there but its no moving,.

The good and the bad

6 Dec 2019 09:30 in response to Sandra123

Just seen on the news ..

There  will be no Santa this year ....    ....  ive heard he's got the sack ......  ; )) 

A little lightness in the hard days ...  still trying for a smile a day ... ❤