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The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 05:41 in response to Sundial

Morning ladies. Wow Dizzle great news!! Like the others said - get yourself checked out first. Absolutely amazing news!!! I was pregnant 20 odd years ago but got told I may not have children and even had fertility treatment but when it's meant to be - that little miracle will fight all odds and be gifted to you. Pls keep us posted. How exciting!!!!

It's been busy - looking for a job still and have family wedding so tired all the time. Dunno where that silly rich toy boy is hiding......

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 09:54 in response to Dizzle82

Great news Dizzle - so happy for you both xx

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 10:22 in response to Dizzle82

Hi Dizzle, nice to meet you

I'm glad you are a bit calmer now and that you are processing that as a good thing Happy So good that your partner is also happy! Good luck with everything.

Meanwhile, I opened up with several friends this weekend and I could vent with some, and now other friends want to go for a coffee with me. I also saw some of them at my birthday party which was a nice moment of happyness, in all this messy sadness. 

my boyfriend however is still sad. He also had friends coming over to see him on Saturday, but he is so week and so hopeless. You see, before he could make trips and walks, he was a very active person, he loved going to concerts and festivals, he loved eating pizza and junk food, and now he spends a lot of time sleeping, and has to eat very healthily because he is lactose and gluten intolerant...  it seems that nothing can cheer him up, and I kinda get it, even if I'm with friends at the end of the day our problems never go away. 
I don't know if there's anything I can do to cheer someone that received a terminal diagnosis and almost doesn't leave the house. He's 43 and because he's so young that may be even harder...


This may sound terrible to say, but is hard to watch him. I can only spend time with him on weekends because we live in different cities. I used to use the weekends to recuperate from the work week, but now I may use the work week to be revitalized from the weekends that I visit my boyfriend... He's taking chemo pills now, I don't know if they will make him feel better or less pain... i don't know what to expect.

But well, I know, I know, I'll keep being strong as I can, and with the best spirit despite the circunstances.

Take care everybody*

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 15:30 in response to Dragonfly46

Hi in shock so bare with me. Went to my GP first thing who called the hospital to get me in for an emergency dating scan because of all the treatments I've had  and obviously due to chemo not had a period since June so didn't know how far I was. Went to the early pregnancy unit and she asked me how far I thought i was to which I replied probably about 4-5 weeks. She made a face and said I think you're a bit further than that. Turns out I'm 13 weeks!! I dont understand. No bump and my Jean's feel loser. She said everything looks good and showed me the screen. Obviously I burst into tears. The little thing was having a nice stretch and touching its face. I just burst into tears. Very emotional. Gutted Jamie was at work. He is over the moon though. Who the hell gets pregnant within a month of finishing chemo lol. This kid must be made of strong stuff....just like mummy xx

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 15:37 in response to Dizzle82

So pleased for you Dizzle. Obviously miracles do happen.


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11 Feb 2019 16:43 in response to lonelygirl

Hi lonelygirl

so sorry your life has taken this turn with your boyfriend. I guess in the scheme of things you are doing as well as can be expected. 

Sounds as though you are not being told everything so may be filling in the gaps yourself. If it was you with the cancer we would be saying not to do this as our minds go to dark places. Sounds as though the same may true for you as the support to your boyfriend. 

If it were me in your position I would want to know what exactly the diagnosis is , full treatment plan and  prognosis. Then you won’t feel so much adrift, helpless and hopefully in not such a dark place.

be there, brave and kind for your boyfriend.... you are his strength and purpose to fight this awful disease. 

Warm hugs being sent your way. 

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 16:44 in response to Dizzle82

Well how beautiful is this news dizzel. So so proud of you. Everything both physical and emotional and your little one thrives. How truly wonderful. Congratulations lass ❤️

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 16:53 in response to Dizzle82

I am grinning as I read your post, oh how wonderful....really so so pleased and chuffed for you.... ( also in awe that you even fancied nookie during go girlie) xxxxx

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11 Feb 2019 18:32 in response to Marlyn

Ha ha Marlyn that fact slipped below my radar. You were worried about ya eyeballs melting..... the potential raised for them twinkling instead. love it  

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 20:32 in response to Sandra123

Got a house move date, possibly!!!!

The good and the bad

11 Feb 2019 22:21 in response to rileyroo

Wonderful Dizzle and we were so worried about you after Christmas!

So sorry you are having to go through this lonely girl. Just remember we are here.

Great news rileyroo.

The good and the bad

12 Feb 2019 09:58 in response to rileyroo

Woo hoo.... bet u can’t wait.....  t paint Wink 

brill news rileyroo.... I know it’s what u want and are ready for x

The good and the bad

12 Feb 2019 10:01 in response to Sandra123

Morning peeps 

bad:- none


good:- binge watching GoT from beginning again ( ready for new and the last season) loving it. Stick the housework lol

the weight I put on while away has come back off yay!

have as good a day as u can peeps x

The good and the bad

12 Feb 2019 18:11 in response to Sandra123

House move date is 25 February! That’s if i can find a removal firm!

The good and the bad

12 Feb 2019 18:12 in response to rileyroo

Great news Rileyroo.